About My Double Eyelid Aesthetics Procedure (Double Suture andTwistTechnique)

13 June 2014

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Hello Sweeties :3  Noticed something different on my face? Yeap, I know this should be a private thing but I guess i should share this with all of you since I don't really like to hide anything from all of you. I can choose not to share about this, but I know some of you might have the same feeling like me and wish to get more detail / information about aesthetic double eyelid procedure. I really hope this post can help you especially for those who want to know what you need to go through & some extra detail on this kind of procedure. I did my non-cutting double eyelid procedure on last Thursday (5.6.2014) and today = 1 week and a day after. This post contains and includes the whole process of it , reasons why I choose the double suture and twist technique , day by day recovery process with photo & where I did it. I really hope that this could help you too because everyone of you know that I'm a person who wish to have a noticeable double eyelid and previously I always use double side double eyelid tape to get a bigger eye. FYI, I'm a flat single eyelid girl.

I always thought that I'm not attractive / pretty due to my single eyelid. It makes me look so pale , weak and it takes me some extra time as compared to the others when it comes to the process of removing the double eyelid tape. I've been told that I look so ugly when I'm wearing a spec or look so diff when I didn't put on any double eyelid tape. At first, I don't mind but as time goes by it affects me because single and double eyelid do make a HUGE different on me. The main problem is my eye and I don't care whether I got a tall nose or sharp chin because for me EYES= SOUL & Everything. Due to my job, I need to snap lots of photo and sometimes I just wish to go out with my single eyelid or without any make up but I just can't live without double eyelid. Day by day... I'm getting older & older and I realized that my eyelids are getting loose and sagging due to my laziness. I am just too lazy to remove my eyelid tape so I just use my hand to tear it off (Normally need to use makeup remover to remove it & pls!!! Don't just tear it off with your hand) and slowly I noticed that even after I put on my double eyelid tape my eye still look like a single eyelid :(
This is how it looks like even after I put on the double eyelid tape. My eyelid really getting more and more sagging and I start to ask myself... should I go for a double eyelid procedure?Where should I go? Is this trustable? PAIN? SCARY? I know right..you might ask that... IS THAT PAINFUL? This was the first question I asked. I took a week to make my decision, but end up I just go ahead and I did it. Those who know me in real life I'm sure you know that I'm afraid of injection , blood , knife and anything related to operation. Therefore, I NEVER EVER thought that I'm brave enough to do so until I get supports from my mom , bro and smelly. I really think that it's important to get your family support and think carefully whatever you want to do to your face. But my relatives and friends told me that the eyelid operation is just a very small matter so there is no need to feel scared or whatsoever.
No matter how many double eyelid tape / tools I bought, I'm still a single eyelid girl.

BUT LET ME TELL YOU..I NEVER TRUST THEM ;( I've always afraid of things like this. Even visiting the dentist makes me cry like hell. OMG I hate it just like a small little girl. So after I made my decision I went to visit Me Clinic @ Time Square. Previously it is located at Pavilion but they shifted to Time Square's lowest floor beside the post office. After the normal consultation it took me a while to understand and choose the best method to do with my eyelid. Then, I booked my time and within that 5 days I CAN'T SLEEP WELL. I will be afraid even a simple blood test so it really drives me crazy until the day I met Doctor David and Celeste. I want to hug them right now I feel touched when Doctor tried his best to calm me down, joke with me while Celeste stays with me throughout the whole process. Not forgetting all the girls that are working in the clinic. They hold my hand and told me not to cry...BUT STILL I CRY TIL VERY SCARY lolx

Finally, I'm not the sleepy look chanwon any more and I have a a pair of pretty eyes which suits me well. Not everyone are suitable for large or thick double eyelid while I choose to go for the natural and fast recovery technique. I don't mind that it's just a low crease I just wanna get a pair of eyelids that makes me look more bright and attractive. I'm happy that Doctor David explained it nicely to me. Which includes all the procedure I need to go through. To be honest, I really hope that you can read every sentences in this blog post so you wont get any misunderstanding and don't ever regret on your decision. Think carefully what you want and just ask anything you want to know during the consultation with the doctor.

I have to say that today is my 8th days. I look so pretty.. Almost tear when I saw my eyelids are less swollen and day by day I am getting more and more pretty with the double eyelid. I must say I have never felt so happy before. It's an aesthetics procedure since it does not involve any cutting process. I will slowly explain why cutting process is not recommended.

WHY Double Suture and Twist Technique?

To be honest, if this technique doesn't exists... I will never ever go for double eyelid because other than this other methods are just TOO SCARY , PAINFUL & the RECOVERY PROCESS takes more than 1 monthBut thank godIn recent years, a new and innovative ‘scarless’ double eyelids creation technique was invented. It is also known as the Double Suture and Twisted (DST) Technique for ‘Scarless’ Double Eyelid creation. Seriously the cutting method for double eyelid was just too scary and I can't imagine why is there people who dare to do so since it requires to remove extra skin and fat which means one needs to undergo a long recovering period which mostly take more than a month.

Cutting method, also known as incisional technique which is suitable for people who has eyelids that are aging or too puffy. It is designed to crate a high crease and shape means those VERY VERY OBVIOUS DOUBLE EYELID. But the disadvantages of it is it takes a longer time to recover and probably swollen for more than a month + only heals after several monthsPlus, you might be having a scar on your eyelid and it look less natural. Means you need to hide inside your home or wear sunglasses to cover it for more than a month.  

Therefore, since we are young Doctor David recommended me to go for  DST Method to create a natural looking double eyelidPlus, since I need to attend event, snap photo and so on I really need to go for something that RECOVERS FAST and wont take too long. Advantages of DST Method are:

1. A natural looking double eyelid as it folds along the natural crease 
2. Does not involve removal of skin
3. Potentially reversible (you can change your mind whether wanna a higher crease or lower)
4. Suitable for people who have double eyelid wanna to create a higher crease (thicker double eyelid)
5. Fast recovery 
6. Took only 35 mins 
7. Scarless
8. Doesn’t require going under the knife. 

Please be reminded that each individual’s definition of beauty is different, only a skillful and experienced doctor will be able provide you with personalized advice and do anything to your eyelid. So after that you will be able to decide for yourself if you like what you see and make sure you consult it nicely and talk / ask whatever you want to know. 

This is an important factor for me as I am not too keen on the idea of going under the knife. I just want to enhance my looks – on the condition that no surgical knife is involved. So, this is perfect for me! And lastly, because no severe wounds are done, the healing will take only a few days. The downtime from the scarless method is mainly from some swelling and occasional bruising. I'm lucky lah for me because my eyelids are slightly swollen that only lasted for 4 days. After that, no more swollen. I know you wanna fast fast see my recovering photo but let me explain to you the whole process.

I really think that for those who are looking for double eyelid anything you need to go through you must be clear about the whole procedure. MAKE SURE YOU understand and know everything before undergoing anything, ok?

Pain or not. If I never experienced it I would never trust anyone but this is the first question I asked. Doctor told me that the whole process you can't feel anything on your eye. SERIOUSLY, No pain during the process but there are some minor pain and discomfort during the process of Anesthesia 麻醉 (before stitching) I will not lie to you when they fold your eyelid and inject it..You can feel pain on your eyelid. Thats the only 'pain' part and after that NO FEELING AT ALL. You should be thankful that I'm telling you the truth. Because the doctor did not bluff me too..He told me that the process of anesthesia will be a little  bit pain but that is bearable. You see me I small tiny pain also will cry, but this I'm okay with it and then after that I didn't feel anything. Just listen to the music and doctor's voice telling me what he did on my eyelid.

我知道我的文章有點長 而且我知道很多mm們要聽聽看比較detail的東西
所以我過後在這裡加了這短篇的youtube video
希望你們用心看完 畢竟我想要你們每一個都了解

好了啊 題外話完了 

The Procedure

I understand that not many people will blog about it because no one is willing to do so :s But I really wish that I'm able to help you gain some knowledge on this. I also know that sometimes you guys are so shy to ask me directly and for all of the above I wrote this blog post for all of you!! Please love me ;p So yea!! Here's the whole process for Scarless DST (Double Sutures and Twisting) Technique.


First before the procedure ...of course you must go for consultation with the doctor. Consult and tell him what you want to achieve and what you don't want. Tell him about your body whether you are sensitive to medicine or did you undergo any procedure before this and also get support from someone so that he/she can accompany you if you are afraid. 

My experience was super good and it's a very nice & comfortable consultation with Doctor David and Celeste. Both of them are super friendly and professional in both ways. Especially Celeste because as I told you that the whole team of Me Clinic were trying to calm me down and I can feel the love! Let me tell you la..to be honest I'm so scared and afraid so during the consultation I actually shed my tears and when I lay on the treatment bed I also shed my tears. Sorry ah Doctor and sorry ah Celeste I made all of you delay the time because I'm really so afraid to go through anything like that. But the one thing that made me felt so touch was ...They hold my hands and gave me a pillow to hug. Sorry la I felt so shame for crying like a little girl T.T But the doctor so cute..He told me that this is just small thing no need to be afraid because I'm not going to give birth to a baby..so ask me to relax but I still shed my tears. Then all of them keep 'sayang' me. At the same time Smelly sms me ask me to relax and my mom was waiting me at home. My brother too. Smelly actually ask me not to go for double eyelid because he truly love me for who I am but..Since I've already decided, so he changed his mind too and support me. Thanks smelly bee


Other than normal consultation normally during that time doctor will ask and decide whether you want to go for a low/medium or high creaseI definitely go for medium one , but sometimes people would prefer low (more korean style) or a high crease for a deeper / thicker double eyelid look.

Besides that also consult on whether you want a tapered or parallel crease:
Tapered crease is recommended for those who want to achieve natural look and it looks nice too even without makeup. Most Korean double eyelid will go for tapered crease. Tapered crease is the front part of your eyelid combine with the bottom one while the parallel crease means to be parallel la. lolx Most of the time those who already have double eyelid that want to achieve a bigger eye will go for parallel but it always depend on your preference and doctor recommendation. Each people has diff opinion about it. I prefer the medium crease with tapered because most of the time I love Korean double eyelid! HAAHAHAH

  #1 Procedure

Firstly, they will clean your face.Then the doctor starts the process of the crease marking. He will be marking for the crease on your eyelid. Just 3 little dots around 3mm only. 

  #2 Procedure

Next, after the crease marking the doctor will start the process of anesthesia. I mentioned just now right...only this procedure you will feel a bit painful with a little bit of discomfort during the injection. Hmmm if I can tahan of course you can tahan but remember don't cry ok? I cry and shed my tears -.- Slap myself!! A few jabs of local Anesthesia will be injected into both upper eyelids and this may hurt a little.

  #3 Procedure

To be honest, after the second procedure you will feel nothing at all and just listen to the music and everyone beside you who support you. Oh yea, the 3rd procedure is the eyelid stitching process. The eyelid slowly grew numb and really can't feel anything. Then apart from the music I also heard some sound of scissors and needles but I told the doctor to do it slowly because if the sound is too loud i might freak out! HAHAHAHAHA but the doctor and everyone else did it gently so I more comfortable. Then the doctor keep calm me down slowly slowly..lolx I also can feel the stitches la but in the same time I felt nothing..no pain ..nothing..


After Eyelid Stitching Procedure:

After the completion of whole procedure they prepared some ice packs for me to placed it on my eyes to minimize the swelling.

Then, they asked me to look myself on the mirror and gave me a comb to comb my hair. One of my eye not that swollen but another one much more SWOLLEN because the right eye was the first eye they inject and I keep cry + keep on force myself to calm down. Lol I should relax so that both eyes will be less swollen!! Keep in mind that swelling and bruising are inevitable after the procedure but don't worry most of the patients recover after 4 days. For me, it took 5 days for my right eye and the other one the gets so pretty already on the 4th day! AHAHAHAHAHAH 

Oh yea, don't be shocked by your eyelids because the crease might look higher than the desired one due to the swelling ya. Don't freak out yourself. HAAHAHAH Like me I totally shocked and I was like..HUH? WHY HIGH CREASE. But doctor told me that then I calm myself again and now my eye was back to my desired crease! HAHAAHHA so happy happy die! REMEMBER to be reassured that the swell will subside in a couple days and the crease will be where you want it to be.

Plus, remember that the next day your crease will go even higher so prepare some ice packs for your self ya. For me it didn't really go higher because the first day already so high xD Then, I feel a little heavy on my eyelid due to the process and a little bit of sleepy because of the heavy feeling on my eyelid. So I slept at 10pm :p 

After care

 Painkillers | Medicated Lotion | Antibiotic

You do not need to take painkillers if you didn't feel pain on it. Until now the 8th day I didn't take any painkiller because it's not really necessary if you didn't feel any pain on it. I'm happy that the after care doesn't require many procedures to be applied to my eyes. All I need is just the medicated lotion and antibiotic (entire course to be finished).

The Recovery Process

I think read through all of these you just need to see this because most people will concern about this since the recovery process take only less than what I expected. I'm really shocked! LET ME PROVE it to you. Some people took 4 days. I took 4 days the 4th day I apply eyeliner on the end of my eyelid since I need to attend a blogger event but still have minor swollen. 

   DAY 1

I done my double eyelid at 4 o'clock afternoon. Reached home at 6pm. I snap this and you can obviously see that the stitches have become redden and still noticeable.

   DAY 2 & 3

The stitches faded a little bit, but still noticeable plus my eye a little bit swollen + puffy too.
Obviously you notice that one of my eye recover faster and less swollen than my right eye.
The left eye swelling has subsided faster than what I EXPECTED but my right eye still look swelling

I went to an event that day. I went to see Ella at Aoen Bukit Tinggi and I'm wearing a sunglasses then next I went to pavilion to play the Carlsberg friendtastic machine too. The only day I wear sunglasses HAHAHAA

   DAY 4 & 5

 Stitch marks almost invisible and almost gone!!! Day 4 and 5 look almost the same the stitch marks slowly disappear but my eye still swelling especially the right eye.

  Day6 & 7

Day 6 my swelling right eye slowly look nicer !! Yeah!! It's almost the same with the left one. Thank god. let me zoom in for you just to see my stitch marks.  
Then, I apply eyeliner on the bottom and end part of my eyelid. Just a little bit ..Then I start selfies for this blog post! LOL

 the double eyelid still look not so natural due to a little swelling on one of my eyes! But It's almost there!!!

  Day 8

Just say you love me! This is my eyes today!! I just put a brown eyeliner but it smudge till become like eyeshadow HAHAHAHAHA!! SO HAPPY SO HAPPY THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT! I LOVE YOU ME CLINIC!
 Now I just feel like crying. I really feel so touch..After 1 week!! Everything worth it
Nothing can explain how I feel now.. I really feel so so so much love from everyone

Everyday my dear Lyvia text me even she's at UK asking how my eye and talk with me. Everyday my mom praise about my eye although at first I'm very worry about it. Smelly everyday facetime with me to see my eye too and keep telling me that I'm brave enough and just don't simply eat thing. Then Bobo accompany me too. Chenelle also care about my eye when I attending the event on my 3rd day after my double eyelid done. Celeste ask me to send her photo everyday to see my recovery process. Doctor David I really so so so love you although at first I really afraid of you because I'm always afraid of doctor no matter what and how T.T I'm really thanks to my bro too because he keep asking me to be calm and praise me look like so korean T.T

I really want to thanks for those who care about my eyes. Especially my mom make bubur for me instead of rice and my favorite marmit together! Then I also want to thanks Doctor David again for making my dream come true and slowly explain oen by one to me.. I love you all I love you all I wanna hug you all right now T.T  (Nvm I hug Bebe)

UPDATED PART 2 [One month after photos & detail of my eye] http://www.chanwon.com/2014/07/me-clinic-my-double-eyelid-procedure.html

 Since Doctor David & Celeste haven see my eyes yet I went to Me Clinic @Time Square yesterday again to let them check my eye. Doctor David and Celeste smile so bright and made my day. I'm  really happy this is exactly what I want for my life. I'm satisfied and no other thing to be done after this I promised my mom, smelly and everyone. Although some people advice me to do injection on nose but I think I'm enough and happy with what I had done.

I just want to have a brighter and bigger eyes. Now I had it. I really need to thanks for all the skillful people around me. I really need to be glad that I'm able to put my trust on someone like Me Clinic and their team. Thanks for the concern and all your bright smile. I'm scared but they all be with me during all the procedure. I'm happy that they treat me like a family members. Thanks Doctor David too.  Give you all a hug with  my bright smile. no more in my life and I'm going to their facial treatment next week. I will bring my mom see whether she need to consult anot because my mom want double eyelid too. 

xie xie ni men
Thanks all of you.. I'm really thankful I met Me Clinic in my life

Me Clinic has all my trust. I hope that this post will help you and if you really look for a double eyelid stitching but not sure where you should go for...You can always go here because it gained all my trust and I'm here to share with all of you personally because I'm not require by anyone to write it so detail..But I willing to do that means it really mean a lot to me... Feel free to say Hi with them and just tell them Chanwon love them. Can't wait for my facial treatment next week and I shall let them see my double eyelid again.  I'm the perfect example for them & you :) So if you plan to consult them you forgot the eyelid technique u just tell them u read it from my blog then they will know it :P (see I'm really the perfect example maaaa) 

And pls for those who wish to know anything or the price just personally inbox msg their Facebook page because too much email I need to reply and it's not my task to reply all of ur 143 msg regarding the price and keep ask me PAIN ANOT. I already included ya . Don't be shy because it's your own eye and it's all depend on what you want. Therefore just drop them a msg don't inbox me asking for price . Teehee* 

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No.1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone - 03-2143 3866

WeChat / Watsapp - 018-2228 122

 Help me to say Hii with Dr David and Celeste! Just happy and goooooooo :) I really hope that if you know anyone wanted to get double eyelid done let them read this or share this around because this double eyelid technique is really AWESOME! That's all for today. Love xx


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