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29 February 2012

Herloo Babies ♥ :) How are you? Since the previous post about the eyelid tape I sold and some of you might want to know more about it.. So this post will be all questions I received few day ago..

Before this I have receive some sweeties feedback about to restock the Couple Love Diary Book.. That's a big problem with those sweetie who really want it for ready stock and also for pre-order.. Because the postage For this item is really a problem for me I need to have min 8-10 for this item.. Then i  just can proceed for this order..But sometime people are not willing to wait.. As I said good things is always for those people who willing to wait :) People sometime are not patient or willing to wait..Therefore currently no more restock for this item but IF there're, I will post to my page or blog here :)  Thanks for the support ya..I hope those sweeties who received the parcel will  be happy with the item :D

So Yea! back to the topicEach pack of eyelid tape included one eyelid tool , one transparent plastic holder and 44 pieces eyelid tape :) 
* 44 pieces means there're 22 pairs of eyelid tape *
I used this for more than half year already! The outcome of the product is super AWESOME:) 

1. Will it last longer than normal eyelid tape and those double eyelid glue? 
    Yes , I'm sure this is last longer than those normal one because this is extra double side's double eyelid ..It's diff from others

2. Is there any post or tutorial about it
   Yea! I did a tutorial on it and post on my blog :) Click on : http://www.chanwon.com/2011/06/double-eyelid-tutorial-double-eyelid.html

3. Why I need the eyelid tool?
   You need that to take off the double side of the eyelid tape and use that to put on your eyelid :) Will be better than using your own hand because using your own hand maybe will reduce the stickiness of the tape. 

4. How to place my order?
  First you can pm my fb acc or just leave a wall post on Double Beauty . Double Beauty is my new page for double eyelid tape and some other product :3 Start to have my mini mini small business ^^ Other than that you can straightly email to chanwon92@gmail.com . I will try my best to reply you within 24 hours
- Let me know what your name , phone number , address , how many pack you want and payment method.

5.Payment Method
 You can choose online banking method or cash deposit to my CIMB account :) Payment will be received within 2 days after you have made the payment if you're using diff bank. I will only post the parcel for you after I have received your payment. After that print screen or send me the detail of the payment ~

6. How about postage and how many day i need to wait?
 I recommended babies for using POS LAJU :) It's more secure and safety than Pos EXPRESS.. I recommended you all choose Pos Laju instead of Pos express for postage method..Pos laju is more secure and need signature although it's abit expensive while Pos express just put into your mail box without any signature needed  ~ Any lost for pos express remember that no one will be responsible for the replacement ya. 
Pos Laju - RM6 @ Pos Express - RM3 

7. How many pack above I can have free postage?
Order 5 pack above means RM50 can get free postage. Most of the buyer will try 1 pack first then 2nd time order straightly purchase 5-10 pack :) This can save your postage and time ya

8. How much for each pack 
RM10 per pack

9.How many day I need to wait for my eyelid tape to reach?
Can receive within 1-2 working days after you made the payment ( I will go post office on the next day after I received your payment) 

Yeap :) Even I didn't apply make up on my eye I still can have a bright eyes on it ! I love it and I'm can't really find other eyelid tape that can function better than this one! This is real import from Korea..Some place selling it too but some is fake one and most of the tape will make your eye feel uncomfortable :'( 

I tried many diff type of eyelid tape so I can really understand how your feeling when get disappointed with the outcome and result of it :) So give yourself a chance to try this out~ I'm sure you will falling in love with it..

Remember not to stick too high because it will look fake but if you applied with thick make up, It's fine :) Practice always make perfect! Slowly increase from bottom to top ~ Understand your own eyelid shape then you can cut the eyelid tape to match your eye shape too!

Feel free to Like Double Beauty's Page :3 Can get know some new update status and photo with that..I'm having some pre-order for Vivi Magazine type clothes too! I know you guys sometime love the magazine style..Me too :) But one of the problem is hard to get those clothes ..So here's some good news for you !
This is some of the new style and design of the clothes :) But remember this's just Pre-Order..Due date of this batch is before 12/3 ya.. I already try my best to get things for my babeee :D It's in a reasonable price with nice quality..I'm sure when you compare to other shop this 's cheaper and because this's Pre-Order too..You need to wait :) Remember that good things only wait for those people who willing to wait.. 

*if you can't wait or really mind to wait then I hope you can think first before place any order :)

Understand and read clearly before purchase will be better :) I hope to provide you sweeties a good and great online shop too! If ther're really good I will thinking for READY STOCK  ! 

Enjoy Shopping. xoxo

Special thanks to Vicky Bobo! She also like the eyelid tape :) http://www.vickybobo.com/2012/02/double-eyelid-tape.html?spref=fb