♥20120315♥ Coastal Scents:78 Shadow Blush Palette

17 March 2012

Herloo Girls :) Just an short update! Finally something new for myself :P Guess what I actually save money for myself to get a NAKED2 eyeshadow! I guess most of us just love NAKED EYESHADOW so much..Malaysia selling RM175 but always out of stock :'( I want to grab it but no time to wait cause I'm attending a big big event soon!! 
Therefore I look for another make up Palette! Is time for Coastal Scents but I still wanna to grab my NAKED2 :P Thanks for the intro from Casey :) This is very familiar right? I saw it everywhere but I don't know the brand actually -.- AND there're some is fake one! Means without the packaging with the brand's name or logo.. So just be careful.. :) This brand i very popular online..You can try to ask MR.GOOGLE ..You can saw a lot youtuber or make up guru using this :D
 I'm so exited! Wait for almost few weeks to get this!FINALLY, I bought the 78 shadow&blush palette  & I'm loving it because it has a variety of colour which you can use for your everyday life. I prefer this because their colour range is soooo GOOD..Pink ,purple , brown , blue ,green~ I can save a lot time and money ! 
 Can't wait to open it :D There're too many diff kind and colour of their Makeup Palette! more than 10 ! 
Can take a look from their website :) I used to think of which one is nicer and finally i choose this as my last decision ..Their Prism Palette, Metal Mania, Shimmer, 88 Color, Warm Palette are recommended ..the colour is really so nice and match our skin :)
 Other than colour, i love this Palette also because of the contents of this palette !

-60 eye shadow colors
-12 highlight & liner shades
-6 blush shades
-mirror 5" x 3.12" (12.7cm x 7.9cm)
-x2 dual end foam tip applicators 

 Seems like really attractive for me :) How about you? Other than that, all shadows can also be applied wet for a deeper longer lasting effect & don't worry of the size of this palette! The compact case makes it easy for storing and traveling :) It's not really BIG actually :)
Besides, I grab something other than their palette :) 

Some youtube video here :3
They offer a reasonable price for you to have your own palette :) Have fun with their palette ! Too many colour still need time to figure it  :) HAHAAHHAHA Total purchase of everything = NO MORE THAN RM150 Included postage and everything :D I'm happy and satisfied with it~ xoxo