I'm done with my last final paper!!!

10 May 2014

I know right!! It must be funny when the moment you realize that you're old enough to be responsible for your own future. I know right x2 It must be super sad when you gonna say goodbye with all your friends and gonna start with your own life. So fast T.T Seriously damn fast. I still remember the day I told my bro and smelly about my graduation and I just hate exam as much as I can. But now...

I'm no longer a student anymore :'(

8/8/2014 I should record this in my diary too! The last exam paper in my study life. I know right x3 ...I must be happy right now, but just feel sad at the same time. OMG...Seriously, when I'm still in my Year 2 I really hope that I can get off from my student life as soon as possible, but now everything ......soooooo soooo fast!! Really sad and excited at the same time. You will know this and feel it when you are done with everything. Seem like human always feel like this way huh?! When people were there for you, you never appreciate until one day...you realize you gonna miss all the shits that happened in your life. Wtf?!!!

This 'OH NO' face totally explains it all. Lol Quite afraid of the uncertainty in my life and I thought I'm free to do anything I want & chase my dream and be independent but things never go smoothly in my life. My parents... When I was fully motivated by myself and being very positive they always tell me that I'm wrong but till now I proved them. They still...But is okay! I'm alright soon. I will re-charge myself and THINK POSITIVE!! I can do it.. My convo and graduation ceremony on August unfortunately some of my best friends can't attend it T^T They enjoying their last semester at UK leh!! They all studying in Tarc and we always have diff schedule... A bit sad about it and I hope Bebe can attend my convo too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

Sorry I'm a little bit out of my mind now. Seriously, I don't know how to express myself sometime. I just feel like being a student for more than 14 years..Suddenly I no need to attend any class and no need sit for the exam..I really need some time to get my mind back and fully charge before I enter for the work force. I did and passed my interview last week. It was a good interview experience with a good reputation bank. But the problem was they wanted people to work with them immediately after we get confirmed. Actually, I don't mind it, but I hope at least I have a 1 month break before I enter for any kind of job.. Plus, the salary was unexpectedly high. Out of my expectation with a very good working environment too.

Just that the working time wasn't fixed. The working hour is fixed with the country we serve and the working hour isn't fixed too. That's either early morning till late afternoon / or afternoon until midnight. Malaysia public holiday I might not get a holiday because I'm gonna follow the other country's holiday. I really feel surprised that I passed my first and second interview. Now left the last interview with their manager. I quite nervous actually... The final interview on Monday... I was thinking whether I should go or not as I really don't wish my working time wasn't fixed like that, but I also feel so curious about the real work force. Maybe I just heard what my friends told me..Just go ahead to the final interview then only see how....

Or maybe I should hear what my parent has told me to just get married, then I'm done with everything?!! But I wanna to chase my dream T.T I plan to work in Malaysia for few years, then say BYE BYE to Malaysia and FLY to Australia to apply another job. Earn money , save money and continue being a part time blogger too. Sometime I hope to just put all my effort into that, but I really think that if I'm a full time blogger my blog will no longer be so lifestyle and so 'ME'. It will slowly become more & more commercial since my main income will just attach with advertorial and things like that...Hmmm.. I wanna at least get a job because that was my dream to become a successful career woman. LOL  Then I get my own family. With my own pastel room and own self recording room. (Dream too big) But I know right someone told me if I'm really get into a full time job in a finance or investment area I might feel bored with the job and I can't simply take leave to attend some events. 

OMG another way for me to figure out what should I do for the next chapter of my life. But no matter how, I still will find the right job which suit myself....and continue share my thought and life with all of you. I won't stop my blog for sure. Because this made who am I today and I'm gonna die if one day I can't express my thought here. When I was just a SPM student, I was thinking what should I choose for my course. Now I'm graduating and I'm gonna choose my own life to live with. Obstacles....Challenges....Shits...You won't bring me down because I'm the happy one. Just I feel so stress when I don't know what should I do now..Maybe I should rest for a while. Since I didn't really have a good and long holiday throughout my 4 years degree life. It's just a little break for me!

So I'm gonna have my HOLIDAY BREAK now!! Continue blog for all of you and searching for the future me!! GOOD LUCK and all the best to all fresh graduate out there. Remember to be positive no matter what!! and... I'm gonna enjoy my holiday now!! MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH muahahaha!!

Will get back to you soon... Love xx


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