Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine

21 June 2014

Hello Hello Guys I know right.. I must be happy that finally something fun happens @ Pavilion. Have a great day with my friends and of course it's all about this Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine. I know it from others blogger's insta. Then I realize is time to challenge myself and get the prize for my dad! He love alcohol! HAHAHAHAHA After i know this I just immediately date my babe out...AHAHAHA Probably...if you followed all our social media you will notice that everyone start to snap a photo with this standalone machine too ...Right?? So what are you waiting for??? ;p GGOGOGOGOGOGOOO

I'm shocked when I see the crowd. But don't worry, it only take less than 20 mins until your turns. At that moment you can just watch others playing with the machine and see how they become the winner! HAHAHAHA 
 Finally our turn. Since Chenelle , Careen & I together we separate into 2 diff group so I can play it twice! HAAHHAAH So greedy :p Idk why when both of us start playing with that machine everyone just laughing with us. Maybe because I fail that game session. For your information, you can choose to play in 2 players or more. 
Then first game you need to use your finger to press and hold the Carlsberg on the screen. After few seconds you can jump into the second game session. I failed with the second one because the fireball and my hand just can't hold the Carlsberg anymore. Don't ask me why I'm just too nervous ;p

p/s: There are a total of 3 rounds, once you complete this 3 rounds you will win something!
Although I didn't win the game but I will challenge this machine again tml! WAIT FOR ME OK? Of course congratz for those who win it!! Winner can take a selfies with the machine and get a free beer or gift too!!

See how fun it is! Bring your friend together with you and challenge this friendtastic machine! So fun & happy!! It's basically a game which require teamwork with your friends. Just work together and WIN a bottle of Carlsberg or free gift home!! Don't let the machine wait too long k? Just head over to the next destination and play with it!!! Such a happy game session with all my friends. xx Oh yea if you wish to know more detail (such as dates and where the machine will be at next) about that you can always check them out in facebook too.

You will also see my selfie there! :D Thanks all for today. Love xx

Thanks all for today. Love xx


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