Why am I so busy this few days?

01 June 2014

Heyhey my angels  How are you recently? I know right i miss all of you but recently very active in my dayre! Have you follow my dayre? Follow my dayre by searching my name- chanwon or chanwon.com. The way I love dayre was it's mostly related to my life but I know some of you already know why am I so busy this few days. Yeap!! It's like FINALLY I have my own personal time to deal with my own stuff. I got lots of wishes list actually but not in form of item but I just wanna to throw my old book shelf and get a white one since the old one spoiled. Keep waiting for the time to come...Until last week Smelly brought me to Ikea..


Probably some of you noticed that but still I wanna update here. I know you guys love my daily or normal update about my life too. A small achievement for myself. I went to IKEA last year and I saw one wardrobe with fully customization + a full body mirror. I shocked when I saw it and it's actually in the middle part of Ikea Wardrobe section. If  not mistake that time they use it to deco and demo a interior design of a shoe shop for kids. Once I saw it I immediately captured it. Then I go ask for the price added with total number of compartment I want it took me RM1,000 with delivery fees. I was like?! OMG So I need to pay that my own??? (of course la)

So then...since last year each every month I save RM200-RM230. Very hard for me la but thanks for all lovely sweetie you all keep help and support my online shop & pre loved clothes. I'm able to save that. Of course I got additional space for new clothes also. AHAHAHAHAHA It's my pleasure to sell all lovely item for new owner like you guys T.T You just so AWESOME!! So I must say thanks to all of you and all the sponsored , advertorial , buyers and people that as nice as you. Happy Girl MOOD! But still the moment I pay my cash my heart really pain because I never know furniture can cost me that amount of money. I research others furniture shop but their wardrobe/book shelf can't customize and don't have the full mirror attached one. Maybe I too stupid to find but they see that I'm just a little girl go with myself sure no money (boh luii$$) so what I ask they also say NO! Some of them don't even look at me. Next time I should put a red lipstick and super heavy makeup if I need to buy any exp stuff. LOL #JOKEOFTHEDAY

After that I checked with Ikea counter the deliver fees was RM75. Installation also RM75 or RM65 if not mistake. Then the wardrobe with mirror too heavy they recommended me to have a wall filling RM65. At first I just wanna deliver fees and the wall filling cause the wardrobe really super huge but then they told me if I want wall filling I must go for installation too. Means both must be together in order to get the wall filling. I was like OMG? 75+75+65= RM220 for that additional fees? Then in my mind I was like..I CAN FIX IT MYSELF. Then I told them just count me for the deliver fees. The wardrobe was super cheap RM199 I think but I dunno each compartment RM20/pc. I tot it should be together but it actually separately one! LOL I ordered 16 units compartment so total exp than that 2 mini wardrobe. wtf?!

But it's okay because I really save that amount of money and I should go for it! I got tons of deco stuff I bought it so long..It's time to have a white wardrobe to put it in and I can't imaging I wake up every morning can see it! MUAHAHAHHAA But still dilemma for awhile and Smelly found that I'm super annoying can't decide. Actually if I rich I can buy la but me super budget recently! LOL So hor...end of the story I bought it home and it will be deliver to my house on Thursday! 

   Don't Act CLEVER

Lesson learned! Don't act clever. I always think that I can do it means I can do it but sometime due to my body limit I should admit that i CANT do it. As you can see from the above photo..It's all because I thought I can fix the super big wardrobe myself. The day I get it the people who deliver it to me just help me to put the mirror on my room. fyi, my room at 2nd floor from my living room. Then the rest due to my up stair that space is really LIMITED, they ask me to tear the box off and piece by piece...one by one.. to my room. They ask me to do that then I was like HUH?!! So for what I pay for the RM75!! But I also very afraid of them cause they seems like so so scary. Lol then I say okay la I do it. I THOUGH THAT I CAN DO IT.

But seriously I do it myself. Just I can't fix the wardrobe myself only. I'm super girl even I can't do so ...I just will say OK ONE! I CAN ONE! GOGOGOGOG. Then i unbox it..I realise the wardrobe was like 2x of my height! HAHAHAHAHA Abit kua zhang la but as you can see from the photo it's actually super huge! I take piece by piece up to my room. each time one piece la then the compartment total 16 piece that stupid people never help me to put inside my room lo!! THEY PUT AND DROP IN MY LIVING ROOM ONLY!! ARGHHH then I used 1 hour to put everything in my room. I was happy and I didn't feel tired actually. Just sweat like hell!

So as a 'clever sister' I ask my brother to help me. I told him we can fix it because i READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK...It's pretty easy! I told him like Imma a pro! Next, I On my aircon but due to    its age...It need 30 mins to start functioning. lolx. Then bro keep asking whether I turn it On anot!! But it's okay.. We took 39 mins to read it over and over again and thought it will be fine. It really fine for first hour then after that when we wanna combine two longest part of the wardrobe (the left and right part) the wardrobe dropped from the wall! WTF?!!! my bro use his hand to stop it from falling on my body and my hand half way get hit. The wall get hit too -.- WTF?!! Then I say nvm we continue...But before we continue we realise the bottom part of the wood spoiled 5% and the tools use to combine both compartment SPOILED! 


Imma looking my own wardrobe and I was like..why not just wait daddy la horr~ Then my brother quite moody because he thought we can fix it! HAHAHAHA Bad me then he wastapp my daddy asking for help. My mom on the other hand ...laughing all the time and say SEE LA..TOLD YOU ALL ALREADY YOU ALL DON'T ACT CLEVER..blablablaa typical asians mom's reaction. Then I wait for my dad tip 7pm...I keep playing with Bebe because I'm sad feel so bad! LOL I thought I can fix it MANA TAU (who knows)  I CANT!! Arghhhhhhhhhh Then my dad used 3 hours to complete it!!! WAHLAO that moment really make me super touch! I wanna hug and tears TwT Why my dad look  like superhero one. The fat superhero! HAHAHAAHAHAHAH XD jkjk* Then Friday & Saturday (yesterday) I just put all my stuff inside MUAHAHAH + take out all my brand new and pre loved item for sell too.

So this is my before one!! So ugly!!

After photo wait me free I update another post for it and also tell you all my favourite deco stuff (where to get them) HAHAHAHAHAA STAY TUNED! I really think that white furniture seems to have lots of space than dark colour furniture. It make a huge different and I throw all my old books and magazines T.T ..Comics too. My room really super small so have to sacrifice them. So sorry all  my baby books! Hope you do well in the recycle industries yea! LOL 


Then the day after my dad help me to fix it he complained about my room because that time when my dad fixing the wardrobe my room super hot and my fat superhero daddy love cold cold one! Like bear theory they afraid of hot! HAHAHAAHAHAHAH Then I was like ..FINALLY IS TIME TO GET A NEW ONE! My old one super noise every day and every night especially the first 5 hours when I turn it ON. Not just that it need 30 mins to start function due to its age. Then it also super yellow and old looking which doesn't even match my room. LOL I always complain but my daddy just act don't know then Smelly actually ask me to get a new one rather than Ikea Wardrobe. But I choose Ikea wardrobe because I can't tahan the old ugly one.  Plus, the remote control of the old one GONE. The temperature like 26 celsius. LOL 

Thanks god! My daddy finally know what I feel now! Plus, I also keep saying and complain about it and he straightly take out his phone call someone he know to fix my aircon too. #DADDYISMYSUPERHERO I think now everybody envy me because last time mine is old one but my mother & bro's room one were new one. NOW MINE WAS NEW!! They ask me to pick YORK but i know YORK = SUPER COLD my sensitive and running nose can't handle it so I picked panasonic one. I have no idea now the design so nice one!! So match my room!! *throwing flower* Then, it also super cool because this got a eco function like help you to save energy by sensor whether which part of your room got people then the air will blow to that part. ALSO it's NANO one! Can kill bacteria! WAHLAO I so outdated now i ONLY KNOW! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHH

Bebe love cold cold room also. So see how happy he is. Sleep on my bed with my pastel bear I get from candylicious. Super comfy but when the moment i sit down I receive a watsapp msg from my dear. She's now further her 4 months study at UK. Wishes I'm tarc student too so that I can go with her. But the fees for that 4 months really a BOOOM. Okay la...Better I  just see her watsapp photo and stop thinking to TOUR EURO. I still want my Japan..so those just get it when I get married la! LOL I hope my hubby love to travel too so someone can help  me snap nice photo! LOL

   Sweet Moment Ever

You know what I also get a sweet parcel with hand writing from one of my reader. I don't even know I have malay reader love my blog. So happy because it's not for any sponsored post or advertorials. She just ask me to use it and hope that I will love it. I DO! I LOVE IT especially the handmade body scrub. The photo above was a lip scrub and it came with lots of flavors. I have no idea how I deserve it but really love it. Thanks for your sweet hand writing too. It melted me! This is not a paid post or ads but I really love the product. She didn't give me any contact so i can't put her business contact or shop name here. But if you wanna to try out the lips scrub (supper good because we always apply lipstick must use it every week..at least once) I also consider to buy one since my hana lip scrub finished. Thanks sweeties! Thanks for all your love xx and thanks for some of you sending me msg after read my dayre and some of you even send me letter T.T Thanks xiexienimen!!


Bebe new haircut! WOOHOOO It's super duper cute! amI right? but now he look like a bear rather than a puppy. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH I love it especially he's super short ear that part. Like polar bear in brown colour! LOL

Some of my pre-loved and brand new item. All RM15-25 only except one set top and bottom those might be over that range. So feel free to join my fb preloved group oh! https://www.facebook.com/groups/299636610145604/ 

That's all about my busy days! Now I have to fold clothes , clean Bebe's pee pee pad and continue sell my preloved item. Oh yea have to pack and post it tmp too since it's MONDAY tml! No more MONDAY BLUE!! 

Recently keep overnight , late sleep and work like shits my skin condition not good since last week. Plus I'm holiday I always late sleep to draft my post...But I found that a brand call kiss collagen mask really super helpful. I bought from the only distributor / retailer in Malaysia leg! So nice and today was the 4th time to use it. 2 time per week. I later update on my insta link together for all of you. You might need to check it out because it really works like magic. My skin super smooth and next day super bright too!! Not an ads on my blog because IT'S REALLY NICE SO I WANNA SHARE WITH ALL OF YOU

That's all la! Ciaoz...xx


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