♥20120312♥ The Baboon House-Malacca Trip

12 March 2012 Malacca, Melaka, Malaysia

Herloo People ♥ :D I'm here now~ Photo Shooting yesterday with my photographer buddy ! All of us were K.O ~ Wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and before the day sleep at midnight 2 o'clock O.O I'm just so exited and can't even sleep or calm down myself AHHAHAH 
I'm happy that finally I can improve myself more than  last time :) I love the dress  ! Do you? I'm waiting for the outcome~ So happy that we're not only did a photo shooting but we having fun of it..Like a Trip to Malacca actually ! We reach Malacca at 8.45am I think then have our Breakfast @ Mc Donald before we reach Malacca~ 
So damn hot :( You can see the sun almost burn my skin :( Keep putting the sunblock on my hand and shoulder! We walk for almost 6 hours++ under the hot sun~ I need water & all of us were so thirsty from the beginning until the end O.O
So we just simply walk around and spot this nice resting place to chill .. This really a nice place! especially the environment before you enter the toilet..Their small little garden  is soooo cute and that is a nice place to capture photo and shooting! That's so surprise for us :) 
Their Menu~ So yea! Enjoy the photo and their environment really nice! Am I right? :D
 Combination of art  :)

 Suitable for relaxing 

 Some magazines and books

sweat like hell :'( So hot man!   Ice honey Lemon  :)

Stay tuned for the photos :) Time to bed! 
Holiday ended :( So fast but still have to prepare for the class tomorrow! Have a nice day babies :) Night~