08 March 2012

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS COMING WAREHOUSE SALE ?! YEA!  I'm so happy  today :) Mr. Kitty give me a surprise today ..Suppose we just having lunch at Subang then Mr.Kittyfetch me to the warehouse SALE !!!! I was like wtf?! 

Both of us actually ROAD STUPID means we didn't really recognize the place or location of something -.- without any GPS actually..Mr.Kitty purposely google it yesterday and memorise the map :) Thankiuuu Love you bee~ Thanks for Sheirly Wong Sweetie too~  I really didn't went any warehouse sale before then this little sweetie inbox me with the greatz news :) Thanks very much! Next time got any warehouse sale PLEASE TELL ME :'( I missed many warehouse sale actually LOL
 Back to the topic! We reached there almost 11.45am and raining there :P We're late actually..Can you see all people line up in front of it?! OMG I was like SOOOOO EXITED to see that :P Jumping here and there cause I never join this kind of warehouse sales before! So I decided to blog today event I'm so sleepy! TODAY IS THE 1ST DAY ..YOU STILL GOT 2 DAYS can go to their warehouse SALE! GREAT?
 OKOK I'M STILL SO EXITED!!! when is my turn?! WHEN?
 ALMOST THERE BABEH!! saw a lot people come put with at LEAST 3 box shoe :P SHOE SHOE SHOE I NEED YOU SO MUCH
 yea! almost almost I can see the poster and hear the music already :)
 So blur this picture but you can actually see that how many people inside -.- Even no place to let me stand! keep on BANG me -.-
 There're some pro and con for warehouse those selling SHOE -.- especially SHOE -.-
Although it's cheap (almost 90%) They break the place to 4 diff side and corner :)
1st- Accessories ,Bag ,wallet , belt [ The bag after discount still exp so you can look for wallet and belt ]
2nd- SHOE TIME ..RM19-RM29

Yea! you can basically understand and can start to imaging it :) But because they just put one pair of shoe for each design on the table ..Therefore, you need to BANG people to get some SPACE for yourself to grab those sample SHOE!

After that , THIS IS THE MOST WORST PART! you need to keep on calling those promoter at there ask for help! they need to take your shoe one by one and ask for your size -.- KEEP ON CALLING 'LENG CAI , ABANG ,CIK ' Like pasar malam -.- some people so Cruel when you stand there they keep on pushing you here and there then calling the people work at there for help..Next, they will take like 3 or 4 pair of shoe [unfortunately, you stand at your own place before they reach but they like pushing you to the back and grab their shoe]

People there just keep on calling..Those worker only serve one people at ONE TIME ONLY -.- They even keep on ask you to repeat your shoe SIZE :( Then one row or one corner only got like 2 worker there -.- WORST i dunno they will increase their worker there by tomorrow anot..Because really LACK OF WORKER.. you need to wait like 30 mins to get their attention and response to take your shoe size (you can't take your own ) I was like OMG -.-
 1 hour+ I grab 3 shoe -.- I just can be able to visit few corner only..I just grab from the section of RM39-RM49 ..The RM19-29 side is FULL OF PEOPLE ! I can't even breath! I'm SERIOUS ! Lucky Mr.kitty was there at my side helping me to carry all stuff and protect me :( I dislike this place really..I tot this was nice and many people but THIS IS TOOO MANY PEOPLE..OUT OF MY IMAGINATION ...Hopefully tomorrow WONT like this!
Next thing which challenging me -.- SEE THE PEOPLE ! WAIT FOR 30 MINS++ i was LIKE OMG again :'( SO HOT AND SWEAT like hell! But still so satisfied with my purchase~
 This is my Monkey :P Purchase with total RM147 :) Normal price for Charles and Keith one heel almost RM100+ normally la :) SO I'M OK with that but BYE BYE MONEY~


FIRST Purchase :3

Detail of it:

 Second Purchase :)
 Look like so weird in this photo but this one after you wear it actually look NICER than the first one :P Mr.Kitty prefer this than the first one :) the side view of it damn NICE
Detail :

Third Purchase:P
 I wanna grab something except HEEL -.- So i simply cincai choose this CAUSE I HAVE NO SPACE AND MOOD TO GRAB AND LOOK FOR OTHER AGAIN :P So just cincai cincai choose to max my satisfaction LOL
match with short pants and Tee :) Best choice! Casual~ HAHAHAHA 

So here's some tips for you to grab nice shoe!
  • TIE your hair up and don't make up -.- If not you will sweat like heel and your face will become so oily inside cause really crowd like hell! Tie up all your hair because you will realize those long hair girl's hair was 'SLAPPING' your face if you stand behind them :'( 
  • SPOT it fast then grab it fast!
  • Don't bother it's nice anot just grab grab grab then look for the size! That's ALL
  • But you need to increase your VOICE VOLUME to the max and keep on calling the worker to grab their attention if not no one helping you to take your shoe size from the store 
  • Ask your partner to wait behind after grab it just pass him/her then spot again another shoe..
  • After grab everything , find a place sit down and try out ALL THE SHOE..sometime they give wrong size :)
# I dislike those place which is too crowd but still I try to accept that since I wanna grab and buy cheap and nice thing :) This is the first time visit warehouse sale but those warehouse selling shoe is not good as compare to those selling clothing :( Just my own opinion and observation! That's all for today~ Enjoy readying