♥PhotoShooting♥ Trip - Part 1

20 March 2012

Herloo People :D I think most of you have know that I went to a shooting few weeks ago :) It's time to update my blog with the shooting's photo~ Finally 50% for the shooting photos here ..I'm not feeling well today :'( I have no idea why ..8am Morning class today .____. with a damn weird lecturer.. 

Ask us to play the stupid game -.- Treasure Hunt..I was like WTF!? are you crazy ? Then finally I'm sick now -.- Guess I'm too nervous and I need tissues !!!! FLU and running nose always be with me ..Can I say bye bye :'( Sweeties remember drink more water and take care for yourself dont be like me :'( I'm so sleepy now..

Back to the topic ! before I bed just update my blog with few photos :D Enjoy reading~ xoxo Just an short update!
So, we had planned for a photo shooting since last month. We decided to shoot at poco but lastly we changed our plan to MALACCA :) a NICE and relax shooting session with my photographer buddy again :) They're always the best! Next month will joining them again ! I love all of them :) Next shooting planned on  this coming April with Bridal Theme :) Stay tuned ~

All of us wake up in the early morning 5am ! We're sleepy but still so exited and I'm so hyper :P I long time didn't do photo shooting already! Oh yea :D So , as usual normal breakfast and whole day Malacca trip with them :) James and Junior 

A very natural side of me..We should tried something diff from previous shooting. Therefore, we decided to do this! 2 outfits of that day [1] Light grey long Shirt as the photo above and another one is [2] Red and black Long Dress !

Story of the theme :

[1] A girl went to Malacca alone with her G12 camera :) She is just so relax , enjoy and feel so comfortable with the blue sky on that day!

[2] Second with dress just a simply girl walk around Malacca.. Seek for something new and feel the new environment for her trip ♥ 

lol no point talking my theme here -.- AHAHAHAHH

So Yea :D Enjoy reading ~
 AHAHHA what to do with this expression -.- I keep laughing actually LOL
 Still waiting for other photos :) This time the theme is more to natural side of me ! Seriously enjoy much with them~ Like just go for a trip but the weather is really SOOOOOO hot :'( Sunblock also useless already! Enjoy your day and have a nice day tml :D Time to bed~ Night♥ xoxo