23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year Sweetiess :3 Imma need such a long time to blog about it because I'm finding picture to post in  my blog's post..HAHAHAH  Finally I'm home ! I can blog about it :)

CNYis such a big celebration for us I think...all of my relative less meet each others because each of the family stay at diff place but only CNY..we having dinner together..See each other..Smile and dress up nicely and of course 'Ang Pao' ! Every 1st day of CNY ♥ all of my parents will gather together at here and the next day will back to Teluk Intan ,Ipoh (My hometown) .. Then after that sleep at home prepare for the coming final examination .______. 
Outfit of the day :) Hair accessories from Mid Valley , 'Cheong Sam' dress bought by mom ! I think most of you choose this (last post) as my outfit for the 1st day then I just wear for the first day :D After half day I changed it to the Red Long Dress :) Last year all of my relative wear this but this year nobody wear this ._____. Plus, the air-con so cold! 
Cut my hair yesterday..Damn short now but easy to tie it up and curl it! Still short :'( But that's fresh too...AHAHHAHA Simply did my hair..Curl it before tie it..Added a hair accessories beside my ear* Lmao..Look so 'CHINA'..

Nothing much can say today but i think most of us having the same kind of celebration..And also KEEP TAKING PICTURES..haahhahahah even those kid have their own Ipad 2 ._____. This new generation really so rich >.< 

Here's some of the pictures from Instagram! Sorry for spamming my Instagram today! Lol..Almost 20 pictures I uploaded to Instagram..HHAHAHA all red red Lol ! 

 love mama and moselle 
2 fujifilm 7s stand by today! took a lot cheki ♥ :D

Nothing much diff from last year CNY but i think the most enjoyable moment and precious time is all of the family members get to gather together at one place..Talk and laugh with each others...Talk about pass and future..play with kids..Picture..Having lunch and dinner together..Ang pao ! the happiness... Although this is nothing special but this is the moment we spend our time together :) and so I love it..without argue ! Peace  ♥  ♥ ... 

For those who drive back to hometown..Have a safe trip and also Have a Blast :3 Best wishes for all of you ! xoxo 

Last but not least, HAPPY CNY♥  !! packing everything now tml back to Ipoh :)