Kipling Summer Wave Blogger Tea Party

24 May 2014

Hello my little SweetieI know right, you must be curious why I'm so efficient when it come to an event's post. I always update it the day after or the exact same day (at night) after I'm home. It's because I can't wait to tell all of you my feeling and experience after the event. You know ~ if I update a week after or few days after that, everything I update will become slightly different if compare with the post I blog exactly at the same day or straight away after the event. I don't know, but it must be super happy if I can get to meet my long lost blogger friends or babe! So this time Kipling Summer Wave Blogger Tea Party is just like a small gathering for all of us!! SAY YEAHHHH~

I know it must be fun when I received the invitation from Shirley She's the sweetest person ever & every time I meet with her there must be something great happen to me. HAHAHAHA!! So once I got the invitation I'm definitely say 'YES!' This event was full of laughter , fun , color , summer , food and of course all my lovely blogger friends too. Until now, I still can't calm down myself with that. HAHAHAAHAH That's also my memorable day because it's the first time I'm driving alone to Mid Valley. Luckily I'm able to reach there and as usual, I was the earliest one! Lol, I'm afraid that I'm late so I reached there an hour before the event start. Look awkward when there are no one inside but soon I meet with lovely Weiwei , Karen & Shirley. So...Are you ready to follow me for this awesome summer wave tea party?!!! 

Let's get started  

Kipling @ Mid Valley First impression of it must be WOW! So colorful & it's just SO ME!!! You know I'm always prefer a colorful world than just black & white. From all my #ootd and closet you know I'm really in love with color because I believe color can definitely change our mood and cheer up anyone of us. So this time I'm really glad that we were there for their Summer collection. Summer must be super colorful , bright and of course summer = BEACH TIME! Now, let's the photo do the rest & you will also fall in love with all their colorful stuff!
Their latest & new collection. It's more to elegant style with basic color (Black & Blue)
 Now this is why I love Kipling!! Lots of playful color I love the mint monkey with bright pink one!
 MONKEYS! Can I have all? btw, I'm monkey too! HAHAHAA
  Except for that they have bright pink backpack too! How good if I own one during my school time !!
 Damn Cute T..T
 I'm sure you can get what you want because there are tons of diff color!!! Sure got anything you like
 For those who love basic color & design you can pick this collection too.
Then we start to play around!
 Seriously I'm really in love with their bright color small wallet and pencil case. It's just sooooo pretty!!!! I wanna get it all! I'm really in love with the neon bright colorful stuff leh! How ar !>.<
 They saw this backpack just ask me to try it! I really think that this is just specially made for me! HAHAHAAH
 Except for that we still can enjoy some light refreshment. I love the fruit and the cheesecake! SO HAPPY !!!

Kipling intro us their new and latest collection. This is the one I picked after that :P After that we just continue have fun around + selfies! Thanks photographer for all the awesome photo too!
Yeah! Mad love with the one I'm holding!!

All of us were super dilemma when come to choose and pick the bag we love. I know right you must be thinking that I picked the bright pink backpack! At first I picked that, but since I no longer have any class after that I changed my mind and also I prefer a multifunction bag that can carry around and maybe for some road trip or mini trip. So end up I picked this from their new collection. Thanks Kipling for this wonderful bag!!!But still I'm loving all their colorful small wallets! Greedy me :'( I mad love with this! No matter you’re packing your bags for that long-awaited weekend away or just spending a lazy Sunday in town, these are bags that are ready, (set, and go!) for wherever your life may take them. 

It's waterproof and even it's white color, but you can always use a little shampoo to wash away the dirt part and keep it clean with just some simple step! AWWWW That's why I picked this white one!! SO DAMN PRETTY!!

What's special about this is it come along with tropical prints from exotic climes and a little bit of hot pink! This is one bag that can’t wait to go. With its double strap, funky white zippers, plus a trolley-ready sleeve for some signature Kipling functionality, all that will be left to decide is the destination. Life’s a breeze with a little added Kipling functionality… the great escape never looked so stylish! Can't wait to bring this for my mini trip soon!! MUAHAHAHHAAH!! Penang & SG!! WAIT FOR ME OKAY?!!! I will bring this new bag together ...pls wait for me!! After decided which want I want..Finally I'm able to take some selfies with all my baby girls! HAHAAHAHAH You know I'm quite dilemma at first, but end up I make the best decision ever!! 

Sweet Shirley & Babe Weiwei
Pretty Karen
Hot Mama Cheesie
Again, 3 of us!
Another photo showing our happy faces with Kipling bags!
Cutie Yang BaoBei
Last but not least, our super happy face!!! HAHAHA You know what!! Weiwei and I picked the same design and the whole store left only 2 unit of that design. WOOOHOOOO Damn happy face!! 

Really had a blast on this private tea party with all blogger friends and Kipling! Again, Thanks Kipling for this private tea party and WE LOVE IT so much! Thanks photographer , Kipling big family and PersonEdge too. Really in love with those color and make sure you check them out okayLots of promotion and event happening just make sure you follow them on their facebook and instagram okay? MUAHAHAHAH Now I can plan for my mini trip together with my Kipling bag too !!!! WEEEEEEE!! HAPPY GIRL!!!! 

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