CASIO EXILIM MR1 -Most Kawaii Mirror Selfie [Part #2]

08 July 2015

 Hey Selfies Lover  I'm here again and guess this is the #PART2 review on the Most Kawaii Mirror Selfies, CASIO EXILIM MR1. So I guess some of you really look into this camera after I done with the PART 1 review about the overall thoughts and each level's makeup mode. Then, I think now it's the best time to keep you in mind and show you the overall effects and the art mode on this camera.


As you know that I'm always the NO.1 fans for Casio Camera and now I think they did a good job on including the ZR Series camera's art filter on this MR1 Mirror Selfies camera. First I would love to say that this feature quite useful for me and if you ask me I think I will always go for the first and third art shot. (The toy filter and light tone art filter.)

Toy Filter

This is why I can save my time and no need do much in editing. I just use the toy filter which is more to LOMO effect when I'm in a cozy cafe or outdoor environment shooting. It might not be as perfect as the ZR quality but with the super cheap price of this camera you can actually something similar with ZR. It's more affordable for students and young age people who just want to own a camera that is small size , reasonable and easy to carry around without a need of extra mirror to get a selfie with your friends.

 High Tone Filter

More dreamy and recommended to use this filter at outdoor lighting. It look slightly green-blue when it's dark but I love how dreamy it is. Perfect when you are wearing white long dress too! Another filter to create a dreamy photo will be the soft filter.

 Soft Filter

It's basically a filter that create a soft focus on everything. It soften and blur the whole photo to create a more dreamy filter for your photo. Perfect for instagram photo for example when you shoot for your small and cute item like small key chains , pastel colour item. It looks REALLY DREAMY in only one shoot! Cool right~

Other than that, there are some exciting and useful filter like fisheye, B&W photo, Sepia,  Crystal ball filter and etc. 

 Crystal Ball

 Fish eye




Except the art filter there are some BEST SHOT that I normally use on taking the photo. For example when I need to take a photo of any document or FOOD? I know nowadays people like to take photo of their food and post it on instagram!! Am I right? and I'm happy that MR1 included this best shot function on the camera and let see how was it!!

This BEST SHOT is more on the enhancement for your photo. It's not a filter in order to take a better quality and sharpen photo like document or sunset , flowers , night scene , portrait or FOOD photo & so on.

After you click the BS mode the top middle will show the icon and you can easily capture any document photo with a more sharp photo outcome. Look at this and when it's underexposure it also will shows on the screen.


One of the best part of this and I think it's quite useful!!! FOOD PHOTO this is quite impressed me and I think it's better than selfie. The overall photo outcome after applied the best shot is much nicer and see the detail of the food and colour tone look so good as well. 

 My food looks so yummy!

After that you can straightly connect it to your phone and send + upload it to your instagram / fb or twitter! So fast!

Part 1 Overall experience is all about the photo quality and beauty mode. For this part 2 post it impressed me with the ART SHOT Filter which similar with ZR but in a lower price. Although the photo quality not as good as the middle and high end range or ZR & TR but for a RM1k camera like this, MR did a good job on its art filter. Plus, I'm really shocked and impressed when I saw the photo outcome I took for my food with the BEST SHOT FOOD MODE. It's somehow better than what I expected. 

The size, price, feature and fast speed transfer from the camera to the phone without any need of WIFI CARD would be a good alternative for budget student or people who wish to have similar casio camera but with a limited budget amount and not much emphasize on photo quality. Price itself was cheaper than TR almost 1/3 price of tr only & suitable for student who want a affordable selfies camera with make-up mode available and build in wifi. 

That's all about my PART 2 review on CASIO MR1 and feel free to read the PART1 if you wish to know the photo outcome of beauty mode and the honest review from me. That's all for today & I hope my review might help you in term of getting your dream camera and make the best decision for yourself! Love, xx.