♥20120307♥ My Honeymoon Dessert

07 March 2012

Herlooo to all my lovely readers :) didn't really do much on this holiday but busy everyday~ Finally i can realize that Pos Office is my second home :3 Almost everyday I go there to post my stuff ! Really thankiu so much for all of you :) I'm appreciate~ Seriously  .
Guess where am I going with Bobo:) Yea!!!!! We went to HoneyMoon Dessert with her bf Sky.. This is my first time visit there O.O I always went to snowflake only and I didn't really realize this shop ._____. Lmaoz~  My Honeymoon Dessert House just next to Chicken Hot Pot, opposite Snowflake.. The environment is freaking good :) Just the wifi sometime can't connect then need to try many time only can connect back :) 
I order the pudding :) I think is Manggo Pudding~ Just so delicious :P Went to snowflake in the afternoon then enjoy this pudding at night ! This is really really nice~ Non-stop chatting with Bobo and all of us playing a new Iphone apps - DrawSomething:P Are you playing people? HAHAHAH
My camera really hard to capture at indoor :'( I lazy to adjust the colour so Bobo is the one who edit and take the photo :) Thanks Bobo for the photo! Menu of the shop :)
Yum Yum :) Delicious right? feel like trying their dessert on the top right that one..Chocolate xxx ~ forgot the name~ Lol
 Recommended by Bobo :) So i just order this..FREAKING NICE! MUST TRY~
 Sky's ..don't try this :'( not nice at all ><
Thisssss order by Bobo :)  can't finish this..Too full x)
 Bobo's expression so cute ! Hahahaha Having a great time with her and her bf :)
 Our PICTURE OF THE DAY :3 Love this picha :P
HAHAHAAH look so young on this picture :P Almost 20 years old why my damn face still like this -.- Mature Mature please :'(
Thanks for the support for my mini business :) Some free gift for you guys :P left 8 unitsss with limited colour♥ a little love for you sweeties ~ 
I got too much Iphone's Case :( Wanna to sell this off :) Anyone Interested? pm me RM25