♥20120327♥Musical baazar happening on the this coming APRIL♥

27 March 2012

Herloo People :D Late post again ! Having short semester seems so busy from the starting week 2 until now ! Shouldn't choose Korea Language as my short semester subject ! I'm so regret :( 8 weeks to learn a new language and finals coming . I don't think I have enough time to do that ! Then soon next week is our mid term test ._____. Presentation and assignments! Lucky I still have some time to run my own mini business :)

Learned many lesson during this few weeks :) Meet diff kind of customer and people..This world is really big for me to figure out one by one! But don't worried I can handle it very soon! Talk about business then make me think of BAZAAR! If you're my 'long term' readers i think most of you will notice that I joined some Bazaar last year and here's SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU GUYS!
I joined few time before and I got some email from Bell today :).If you're looking for some bazaar or interested to join this bazaar you can contact Bell :) 
Don't worry the rental is damn cheap!Don'r worried this is really worth :') Trust me if you are having a online shop or blog you can try this way to attract more new customer and increase your popularity for your shop :) It's worth also because you can open your booth there from 12pm-8pm! 

Bell will be organizing to all lovely vendors and looking forward to you guys participating in it! The baazar will be held on the 29th of April,Sunday in Publika.There will be several activities going on during that day at the baazar,its basically called the musical baazar because there will be some aspiring artists performing on that day itself!

And also,there will be an album launch going on by 'An Honest Mistake' a local indie rock band that is doing really well in Asia,they will be launching their second album 'Say what you want,say what you will'.Also we have got special guests performance by DJ Faith!Who's ready to party!

For more information and price inquiries,do not hesitate to ask by email to isabellakuan@yahoo.com35 booths are available !First come first serve basis(you can choose your own booth) and tables provided!!!

And also forgot to mention!! Chatime will be joining us as well! What are you waiting for :D 
I want to join this Bazaar as one of the vendors too but hopefully that week not my finals .___. If not I wont be joining i think :( But hope to see you guys there! Seeeeee you! Trust me :) It's really worth !

Good luck and all the best for Bell :) Hope to join you guys too! See you then C=