♥20120204♥ Outing with Vicky :)

04 February 2012

Heyyyy Guys  :3 Seriously feel like long time didn't blog especially during this Chinese New Year! I will post tutorials and update more post after my exam please ...readers and visitors don't drop  :'( Although I didn't really update my blog recently but I'm always concern about my blog..I click on it and check for all comment everyday  I guess every blogger does the same...We concern about our visitor...Alwaysss! Visitors and readers are the only way to motivate us :) Appreciate you guys! I'm Sure I'll be back after my FINAL EXAM...

P/s : Comment on the post cause if you guys realize I deleted my Cbox :) Spammer keep on spam my Cbox..I have no choice to do that but I had changed my Comment box ( below every single post )  ! You will get notification on your email and I can reply you on the comment box :)  Teehee..

Get my lens today! Thanks my cousin for the help :) Damn nice for this..One box = 5 pair ..One day one pair Freshlook Illuminate :) But the disadvantage is..It's just 13.8mm diameter :'( why can't it be 14mm ? After took my lens , went KL and  meet my babe Vicky today!
Had a blast today and glad to meet you Vicky :) too bad we just have only a little time to chat cause I have to back home early but I think it's enough for us~ Vicky got her own shop @ Suggai Wang ,2nd Floor ,Top Fashion :) Feel free to visit her at there~ What can I say ..She's just so friendly and lovely! 2012 first new friends for me! Happy Birthday for her on next coming week ♥ :) 
Chatime ♥ :) almost few months never touch CHATIME..IMY
Some photo took by us! 
 That's for today! Had a great time with her.. Plan for next outing after my final exam :)
Argh! I have to start my revision tomorrow...Or maybe MONDAY! Am I too late for that ..Lolx
See you guys soon..I will get back to you very SOOOOOOOOOON! Do miss me :P
Bye :3 xoxo