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22 February 2012

 Herloo everyone! I'm HOLIDAY now :3 Hoooray~ I'm really relax on this few days ..Without hang out and just stay at home! kinda boring and really nothing to do..but I'm always do that after my exam since I always last mins study ~ So ...I'm back!! I'M REALLY BACK :) 
 I'm too boring ._____. Oh yea! Here's some feedback from previous post :) Thanks for everything readers..Thanks for the wishes :) Oh i guess you all really enjoy the sweet moment on Vday.. I'm so jealous :P Hehe! I received some inbox msg from you guys..You all wonder the collar i wear on Vday? Yeep! is this!
I don't know whether you all like it or not..but I love this so much :) This kind of collar so popular now! I saw people from taiwan or china keep wearing this for shooting ! So i grab it to my home..I'm actually selling this on my facebook :) Happy that every sweetie love this too..It come with few design :) I ordered few design and now left 2 only :) .. If you wonder how to match with ..Then you can have a look on the photo below :D

feel so familiar with this? Yeeep! Vivi magazine and those japan magazine's model like to match their clothes with the collar :) So cool right?  I have 3 diff design which is the previous one i wear on Vday and also another two..One is with pearl (large pearl) and another one is without any pearl.. The one I wear on Vday is small pearl 1 :) 
 All sold left this two designcause I haven post to facebook yet :) You can search for it on other shop and those seller sell for RM35-RM40 :) Trust me! I'm having the cheapest price already.. So left this two..If you're interested just pm my fb's account or email me~ Grab it while stock available
The one with pearl(large pearl) is RM 23and without pearl is RM 18!  Do drop me a msg if you're interested..I will reply you as soon as possible babe !

Beside this, I have another two couple love diary for you ! I'm using it right now..I think most of you thinking where can I get a meaningful present for him/her on the special day ! Birthday? Anniversary? Special date? Surprise gift for your loved one

I actually bought it on F88 and the shop name 'Materials' for RM35 or RM 30 i forgot..Then my dear Lyviaand I went there..feel like bought for the second one but they no sell anymore :( So i keep finding this..I planned to give my Kitty♥ on Vday but fail :( 

Cause the stock haven reach my home on that day! I actually order 3 because Lyvia want 2 books and me but not enough weight means postage will be a waste if we just order few books!  Then, I take the risk order 2 more!I guess you will love this because girls love this :P AHHAAHHA...Just kidding maybe you hate this :(

I still remember the moment when my Kitty bought this for me and answered all 365 question inside the diary..The moment i read all of this ..is just LOVE!   But is so hard for boy to answer all of the question -.- He used so many month! almost half year to answer all I just used 2 or 3 days! Lol 

So what is so special about the book ? Let me show you :P
 A white packaging :)
Cover of the book :)
  Each pages have one question! Total 366 question :) Means you can answer one question each day..Then give him/her on your 1 year anniversary :P
RM 25 EACH! 
 There're two available now :) If you're interested kinda email  me : chanwon92@gmail.com or inbox my facebook :D Excluded postage ya! This is really a meaningful diary for me :) How about you? Give something special and show your appreciation to him/her

Ps : Wooohoo! Double eyelid tape restock :D

Couple Diary Book -ALL  SOLD 
Collar with pearl - SOLD
without Pearl - SOLD