5K shopping spree in klia2- What's In Your Bag?

14 June 2014

OMG OMG OMG?! Is that true? Am I dreaming right now?!!! Yea!!! klia2 has just opened and they will be having a greatly giveaway running at http://whatsinyourbag.my/en/!!! Omg Omg this was a great news for all of us as they’re giving out really grand and wonderful prizes which worth up to RM 100,000 shopping spree for all of us.

Yea! In conjuction with the opening of klia2, they are giving out a really grand giveaway that available for us which is incredibly simple where we just have to select anything we die for from http://whatsinyourbag.my/en/  that worth of RM5,000 of Products into the cart to have a chance to get them  home!! From electronics to branded fragrances, branded skin care, and etc,klia2 have it all. So much indulgence from klia2!



Here are the steps on how you can stand a chance to win RM5,000 worth of your favourite retail goodies:

1. Visit http://whatsinyourbag.my/en/

2. Upon arrival at the website, a pop up will appear announcing that you have a chance to win products you have shopped with a given budget of RM5,000.

3. After registration, go nuts online shopping and “add to cart” whatever RM5,000 credit budget can get you!

4. Once you’ve reached your credit limit, proceed to check out.

5. Upon successful completion of checkout, you will be automatically entered into a lucky draw with everything that you have “purchased”.

6. Cross your fingers and hope you get to be that lucky daily winner to keep your purchases for real!

As for the lucky draw, on the day of the launch, a lucky winner will be announced to win RM25,000 shopping spree at klia2*!! 
Just click anything that i want..! OMG OMG .Let me show you my pick! 
WAH! Beats!! I'm always loving the pastel pink one and now it's even inside here. I really hope I'm the lucky winner to win everything in my bag home !! God please hear me ok? From electronic items to fashions items even gifts items too. SO MANY!

 I need this as well. It's a mic for me to sing some cover on youtube. I NEED THAT! CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!!?!? I WANT YOU TO BE MINE! Lolx
 Sing until hungry then I need some cookies too. I picked this and proceed to my next item :p
 HAHAHAHA OMG A macbook cover! I need you too x100000
 Keep my eyes on you after so long. For this I get 3 pieces. One for myself , one for my bro and one for smelly. So we are happy family! Shop for few mins only then my RM5,000 left only 10 sen! HAHAHAAHAH Let me show you my shopping list.
 Total 15 items and RM5,000 gone left my very pity 10 sen there! I hope I'm the lucky winner pray hard now! Faster click confirm and......
 Remember another RM25,000?!!! Just simply enter your name , IC and phone no in order to stand a chance to win that home! SO MANY CASH I LOVE YOU!!

So...the 15 Lucky winners will be randomly choose from lucky draw from 9th JUNE  to 23rd JUNE 2014, FYI, if you are chosen as the winner for this, whatever you’ve chosen or add into the cart are all yours as it will be your winning prize. This is because they want to let all of us know that klia2 is a shopping destination + airport that we always dream of!!! Various brands are available within the mall.
'What are you waiting for?' START CRAZY SHOPPING NOW!!

Head over to the microsite now at  http://whatsinyourbag.my/en/ !!!

For more information, visit http://whatsinyourbag.my/en/ or

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