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19 May 2014

Hello my little Sweethearts Know most of you asked me about what kind of eyeliner I usually use and what is the type of eyeliner I use too. It's been awhile, but I'm still always stick back my all time favorite eyeliner pen from Miss Hana. Not to mention I actually did a review for this eyeliner pen but recently I just grab and collected all color from another website. Last time that review I get it from a pre order facebook page right? Now I no longer get from there. I personally prefer to get cosmetic product READY STOCK from NattaCosme.comIt's not the first time you notice this website from my blog because it's always first come in my mind when I wanna to get any cosmetic or skincare product without going out from my house. You know online shopping is way easier than anything. So today I'm gonna show you guys the complete color from this Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner.
Of course, my all time favorite will be the Night Black color from this collection. It's the no.1 selling color throughout their whole brand. I have used this since last year until now I still can't find anything to replace it. Even other high end brand eyeliner I think compare with this gel eyeliner pen it's still the best! The only bad about it is you need to have a sharpener for it if you wanna draw a straight and sharp eyeliner. So this time not just get myself another 3 color of that, I also grabbed a Miss Hana Sharpener in princess pink color! Their black is SUPER BLACK! Really did well in enlarging my eyes! If you read all my trip's post I'm sure you know this! I brought it along to my previous BKK & Korea trip! 
 Until now I'm still loving it. WHY?!!!! Let me tell you the reason why everyone must own  one of these eyeliner pen.

    Why I love

  • Cheap & Reasonable Price
You know right!! For a nice and useful eyeliner pen this just cost me like RM24.90 ONLY! Damn cheap and that's why I always keep more than 2 units for myself. Just in case it out of stock sometime and previously due to the long timing for waiting ...I now only get mine from Nattacosme.com . Fast & nice!

  • Super Waterproof 
Believe it or not! It's super waterproof. I wear this eyeliner all day long during my outdoor event / bazaar & so on. Everyone asked me about that and I keep on recommended them to try this out. I just can't resist it! Tell me what can I complain about this!! Oh yea.. It's super waterproof but oil proof not really good. Because when I'm outdoor I just sweating my eyeliner still very nice but when I'm having oil around my eye corner the end part of my eyeliner will start smudge a little bit. But so far after 7 hours when my eye area starts to become oily then it only turn a little smudge around my eye corner. So I give this a 4 out of 5 stars!

  • Easily Remove

No need to mention much in here because I tried makeup oil remover and liquid one. It remove til super clean and clear!

  • Easy to apply 

It's super easy to apply you no need to force and keep on drawing for a full color or texture. Why? Because it's a gel type of eyeliner pen so when you apply it's like using a gel eyeliner too. Can draw very smooth and just one time, you can achieve the shape you want.

  • Evenly colored and achieve color full excellent natural lines

This you can see from the photo above. All eyeliner super rich in color and full texture. I love the black color because it's super dark and now I tried their shimmer black & brown too. Loving each diff color and matching my outfit in diff location and event. 

This is how I usually draw my eyeliner
Not just that I'm loving their product because of a princess pink packaging. Each pen came with a good cover packaging. The H logo on it and some detail and instruction on how to use the product in Mandarin. 
[ Color ]

01 Night Black 
02 Galaxy Black 
03 Choco Brown
 04 Golden Brown

Came in 4 diff color. But basically it's black & brown and another two will be a shimmer / galaxy black and brown.
To differentiate each color you can simply refer to the end part of the pencil. If it's brown color then the bottom part of the pencil will be a dark brown color.
Dark brown & Galaxy (shimmer) Brown
Black & Galaxy Black
Choco Brown , Golden Brown , Night Black and Galaxy Black
As I mentioned just now this eyeliner will be perfect to draw on any eyeliner shape but if you prefer thin and long / straight / detail eyeliner you need to sharpen it before the application. A bit trouble I need to sharp it everytime before I apply the eyeliner. If not the eyeliner wont be so nice on my eye. So here's the reason why I get another sharpener for myself too and of course it's PINK! AHHAHAAHAHH
Able to fit two diff pen's size. The small one for eyeliner the bigger one can fit the lip crayon too! I'm using this both all the time!
So here's the end of my post. Just love to share something that I usually use and get. I can't live without this. No matter where am I going I'm sure my bag can find one of their eyeliner pen! So for those still waiting!! It's time for you to get one. Just RM24.90 I remember last time I ordered from another shop cost me RM26.90 without any discount some more need pay for own shipping ><'' Now it's super cheap of course I must grab more before it sold! HAHAHAHAHA Let me count I still need to keep how many unit so that I wont do last mins shopping again :P Lol  For those interested can check it out from NattaCosme.com or click here. Don't ask me again where I get all of my Miss Hana products :P I linked for you already. Next I'm going to try their lip crayon and brushes too!! 


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