Adopt Puppies♥ * Urgent

06 February 2012

 Herloo everyone!! Spot my title of the post?! You're right..Guess what!?
One of my friend pm me just now on my fb..She look for help now..She found 7 puppies  near her house  and those puppies are about one week old..

Such a cruel owner which dump all 7 puppies near her house area! Pity puppies.. :(  I wishes..Desperate to get a puppies myself but my family don't like dog :( I like it so much! I dunno why those owner was so cruel! If you didn't plan to feed all of those puppies make sure to find them a new owner..Please dont just leave them like this..BE KIND TO ANIMAL!They're so innocent :(

My friend, Shao Yan try her best to feed them with milk and take care of them..But then, there're really too much..She can't take care all of them..So she looking for new ownerwhich would like to have a dog.. :(  Please if you're interested ,kinda leave a msg for her..Inbox to ..

Actually there're 7 puppies but this morning she went out and realize that only 6 puppies left on her house area :( she have already try her best to feed and take care all of them..One of the puppies lost..I dunno whether it's really LOST or someone catch it or maybe dead :( 

Please share♥  this if you can :( Those pity puppies hoping for a new owner and a real home !
She contacted few animal shelter today,, but they told her that they have too much animals, they left no choice, and would ask da vet to make them sleep, as in kill them :( OMG :(

Kinda contact and pm my friend if you're interested :( 

Raining now and those 7 puppies have no home to place to hide :( they're hopeless and you can help them! Share this and help them to get a new home!

Thanks for the help! millions thank for those who shared this! Sharing is caring.. Thx