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17 May 2014

Hello Sweetie   Don't me shocked! I know you miss my long hair sometime, but I'm quite enjoying having a shorter hair right now :P You know right  my hair seems super long since few years ago and being a person like me who always hope to achieve a brand new look and 'fresh' look I always wanted to change my hairstyle but...you know long hair can just play with diff hair color. So I think for quite a long time and since previously, I'm super busy with my studies and don't have extra time to do my usual treatment I decided to ask my magic hand hairstylist to cut my hair short. GO SHORT!

In case you forgot my super long hair ...Let me remind you a bit! HAHAHAHA

Yea! I did it and I cut it short! How brave am I and I remember how my hairstylist Shinno & others people get shocked with my short hair last time. You know right, I always want to bring a brand new me to all of you. Since years ago I already keep on changing my hair color, but long hair can't play so much with hair style except some changing in term of color and from straight to curly hair. Repeating it over and over again. Actually I'm quite happy because I'm able to try diff hair style since I start collaborate with Lilac Salon. Dip dye , under highlight , perm it , curl it , japanese hair style & etc. You can check my hair labels from last time til now. Of course since I start busy with my last semester I didn't go there for hair treatment and my curly hair I'm really lazy to take care on it. 

SO, I decided cut it to the shoulder length
 So yea..First time in my life, my hair shorter than my breast's length. I'm super happy and I go for a darker hair color. But still since the last time I blench my hair my end part of my hair seems super dry and I'm really lazy to do treatment due to my busy semester. Shinno keeps reminding me to come to his shop but they always fully booked on the weekend. So you guys remember to drop them a call before going there or else weekend might not able to cut or dye your hair. Ok, back to the topic. Then I asked for a shorter hair and each part he cut he ask me to think properly since I never cut til this length.

But still I say YES YES PLEASE GO AHEAD! AHAHAHAHAH Idk why I'm super brave that time. So far I'm loving it just really lazy to curl it and I realize I'm already 22 years old...Maybe I need to go for a long fringe rather than a short bangs + I'm having my busy final semester before graduate so..I already 5 months never visit them liao!!! Then everytime I see my hair I feel like just simply tie it up
This is my hair yesterday. I really can't tahan my ugly bangs and also my hair look super messy without tie up. So I drop them a call (OMG CHANWON FINALLY) Then, first time I'm driving alone to Kuchai Lama and no parking at all. God bless me, luckily my parking skill still ok! Lol Once my hair getting longer without fix and long term treatment I might look super pale and easily get angry when I'm looking myself at the mirror. lolx   Hairstyle really important for everyone. See the photo above I look so freaking weird and pale. 

So..it's like FINALLY I'm able to go out and fix my hair! Thanks god and my magic hand hairstylist. He really understands me well. It's been awhile I  never meet him but still I  no need to say anything he just ask me whether I wanna keep it long or short. I just tell him anything! HAHAHAHA I trusted his magic hand.
Then my sick & pale face before my haircut
 Hair Wash > Touch Up roots color > Keratin Treatment > Cut hair
 I'm handsome!
 The treatment I did was the keratin treatment. It's a long term treatment that I'm always looking for. You know that I mentioned in my previous post about this hair treatment right. No matter what treatment it is..if you want to get a healthier hair you must at least 1 time per month (since I always dye my hair so I always do this every month) Last year when my hair still long I come there once per month  but once my hair is short I feel super lazy and also because I'm so lazy la!! But recently I just realize that my hair look super dry again on the bottom part so...Seems like I need to come more frequently. HAHAHAHAA
 After treatment done, the magic hand Shinno start to think of my hairstyle. I just say whatever since we collaborate with each other for quite a long time. HAHAAH But make sure you tell him what you don't like and what kind of hairstyle you prefer. He will be there and listen to you + give you some suggestion and match the shape of your face. They more on Japanese Hair Style and he very pro for sweet hair look or any temporary curl hair look too. Last time, every time I have free I just drop by there ask them to tie a sweet hair for me before I go to any event. Now I wish I had an extra time to do so..HAHAHAHA

Without filter and unedited photo (Wanna show you the exact color)

 So here's the final look of my hair now!!

 This time I just touch up my upper hair with  honey brown color and also I ask Shinno to let me fringe grow longer. I no go for bangs this time. I just never try long fringe so he helps me cut downward fringe and just normal touch up because I wanna healthy hair look. Next, he helps me chopped all my spoiled hair and make my hair more volume up!

Hope you love my shorter hair and of course, please tell me I look more chio with this hair too !! My hair will grow so next will be longer hair style again!! HAHAAHHA How am I look with this younger hair style? :) So before I end with my post just to update all of you that Lilac Salon having a promotion on every month. I always will update on insta and sometime here. So make sure you get their latest promotion since it's really worth for the price too!! This month they having promotion on hair treatment.

 Promotion til this end of MAY
LA-Brasiliana keratin hair mask promotion, Normal price is RM200. Promotion now is RM100 only. Say goodbye to your frizzy and dry hair. Hurry up and you simply drop by Kuchai they have a special treatment package too! 

For those who interested feel free to drop by or contact  Lilac Salon® @ Kuchai Lama ☎ 03-79823828 . Look for Shinno okay? He's my all time favorite hair stylist and the director too. just their booking really full so pls pls pls I don't want you to be disappointed, remember to call them and ask for your time. He's very nice to everyone too :) Feel free to ask anything you want and any enquiries just contact them ya. Tell him you are my friend then make sure he cut nicely for all of you :P HAHAHA That's all for today & faster get a new look for yourself! Love xx. 


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