20120108♥ Life 2012 + Cosmetic Product that I use

08 January 2012

Herloo Darlings  :) How are you? I'm really so busy this week..Should update my blog more after I finish my presentation and assignment on this coming week! see my schedule ~ Freaking busy this two week..

This coming week :
Monday - Statistic Online Quiz
              -Advanced Management English presentation and report
Tuesday - Financial Assignment (2) [delay til Friday]
Thursday - Macro Paper
Friday - Statistic Assignment Preparation 

This is my life..When I'm free no people date me out..But when I'm busy then a lot outing ,yam-cha , shooting :( Can I break and separate myself ?! OMG .. went to shooting yesterday with all new photographers :) Although it's just one hour for us but really feel glad to meet them..Long time didn't shooting I really feel like so camera shy and cnt smile probably ! Sorry weh :( 
Okie back to the topic! here I come for the cosmetic product post..Everyone asking am I still using the Maybeline liquid eyeliner pen..Yes :) I'm still using it ! I using both liquid and normal pen actually :

Make up Remover :
  • Skin food -Milk shake point make up remover
  • I actually really recommended this eye remover for all of my readers...I hate those remover which make my eye so oily and feel so sticky after remove all the make up..and our eye area is so sensitive..This Skin food's eye remover I used for almost 2 years plus..I bought and used 4 bottle already..Lyvia and I use this all the time to remove our make up..Recommended for remove eye make up and lips only :) It's so easy to remove the mascara and eyeshadow.. 
  • HOW TO USE? 

Mascara- eyelashes part
  •  I'm using Canmake's mascara !Really damn nice..
  • Currently I'm using both Canmake Gokubuto ( volume type macara) and Canmake Gokunobi (Length type) I recommended with only one Canmake Gokubuto cause with this only one mascara, your eyelashes really look so damn long and have enough volume for that..The long one it's just OKOK only :) Other than Canmake mascara , my mom bought me a Cyber Colors one from SASA Shop! Ex Volume Waterproof mascara! This is also nice and really look like fake eyelashes but the problem is hard to remove ! SO freaking hard to remove -.- take time to remove 100% god!
Eyeliner part
  • I'm using both eyeliner pen and the liquid one :) One for upper eyelid and the bottom part of your eye..I think most of the girl not just keep using one ..but two is more than enough.. Some part which need a tiny and sharp eyeliner i will use the liquid one..other is just normal eyeliner pen.
  • Currently using -Maybeline ,Hyper Sharp Liner *RECOMMENDED
  • Others : White eyeliner pen from Redearth (sasa shop) , Non conventional beauty PUPA multiplay eyeliner pen , black heraine make's eyeliner pen..

  • I love Kate and Maybeline eyeshadow and i think everyone can effort it :) Kate eyeshadow can use so long .____. can't finish it until now..LOL..
  • I always use and buy brown colour which make our eyelid look so nature and wont become like panda if you put it wrongly ..LOL so if you're beginner you can buy brown colour first then slowly update to those blue pink yellow ..etc colours :D

Double eyelid  

  • I'm actually a single eyelid girl :) I love single eyelid but sometime i do apply double eyelid tape for make up purpose :]
  • I'm selling the double eyelid tape and i'm happy everyone love it... RM10 per pack :)
make up post recently
  • Most of my make up is more on eye area..I less using Foundation or others product but sometimes i do apply bb cream on it or maybe make up base :) 
  • I think most of the BB cream have same function is just diff brand and also the level of control your face to be not that oily... I lazy apply BB cream sometime because need to clean it with 100% ...Oh  no >.< If can avoid then I wont be using anything but I used sunblock and normal face wash to clean my face :D The result is just same as you using BB cream..LOL except photo shooting then I will use BB cream to cover everything :P
  • eyelashes's daily care - Renewal Lash Serum from Loreal :) Freaking GOOOOOOOOD..
  • review for Renewal Lash Serum :  http://www.chanwon.com/2011/10/must-renewal-lash-serum-review.html my eyelashes now become longer , thicker and stronger :P
  • Vaseline for lips 
  • Mask -every week
  • clean your face every morning and after you back from outside (night)
  • drink water but I hate it :( advice for all of you..I'm sick now! :( cough cough*
Make Up Bag 

  • I'm using this kind of bag :P A lot pocket which can separate nicely all my cosmetic product..Put nicely and arrange it nicely accordingly ...I bought it last year and now I'm still using it..Nothing better than this huge bag! can fit everything :P bought from Cosway i think :) 
Basically , that's all for my cosmetic product post..I'm still will update you if i'm using any new product..review from that product hopefully :D I haven update my blog's page at the top 'Cosmetic' there..HAHAAH such a long time I put there but nth to update -.- I'll try my best to update it! 

Hope you like my post... :) Thanks♥ 

All the best! xoxo