♥ Pet Diary #6 : Over Worried Bebe

11 May 2014

Good Afternoon  Guess what am I doing just now? Yeap.. I just came back from outside. Not shopping not fun because naughty Bebe just back from the vet clinic. Bebe naughty makes all of us super worry about him. Thing happened about 2 days ago, Bebe doesn't want to eat any pet food. He keeps running away from any food that we feed to him. Especially me.. I try to feed him one by one but still he reject me turn his head and run away again & again. I'm really patient enough and try my best to be calm, but just so worry about him. 

He didn't take his dinner and keep running away from the pet food. The first night I think that he might be full so I'm still okay with that. Then the next morning he still doesn't want to take any food. Except those human food and pet treats food -.- I'm not angry, but I really worry that he might not get enough food for his body. So I went out and google some tips for me to make him EAT! Still he don't want and run away again & again. Thanks to google it make me more moody after searching with all the bad news saying that he might be sick with some kind of disease or heavy kind of sick. So...I can't sleep and the vet clinic closed at night. WTF?! Whole house area doesn't have any vet clinic open so I can't think anything. Just wear back my clothes and drive out together with my bro.

We went to the previous pet shop to purchase another pack of previous brand's pet food. At first I thought Bebe might be choosy for the food brand. I google it out some information shows that pet can't really enjoy their food if you keep on changing the brand. So I thought I should grab the previous brand see how was it. I take out my debit card and keep worrying about him. Raining outside I really can't drive properly since the rain was SUPER HEAVY! But luckily I didn't bang any car. I just hit the side corner of the road since it's too dark. So scary wtf!!! Btw, I'm full license one k?!!! Just I long time no drive since the past few years I don't have my own car. 

Then, I bought it, but I forgot to bring my cash with me -.- wtf?!!! Luckily I got bring my Maybank Debit Card!! I always placed it together with my IC and driving license. Then the shop owner told me need to purchase over RM100 only can use the debit card. So I bought the previous brand pet food and rush back home. Super duper fast and I'm having a great conversation with my brother. Then both of us just rush back home and just grab the pet food to Bebe.

PLAN FAIL -.- He still doesn't want to eat that. He smells it and run away AGAIN! wtf?!!! Are you kidding me Bebe? It wasted my money, but I don't care since I really thought that it might work but it FAIL. wtf!?!!! Then this morning while I'm still dreaming sleep tight Bebe suddenly wake up by himself and kiss my hand. So ... I'm awake and he start to vomit on the toilet... I was like..

(Then at the same time.. I cried)

lol! Feel so stupid of myself after coming back from the clinic just now. He vomits yellow-green bubble stuff. Then got a few little red dot, I guess it's blood. Then I straight away cry. Lol I never feel so stupid one -.- Guess I'm over worried about him, but I really first time seeing him vomiting all green color and yellow color stuff from his mouth. Then his face expression was like super innocent..like crying :'( Then I realize I'm sick too -.- Stupid rain yesterday!!!! But I just simply bath and brush my teeth Immediately wake up my brother and ask him to accompany me to find any animal clinic near my house area.

I went to the equine park one, but they closed. Then the people direct me to another place. He told me to go to the leisure mall cheras that area I was like..wth? From my house equine park to leisure mall, I don't know Bebe can tahan anot so I refuse and he told me Puncak Jalil there still got another animal clinic. Sooooo....Luckily thanks god my bro knows where's the location. We went there ...turn around but can't find any animal clinic.. Turn second round still can't find it. After 15 mins I just stop at one pet shop and ask them and they also told me the same thing ask me to just turn around and drive around..see whether got or not.

The problem is...no direction and end up I found one but it's located in another shop area. wtf?! So I just simply walk in to the clinic and ask the vet for help. But the vet doing a small operation with a huge size dog. We waited for 30 mins and Bebe keep on shaking and feel very scared. My bro and I sick -.- Both of us seriously need lots of tissues. My stupid running nose and super fugly face. But I don't care I put Bebe on the table and just let the vet check it.

Bebe keep shaking and sticking to my body not willing to sit down. So I keep on calm him down and my bro very sick that time, plus both of us really suffer serious flu. I NEED TISSUE !!! Then finally after 20 mins conversation and 30 mins waiting...This is just a very small and normal case for normal puppy like Bebe. I was like Ohhh Goshh...you freaking cool man naughty BEBE!! You purposely don't eat any food so you asking for human's food or just want to eat treats lah?! wtf?!! Why you so naughty !!! Then vet ask me to come back again if he still refuse to eat . 

Then he feed Bebe some medicine and one injection done after a while. Next, I realize they only accept cash payment...I was like super blur and WTF?!! Can you just....stop it...don't play me leh god!!! So i ask for maybank account payment (my phone didn't open data and so...I purposely open data) and did my online payment to their account. wtf!?!!! I thought every place also can accept debit card since I really doesn't like to hold any cash in hand. I prefer just a card and can swap easily -.- 

Vet also told me to stop feed Bebe any food for 5 hours..Just wait til 5pm only let him eat and drink water. So now Bebe feel super hungry and I really don't know what's in his mind. Purposely don't eat anything but this make me over worried about him. Then end up I need to pay like RM200 for the wasted pet food and also the fees for seeing the vet. ARGHHHH Bebe I'm already so broke but ....nvm lah! As long as you're not going to leave me alone...I'm okay with that but I'm now worry later he still doesn't want to eat leh T.T

Stupid and naughty you!! I hate you Bebe!! I always accompany you and you did this to  me.. Slap you slap you slap you T.T Now I feel myself damn stupid and over worried about him. Make me feel so embarrassing when I told the vet that Bebe might be diying or some kind of serious problem. WTF WTF WTF.... So from now on I will keep all the treats food away and not allow my parent to give him any white rice or pet biscuit. I should stop for a while and only allow him to take it when he did something good! 

Lesson learned that puppy can behave like a human -.- He actually know that my parent wont allow him to feel hungry, so even Bebe doesn't want to eat any pet food he still got white rice or bread or pet treats. So he refuses to take any pet food!! So yea..for his health and future benefits I will keep away all the yummy human food from him. Sorry Bebe I know you love to eat white rice but...you should learn to be a good boy. Don't scare and make me worry next time k"?! Don't simply vomit on the floor and it really makes me feel super scary!!!!

so... That's was my day. Super blur and I think I need to gain some basic knowledge again. Maybe refer and read more books so that I can understand Bebe's mind. LOL But he really naughty!!! I'm gonna scold him if he still doesn't want the pet food :'( Please eat la !!! Be a good boy don't purposely make yourself hungry ya! Love you xx


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