♥ Last Celebration for CNY 2012 ♥

01 February 2012

 Hello People 
How are you? Had a blast on this Chinese New Year eve? I'm having my very very last celebration yesterday! Which is steamboat with my dearest friends :) Meet new friends yesterday hahahahaha ! CNY really a great celebration for all of us..We gather together and have our lovely dinner together..Which is so meaningful for people like us..

:'( My University have a very little holiday for us..The longest holiday for us is 3 weeks .____. ONLY 3 WEEKS..OMG People from LKW have almost 2 months holiday! Can't fight... Just work hard for this coming final exam but until now I have no motivation to study.. Help me..wanna spend few hundreds to get my wishes list's item ..Wallet spoiled , facial stuff finished , stationary ...etc  Everything need money :'(
Look so messy and oily yesterday! Hhaahah all of us really full until drop! fatty boom boom ♥ :P We're the 1st reached my dear's house..Prepare all ingredients and vegetables :) Decorate nicely by my brother Edwin , Mr.Kitty and ME ! Lyvia and Joseph go out to buy some drinks..Everything settled and wait for their friends :) JingYi , Kelly , another Edwin and his gf :) Chatting and laughing all the night 

Have a great day with them :) Wishes all of them gong xi fa cai and lastly Happy Chinese New Year :)
Oppsss .. FINAL EXAM ON NEXT WEEK..it's COMING :'( My god it's really freaking freaking fast! Study?! Revision?! NOT YET..haven enough holiday need to start my revision again?! Oh no... Format for Advanced English I have no idea..13 Weeks for the lecture..The lecture only came for 7 weeks like that i think..Wtf! How am I gonna sit for my exam on this coming week! 

Whatever ..Good Luck and All the best for all of you :)
Stay tuned for my update after my exam! Will get back to you guys SOOOOOOON 

*maybe some short update? :) Bye