♥20120225♥ Outing with Vicky & Roselyn

26 February 2012

Herloo Lovely :) Don't be surprise! Dating with two bloggers Roselyn & Vicky(Bobo) again :3 Meet my babies Yee Thong today too..Too bad she can't hang out with us..Will date you soon babies! Okie! Back to the topic... We planned to shop and hang out from Pavilion - KLCC.. wanna try to walk the bridge :P 

Roselyn and I reached first then we meet up with Bobo @ her shop :) Hahaha have a little time to chit chat and make up! After a while , we decide to have our lunch @ Mc Donald    .. Something happen at there ._____. got an old uncle said that he's a freelance model event people..He need to find those 165cm+ model..So, he spot Roselyn and get her detail -.- ! But I think he lie -.- I think he just wanna disturb Roselyn ...LOL 
So, what we gonna do next?! HAHAHAH CAMWHORE  ..
 I saw Roselyn  before but this is the first time we meet each other :) HAHAHAHA
 Bobo  is just so cute! When my fringe can long until like them :( CUT OR KEEP?
 Seeeeeeeee how cute she is :3 Too bad she is taken.. Roselyn too! HAHAHAHAHA not available :P
 Photo Photo :3

Next, go and grab my dream watch ! 
Wahlao my face so Lanci -.- Slap myself!
I actually interested  with Casio the big one but after i saw Bobowearing the small one i just realize the big one really not that attractive to me! Cause my stupid hand is damn small -.- The watch for me is just TOO HUGE for me...So settle! Bought and Grab it home :3
HAAHAHHA :3 pose macam yes! Lol
Besides that , we went to Typo too :) Really nice! feel like grab all of them home :'( They having sales 3 pretty note book for RM30! One =RM10 only~
 Rose :3
Do Re Mi  ... After our lunch we walk to pavilion and the god is kidding me -.- RAIN! We running here and there..Stop for a while cause hoping someone can borrow us umbrella or someone selling that .. Then a hero walk toward us..He's selling umbrella but we don't wanna waste money to purchase an umbrella which only need it for like 3 mins -.- So we reject it..But soon we regret !!!! We should buy it ..
Okie .. now stop raining but we're so tired -.- The bridge is really not that long but what we really realize is when you walk back from KLCC to Pavilion / Lot 10 ..THAT'S REALLY TIRED and sweating like hell :(

 See my hair -.- the fringe become oily AGAIN .______.

 Woohooo! FINALLY
All original one :P 
what expression for me -.- 放空 ing -.-
Kitty's mask from Bobo and my new watch :P How was it? :3

That's all for yesterday! Enjoy your day ya..My holiday still left 2 weeks :'( seems  like so fast! Time to stop here! Happy Weekend :3 Byeee