♥Baseball Jacket♥ ALL SOLD

29 March 2012

Herlooo Everyone :3 Finally I have blank few hours for myself to update my post here! So yea , I guess most of you already knew it I'm seriously freaking fall in love with Baseball Jacket ! I bought one from TopShop which cost me RM233 like a BOOOOOOM and i found that all those baseball jacket in the market also very expensive :'(
So yea, I received alot inbox msg to ask where am I get all my baseball jacket..Total up I got 4 diff design for baseball jacket! I love it so much..I guess you will be like me soon :P Cause this is really so nice! My friends around me start to grab as  many as possible too xD So i decided to find some baseball jacket for you guys :D
Total order 20 pieces and all my saving gone :(  I found the most nice design..Means TOP 1-4 in my mind :P I posted it on my fb account actually cause i didnt really contribute much for my Double Beauty fb page :( Page is so hard to reply you guys! So after wait for so long, FINALLY all the baseball jacket REACHED my home yesterday :D WEEEEE I'm so happy
The big box total up with 12kg baseball jacket ._____. So heavy my mom help me take from 1st floor to 3rd floor -.- My 3rd floor got nothing just have few chair but there got a nice SUNLIGHT, which means can photo shoot myself.. I'm lazy ask photographer to shoot for me because I received many inbox msg once i post my stock in instagram! So I used 30 mins to capture all photo then 20 mins to combine all the photo together ..Lastly, POST TO FACEBOOK :D

This new arrival come with 4 diff design :) 
Design (1)  Baseball Jacket with alphabet 'M' : 
Design (2)  Baseball Jacket with alphabet 'P' : 
 Design (3)  Baseball Jacket with NO alphabet and flag :  
 Design (4)  Baseball Jacket with zip :  
Hahaaa :) I feel so surprise cause I sold out all ready stock O.O Thanks for you guys :) You all are just so sweet! I received many feedback that ask me to get some baseball jacket for male or unisex :) Yea! Pre-order available for Male's Size :D Weeeee! Stay tuned for the update in my facebook~

Really appreciate to you guys :) I love you all!! But some sweeties really don't understand the market price for baseball jacket :'( The price i offer is already SO REASONABLE AND CHEAP..they still wanna fight with me with the price and negotiate for the postage ..But i have tried to adjust my own I decided to ask only RM5 additional for postage :) This is really show that I'm really tried my best to meet what you want ,my dear:) 

As you can see most of the baseball jacket in the market around RM90-RM200 ! Padini ,Forever 21 ,Topshop etc..If you think it's exp then don't ask me so many question and say WANT then CANCEL the reservation :) If you saw the price and don't feel like buying then don't ask for reservation ..Do you know after I reserve for you I had cancel and reject all the other buyers :) You're Freaking Kidding me ~ If you can't afford then don't ask me to reserve darlings..I really hate myself when I'm angry and I will show you some words ! Please respect us as a seller..we took the risk for having ready stock for you guys..So please :) Respect

Sometime I will accept some reason for cancel the reservation but don't tell me that THIS IS SO EXP SO I WANNA CANCEL THE RESERVATION .____. if you notice it's exp then dont ask for reservation my dear :(

We need to reply all of your pm and comment..We already try our best to reserve for you..Once you confirm we will reject others buyers and end up you cancel it :'( I really don't understand..But not all of you..JUST one from 100 people ! So lucky @@

I learned so many stuff recently :) And happy to get all your positive feedback and comment :) Especially for those sweetie who  bought my double eyelid tape! I need to thanks my mom and my bf :) They always fetch me to post office in the early morning or before the post office closed! I become friends with the post office worker some more !X) Damn funny ! When i got class or not free I will ask my parent to help posting my parcel ..When i did something wrong you all , sweetie forgive me :) I'm really happy and appreciate you all! Love you all xoxo!

Thanks for all the feedback and Because of the huge amount of ppl wanna to get Baseball Jacket for design 1 and design 2 BADLY ..So now I'm going to have a PRE ORDER :D Will post the photo up on my fb :) Within 7 days means next week will reached! Appreciate you guyss! And some size for male too :P HEHE

Have a nice day !
For all the baseball jacket lovers , Give me 5 :3 


Ps: It's so funny when i did my own photoshoot for my jacket ! I'm using the timer..hahahah Once i click the button then i start to pose myself then wait for the timer to capture it! HAHAHAHA Sometime, we can done a job by our own :) good luck :D
Photo from one of my customer :P HAHAAH so cute~