♥Happy Valentine's Day ♥ 20120215

15 February 2012

Herloo People :3 How are you? Enjoyed a lot last night? Yeap! Today is my second last paper..and left only one last paper coming on this Saturday..Woohooo but last paper I'm sure DIE :( Forget about this..How you pass your Valentine's Day?

I'm not really enjoy yesterday but Mr.Kittyalways  make me happy :) I'm not really feeling well or in a good mood this week with the stupid damn exam schedule ! So we just had dinner as usual with some surprise :)
He reached my house at 8pm yesterday night..As usual I'm fully prepare dress up myself nicely..At least got some feel of celebration or special day! But my mind still so worry about my exam cause exam on the next day ._____. Skip this then soon..He reached my house and once i enter his car he show me a special kind of expression...Like something gonna happen.. He took a touch light and I saw this

His car was full of star with a love shape ..Lol! It's kind special and funny..Keep making the star bright and he keep looking at my expression ..I keep looking at him..AHHAHA don't know what expression he want .. This is the 2nd year he celebrate Valentine's Day with me...And he is the first person who celebrate my day last year :) With a brunch of rose.. and this year i ask him not to waste the money to get that but still..this year he gave me a surprise with Macaroons and this..

Maybe this is not special for you but this mean a lot for me...When I saw this kind of thing I really don't know how to express that in words or expression but only him will feel that :) He is always the one that care about me..fight with me..Let me slap! x) like a baby boy ..It's really touch when I saw this but he still worried that this is too normal for me..That's why I need to write this thing out to show him that...Bee :) That's touching 
I think most of the girls just wanna boys to show some appreciation on every Valentine's Day...The time your boy spend to think of your gift or surprise.. This is not a matter of money or not..It's just all about heart :) You show me your heart and that's enough for me but I feel so envy of all the present my friends received yesterday :P Really attractive.. Some with bag , flowerssssss ... A lot a lot :) Vicky make a cake for her bf :) Really lovely and they're so sweet.. 
Some people ask where can get this from.. That's from Dreamz Bakery :) So special right? and this is just soooo delicious.. ! i will visit this bakery shop again :) soon!! after my last paper!!.. 
 The shape of the macaroon so special right? That's special for Valentine's Day babe :) Teehee..Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday cause last time I'm always alone at that day :( #foreveralone likeaboss that time..Even Birthday also celebrate alone without CAKE! Seems like terrible for me but that's true! Don't worry if you're single..God will always give you the best one when that's the right timing for you my dear.. Do enjoy single Valentine's Day too :)
 Owhh :) my new family member! This is a teacup poodle.. So cute right? toy toy :)
Outfit of the day :) Simple top, collar with lovely lace pant! I love the pant <3 Do you? :) The collar is just so cute :3

Simple hair do :) 

#Besides that , I'm gonna to share something with you guys...Do you wearing those contact lens which enlarge your eye and make your eye even brighter than normal diameter like barbie eye..Bliss lens..etc* I think most of you heard before that some seller selling those fake lens..I don't know why my lens will become like this..But recently I saw those post about this and I did an experiment on it! See the result..
 I tried it last time with other lens..Those is just so fine but see this.. I put a little bit water on the top of the lens then wait for a while..I'm using Cotton swabs to test this!  At first it's just so fine..No colour show on the cotton swabs..but i try to do it again and again..Then slowly, I saw this.. No wonder my eye so sensitive recently..I just give up of lens and wear spec like normal..But some how I decided to spend more to get another type of lens..

Ps: 不要轻rub 要有力一点..因为之前同样一对lens我试了没有颜色..但戴几个月现在给一点磨察 rub rub rub 大力一点点就出来了. :(
This is another one :( Both make the cotton swabs turns brown ! Please throw this kind of lens away and avoid buying this kind of lens..I just don't care at first but once I saw this, I really feel so scared.. I'm trying to make myself BLIND.. how serious of this..You can google it..Mostly of people tried this experiment and the result is just.... haiz.. Now i have to one by one try on all my lens!

But the only lens I'm wearing now is this..One day Illuminate but this is so expensive :( one box 10 = 5 pairs for RM 30 with promotion..I don't know what is the real price of this..But this is so costly for me as a student! So i have to blog more to earn extra pocket money for myself! Having a healthy eye and avoid of wearing those f***ing lens is really important.. Please take care of your eye..Maybe one or two time per month is okie just avoid wearing this everyday :( 

I don't know why those seller can sell that kind of lens..That's just harmful for our eyes.. There earning our money and we brought it him ..it's just will make our eye BLIND -.- Really gonna try on every lens you wearing now..Imaging you wear this on your eye -.- GOD! 

Take care of your eyes and your loved one :) Best wishes for everyone ! Good luck for the exam and HAPPY BELATED Vday !♥xoxo

I will get back to you guys soon! After my paper i will update my blog with tutorial :3 Enjoy people ♥ Night