Mary Kay Journey of Dreams™ fragrance

10 June 2014

Hello my little Sweethearts  Sorry for the late and finally I'm able to transfer all my photo to my macbook. My 5 years old Dell is dead. Not sure what's the problem but because I'm always edit my photo on that computer with the editor which unable to install on my macbook (I only use macbook when it come to edit for videos and lightroom editor) Then I tried like 231948734839 times to turn it on but it's still automatically turn it off. Guess it's full of dust or I need to send it to the hospital :'( But still have lots of photos inside the computer and idk why but I guess I should start to use my macbook since I rarely use it. If any typo or error pls just ignore it.

So today I'm so happy that I'm able to share with you something quite interesting! I know right since few years ago during my study life lecturer always told us it's important for a brand to have their responsibility toward the society. Some brand tend to involve in student scholarships, some help poor people get a home, some even help in order to build a school for certain area. In Malaysia, Mary Kay had actually partnered with HOPE Malaysia in Food Distribution program  With the theme of


Mary kay will be distributing food to the less fortunate families and basically their main objective is to provide children with enough nutritional & balance diet they need for a good health in order for them to have the ability to learn better in school and reach their potential. So in order for them to do so , they came out with a LIMITED EDITION Journey of Dreams Fragrance & hand lotion too.
The packaging of it is just simple but yet the scent is super nice for me because I always think that memories are tied to scents. I'm so glad that when each unit of Beauty That Counts product sold RM3 or 5 will channel to HOPE Malaysia. It means we can help to donate some of the money when purchase this product! Feel so glad that they has been committed to enriching the lives of women and children around the world.

I think I really lack of fragrance and people always telling me it's hard to get one that suit for yourself. I'm always prefer something not so heavy and of course sweet floral scent. Although this simple packaging doesn't really caught our eyes so much but I believe that we all will feel good in doing good for the children and you know I always prefer something that look cute and pretty on the packaging ...But this time I'm still loving this Journey of Dream fragrance because of its crisp floral scent that expresses a spirit of caring
Top notes include Sparkling Clementine, Freesia Flowers and Floating Lotus. 
Middle notes include Black Currant Bud, Blooming Turkish Rose and Australian Sandalwood. 
Bottom notes include White Amber, Skin Musk and Bed of Velvety Orange Petals. 
Overall the scent is just super light and smells super good especially suitable for all the teenagers like us too. As I mentioned just now the bottle of this fragrance is not really my type but yet simple always the best and I can't believe that I like this scent more the more I use it! But the packaging box with colorful butterflies around really so so so pretty!! Another good thing about it was the size of it just nice to carry around and put inside my bag! For me the scent last for almost 4 hours + but no  more than 6 hours. I just spray it once for normal outing and when I'm at home after 4 hours I still can smell it. So probably 4-6 hours depend on your daily activities too.

Let's us help give the children a meal by getting one of this home :) 

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