My Braces Story #1: Consultation & Tooth Extraction @ 32T Dental Clinic

05 June 2015

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Hello My little sweeties! It's me again and this time *like finally* I'm able to share this with all of you. I edited this post to be slightly shorter and record my braces journey on this post. I will keep you update on this story but it's a 2-3 years journey. I'm happy that finally i'm able to make this happen! After the 3 years.... and not because anyone but this time ...for myself! I start to take photo on my braces story since last year 2014. So I think it's time to share this with you <3

November 2014

Blog title told you everything now. Yeap, today NOVEMBER 2014 I step out from my comfort zone and take a deep breath before I go for my first consultation @32T Dental Clinic. I went there all by myself and I'm nervous. Seriously! I'm really nervous as it's not my first time to get consult for this. For the past 23 years I had only went dental clinic once for cleaning purpose. It was 2 years ago before my Taiwan Trip. I have no idea what I did for my whole life and I'm always afraid of doctor. But once I'm okay with the doctor I will always recommend it to people. 

During my Double Eyelid Procedure I met the first super nice doctor, Dr. David in my life. Okay, to be honest I think people start telling me to go for braces but they don't even understand what I need to go through. They thought it's really easy to look for a nice dentist! For my case, I actually consulted 3-4 dentist from diff dental clinic and I can't make up my mind. Each of them told me diff stories and some even ask me to go for surgery wtf* and some quote me like 10k above with the best service ever. For those who read most of my blog and used to be my long term reader you might know that I'm quite impress with anything with good service. For me, we pay for the price and of course we deserve for the service given by those dentist.

But...unfortunately, I nearly give up because I hate most of the dentist that scold or being rude to their customer and then they get very annoying with the question I asked. Because you know I always tend to ask MORE than that and I did many research before I go through anything. Since it's my teeth and it's a long term treatment I really wish that I can find someone I trust. Not joking but it's quite hard for me! Some dental clinic was quite rude to their customer , some dentist just simply quote and make promise to me (I know my own problem and I believe one year braces couldn't help actually) , some just don't even bother me! 

While dealing with all the stress I decided to give a change on it. I search for the nearby dental clinic and ask some recommendation from my friends. Then I found a dental clinic which near my house and they even got a official dental website which emphasise on PAINFREE INJECTION! Bold and highlighted it for you!

Photo credits to

I'm a kind of person easily deal with once I trust on something. I actually asked my friend and smelly..they told me all tooth extraction injection was SCARY! The big needle of anaesthesia inject on your gummy or teeth... OMG I can't even believe that I got the brave to go for braces. But I'm so afraid of dentist...I'm just....scared! But still I made my appointment and decided to clean my tooth and at the same time consult my problem again.


Some of you (and myself too) always thought that my rabbit teeth was something good and quite unique. This is why people call me rabbit and even I put rabbit as one of my symbol or emoji on my social media platform.But when it come to my job and thing I wanna go for it, it somehow become a obstacle for me. Sounds serious hor? I mentioned once last year the reason why I quit all the shooting was all because of my teeth.

Ps: A memorable memories that a photographer wasted his whole day time shooting with me and end up he throw all the shits to me telling me that I can't meet his expectation because I keep smile with my gummy and my rabbit teeth spoiled the theme of the shooting. + The humiliated post I posted on few weeks ago(

I never blame on them but this make me slowly take it as my problem. Many job opportunity I have to give up due to this. For example beauty shoot they prefer me NOT TO SMILE or act cool expression but ...


it slowly move forward and become more obvious than last time! Photo not really obvious because my front look wasn't bad except the gummy but i don't mind but the side view of my chin and teeth make the whole teeth profile look ugly and I can't close my mouth every night. Or when I'm concentrating on something mouth must be open -.- just can't close and I feel that the muscle on my mouth actually trying to hard to close my mouth due to the rabbit teeth. It's too outward than normal. Besides, I love to smile brightly on most of my photo and guess what's the comment?

No offense?! I didn't feel that at all but I hate to see this kind of comment because they DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT I ACTUALLY FINDING THE SOLUTION for my problem. Imagine you were so enjoy during your trip and you post a photo with a happy mood... next, you receive this kind of wtf* comment. Really wanna to kill them after looking at this. But I love my teeth just I also want to be pretty with a good teeth profile and wish that I could take photo from left and right angle. If you pay attention to my photo most photo I took with my front angle face ONLY.

Actually no need their comment...I can realize myself! Talking with my friends and look at their perfect teeth..I hope it's mine!Slowly I don't really laugh except with my hand cover because during those event photographer like to take photo from diff angle and sometime I look really UGLY!! Not because of my expression but my teeth profile!Smelly's teeth also damn white and look really good except mine.

Just mine!!! WHY?! I don't mind on my gummy smile or anything I just mind that I can't close my mouth nicely and I JUST WANT to be NORMAL'! lol

This is my teeth and my lovely smile lol. I love my smile with an open mouth and smile really bright because that's the only way I look like 'i have a chin'. My main concern and problem will be my lower part of teeth and the upper teeth profile. I need to pull the upper teeth inward and the bottom teeth profile outward in order to have a proper and nice teeth profile. That's why all my photo I smile really bright. Another reason was I have to smile bright if not my upper teeth will be so obvious.

Plus, I can't really close my mouth nicely and perfectly every night I sleep -.- I have to force myself to close it or cover it with my blanket -.- main problem!!

Really have no idea why my upper teeth slowly move outward and become 'super rabbit teeth' now. My side view not really obvious but the 45 degree side view SUPER DUPER UGLY lo! I feel like going to knock my own mouth on the wall make it as flat as possible lol *just joking*

 If i force myself to close my mouth then my expression become so weird. Sometime ppl call me as 'sao-ga-poh' Which I hate the most! You can call me flat girl or anything or skeleton just don't call me sao ga poh...I will kill you! KILL YOU FOR SURE!! If you see from the side i don't even have a chin and can't see my side bone on my face at all.

Okay I talk too much on my personal thing and I keep ask my friend for some recommendation but all dentist out there was so fierce and scary. Since I decided to go for braces for long term I really need to get a nice dental clinic which I can put my trust and heart for them one! After so so so long finally I make a move. JUMP HIGH HIGHT NOW!!!

 Few Criteria that I look for 

1- NEAR MY HOUSE (the nearest one ever only took me 12 mins)
2- NICE SERVICE & GOOD ENVIRONMENT since I really did a research before going to consult
3- Kind and Patient Dentist (because I got too many question need to ask and over worried sometime so i really need some dentist that is patient enough to answer my request! lol)
6- DENTIST that looks not scary at all << Some looks fierce on the first impression! lol really!! I'm just...being too weird !
7- NO GST!!!

To be honest, this clinic fulfil all my needs! I mean they met my expectation!! MY FIRST AND ONLY TIME I feel trusted on the dentist! Normally they seems to be scary for me and I remember during my primary until secondary school time I always skipped my class take MC because I don't wanna let dentist to check my teeth! wtf*

So back to the topic the first consultation the dentist , Dr Neoh ask me clean my teeth. Not because I didn't brush my teeth lah!! It's because it's been 4 years that i never go for teeth cleaning procedure. I remember i asked Dr. Neoh is that painful -.- Please put as many numb cream as possible! AHAHAHAHAH

Besides, this dental clinic look so cozy and luxury at the same time and it doesn't feel like a dental clinic at all. So I booked my appointment at 11am and my consultation almost took 1 hours 30 mins. Dr. Neoh was really experience and he calm me down all the time! I'm just too afraid! Like a small little girl -.- so xia sui and paiseh!!!

I keep ask question like ' not pain a? not pain?! really not pain right?' lol slap myself!

32T Dental Clinic
So cozy! I just simply took few photo to show you because I never bring my camera along with me. Look weird right if I bring my camera with me and start shooting for this! AHAHAHA The space really quite big and this make me feel even more comfortable. I'm alone during the first visit! I'm so independent! AHAHAHAHAH

During the Consultation 

First, Dr.Neoh ask me that what's my concern. The gummy? The arrangement of teeth or the profile of it. I heard that they are super good on teeth whitening as well and i guess I can't do anything on my teeth now before my braces. Maybe teeth whitening after take off my braces? Another 2-3 years then!! Plus, they are the first and only dental clinic in Puchong to deliver dental injection using STA, a computerized painless injection (which I mentioned at the beginning of the post!)

After the whole consultation,  he told me that I have to go for a X-Ray first to have a clear image profile for my teeth before making any decision but thing won't goes wrong I must go for braces for sure! He told me that he want to see whether I need to extract how many teeth and how long for my braces.

Means that I whether want to go braces for about 1 year or change my teeth profile that might need to go for a longer period one up to 30 months (means 3 years) oh noo!!!! So now I'm dilemma at that time. I'm so afraid T.T WHICH ONE LEH?!!! WHICH LEH? Wait me go to get my X-ray of my teeth first then two weeks later I will go to ask for the final consultation and pick the best method for my braces. GOD BLESS ME

Dec 2014

Finally after so long I decided to go for my X-Ray at Sunway Medical Centre which cost me a BOOM. For a hard copy X-ray it cost me about RM160 OR RM180 if i'm not mistake! But Dr.Neoh ask me to get a soft copy too. So I told the nurse that I need an soft copy too. then end up I pay for RM240 in total for a extra soft copy . lolll RM60 for a soft copy! Well done but is okay la just give them since I need that

Middle of Dec 2014
After getting my X-ray I decided to make my second appointment with Dr.Neoh just to pass him the soft copy so that he can case study my teeth profile and give the best recommendation for me!

JAN 2015
My 3rd visit to this dental clinic and this time I brought my mom along with me! Is the time to decide which method and how long for the braces. This time I really goyang kaki come because I'm not afraid of anyone now! wooohooo BRAVE ENOUGH! GIVE ME A CLAP lol 

My x-ray! My name on it and so high tech now got a TV above my head together with all dentist machine there. Maybe can turn on the movie when I'm doing for my braces! HAHAAHAHAH or open some music lol 

FINAL DECISION:  My braces should be 2 and the half year and if I never take care for it maybe have to wait up to 3 years but I told Dr.Neoh that I hope can be done faster since I need to take a nice selfies with my teeth but I just can't wait the day I take off my braces! WOOOHOOO SO HIGH NOW. So without further notice I straight away say YES! Dr.Neoh told me he will try his best to get the best result for me around 2 years plus and hopefully no need 3 years time T.T 

He ask me to book and have my tooth extraction on the coming week but I refuse to do it because CNY coming and I wish to enjoy my Japan Trip before put on braces. Wanna eat til crazy and eat all sashimi only start for braces! So this's the reason why I'm only able to share it with you long hor!! Almost half year now!!

Now I'm just done my tooth extraction and 4 more to go. Need to make another appointment for my left side tooth extraction next week. So, see how was the consultation next week because I need to decide which type of braces I want to put on / see whether I want to extract my wisdom tooth first or later / or straightly put the braces on after the 2nd extraction. So might need to breath deeply for my next visit! 

End of MAY & 05 JUNE 2015

First Tooth Extraction
Another step of my life! After the final consultation and my Japan Trip, I guess it's time to go for the tooth extraction. Yeap! I'm so afraid at first but who else can help me T.T Except me really step into the dental clinic and go for the extraction before put on braces. As usual I booked my appointment 1 weeks before my extraction. 32T Dental Clinic even watsapp me a reminder a day before my appointment! 

Okay I'm really scared and nervous! I'm afraid I can't even drive back home after that so I went here with Smelly. The first tooth extraction took me about 40 mins but the second time took me about 30 mins. Smelly was there with me and help me took some photo when I'm discussion which tooth I need to extract first. Either the left side (Upper and Bottom) or the right.

I thought the first time should extract my wisdom tooth so I'm really afraid of that but luckily Dr.Neoh told me that he will extract the first 4 one then see later on (after braces) whether need to extract the wisdom tooth anot!

 Wowwww!! I know right!!! Dr.Neoh was super nice, young and friendly minded! The best dentist I met so far!! He explain it one by one to me and start the computer controlled, painless dental injection after 15 mins of explanation. As I mentioned, the injection was a solutions that enhanced patient comfort levels of dental procedures.

For me I don't believe those who told me 'NOT PAIN AT ALL' until I really try it myself. So people told me that the extraction normally not pain at all but the whole process of injection was quite painful and the needle is super big and HUGE! OK....I'm worried and I can't even sleep a day before my tooth extraction!! But after that I feel very happy because it's not scary at all except that I can feel the pressure when the dentist extracting my tooth.

Yea! Only the pressure and the sound of my tooth being extract by the dentist! lol sounds scary but Dr.Neoh never bluff me!! I can't feel anything at all and after that I need to bite the cotton to pressure my gummy so that it can stop it from bleeding. So the first extraction took away my right upper and lower tooth (my 4th side tooth) then while waiting the wound to recover it took me 1-2 days to get use to it.

I need to brush my teeth everyday as usual and after taking one pain killer (3 hours after the extraction) I feel nothing except the blank space between my tooth and I can still bite and eat with another side of my tooth. Just that I can't really bite biscuit and meat. 3-4 days after I manage to eat chips and biscuit like a pro! WOOOHOOO so I enjoyed my time and smile with it. I can go to event and take nice photo because it's not really obvious on the photo.

But a bit scary when Dr.Neoh showed my tooth to me and ask me whether I want to bring it home! lol I refuse to because I don't wanna keep that!! So scary and I forgot to take photo!! lol next extraction I must take photo to show you guys!! So happy right now and I booked for my second extraction on 5th June too.

Second Tooth Extraction
I'm feel so happy to be that brave today. It was so diff from the first extraction. I feel so relax and still feel a little bit nervous! But I manage to open my eyes during the extraction. I'm quite curious on that now! lol No cry today!! Big clap for myself and 25mins done for my second extraction. Extracted 2 upper and bottom left tooth. WOWOWOWOWOWO I'm really excited because I'm going to put on my braces next week.

First extraction wearing black outfit today also wearing the same black outfit. I'm afraid the blood bleed until my top. lol I know it's funny! think too much!! -.- The first time I almost faint when looking at my own teeth but today I still can take a photo of it!

So cute ma! HAHAHAHA First time in my I only know our adult or permanent teeth really so big and long one. I thought it's small and tiny but look at this! SO BIG!!! Bye bye! I will miss you and sorry that I don't wanna bring you home because I'm not sure where should I keep you~ I did this extraction at 11am this morning and not much bleeding today compare with the first time. My mom told me to make appointment in the morning so won't bleed so much. OMG THIS WORKS leh!

Not sure whether it's real or not but today seems like bleed lesser compare to first extraction. Then, it's 11pm right now ..NOT PAIN AT ALL I'm so happy I no need to take any pain killer today! wooohooo but I can feel the 'pulling' feeling on my gummy but still NOT PAIN NOT PAIN! SO HAPPY THAT I FINALLY EXTRACTED 4 TOOTH !! I can't wait to put on my braces!

Front View

Side view 

Let's countdown with me and I'm going to take photo everyday after put on the braces! Let see how was it and the whole process will be 2 hours like that. Hopefully not pain and hope I still can eat my favourite food after all! 

Guess that's all for today! Hope you like my sharing and here's the dental clinic that I recommended! You can save this if you looking for nice, cozy and friendly dental clinic. Most important, DR.NEOH very nice!! gogogogogogo!! 

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For those who ask me about the location, you can refer to here ya

 Mailing Address  
17-1, Jalan Merbah 3, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47170 Puchong, Selangor.

(I use waze just type and key in 32T DENTAL CLINIC will do)

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Click to read more: (Part #1) (Part #2) (Part#3) (Part#4) (Part#5) (Part#6)


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