[Review] Mary Kay- Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush

18 May 2014

Hey Sweeties :3 At first wanna put my face as the main photo before this sentence, but I worried some of you might be shocked with my pale face! HAHAAH So it's better for me to put on the product photo before that. Hehe! So title tells it all. This post is all about the latest new Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush♥ from Mary Kay. I know right, it must be dreaming because I wanted a cleansing brush after so long, but so far all cleansing brush at least also needs RM200++ and I'm still a beginner as I never use any cleansing brush before. So I want to get something that just does some basic cleansing and of course I'm not going to use it daily but maybe once every week? Mary Kay always being so nice to me :'( They know what's in my mind. So this time they just sent me this last month and I had been using this for 3 weeks plus.

Not a joke and I really took some time to review about this brush. Sorry for the waiting because I'm waiting for the right time to take my naked face photo since due to my final semester's final exam my skin condition wasn't really good. Not just skin condition, both of my eyes look like a panda that time. Now, it's time to review about it because my BABY SKIN is back! Thanks to all expensive mask, skin care product, well sleep time and as well as this basic cleansing brush! As I mentioned previously, there are tons of cleansing brush out there. Each of them look slightly similar but each of them has slightly different too in term of its function , type and also the technology it use

I can't afford the very expensive brand one so I think this cleansing brush will suitable for first time user like me and also it's still affordable for us. The first thing to have a smooth baby skin isn't just about your skincare product!! It's also about a good & nice cleansing brush. Now I only realize how important to own one unit of it. It can increase your skin care product's absorption level and with a good cleansing brush it can provide you a deep cleansing with a gentle exfoliation. I just can't wait to share this review with all of you! So, let's get started!
This Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush came with two buttons and brushes. You can adjust the speed of it and also a normal on/off button too. 
The size wasn't too big. It fits perfectly with my hand size and the design of it seems really comfortable to hold with.  
 The battery compartment can be found on the bottom of the cleansing brush handle. You just need to insert two AA batteries for it to work.
 Came with two brush heads in the box. One with light pink color and white one! Both also same just the color look different.
It's very simple to remove and insert the brush head. Oh yea!1 It's also very easy to clean it. For the best result the brush head needs to be replaced with a new one once every 3 months.


 #1 It's very easy to use! Before you use remember to remove all your make up and wet your face and the brush head with water too. Then by using your own cleanser or in this case I'm using Mary Kay 3 in 1 Botanical Effects.
Since my skin really so bad last month. I have already almost finished this half bottle cleanser. It's all because the texture is super duper gentle. But for those who love bubbles cleanser this might not your cup of tea! HAAHAHAH because I really can't see any bubble while using this cleanser. But for those who really want gently cleanses without stripping skin ...This will be the best choice ever!
 #2 Turn on your cleansing brush, then press the speed button. I press the low speed one around my cheek , forehead while high speed for my nose (blackhead area) and my chin. No need to be rude!! just gently move around your skin. 
 #3  Then cleanse your face using gentle massaging motions. Just start from your cheeks and (look at the photo above) spending 15 seconds on each area. From cheek > nose & chin > end with forehead.

Remember to avoid the eye area and hairline. REMEMBER GENTLY using it ya
 #4  As you can see my skin really look super refresh leh!! After use it remember to rinse your face and the brush with water. 
I know you wanna start to invest and get one as soon as possible!!! You must get one for yourself too ,but now every week I will just use it for about 2-3 time per week. It really gives me a deep clean that I can't achieve cleansing by my hand. After you use it , you will feel like just having a spa facial treatment and feel super refreshing after that! For those who always wish to maximize your skincare benefits... But one thing you must remember that since it's rotation motions remember to use it gently dont hard press it on your skin. It will harm your skin if you use it too strong. 

Just continue to use it , the rotation brush will helps polish away the past damage skin and you can now have a more even-looking complexion skin. Then remember to put on your remaining skincare product step too. So it can helps you to enhance the absorption level of your skincare product.


  1. Removes makeup 85% better than cleansesby hand
  2. Boosts the absorption level of your next skin care step
  3. Helps polish away past damage skin for a better complexion
  4. Provides deep cleansing
  5. Gentle exfoliation and massaging 
  6. Feels softer , smoother and healthier skin with a more even skin tone

So now you can bye bye to dull skin and stay young forever! HAAHAHA Everyone hope to achieve a better skin condition but why not start to invest in something more worth and better for our skin :) So yea..start to think about it and get your cleansing brush now!! Oh yea..This Mary Kay- Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush selling price at RM180 each and available since last month!! You can buy through an authorized Mary Kay independent Beauty Consultant too. That's all for today. Love xx.

For more information you can always check at Mary Kay official facebook page


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