20120101♥Happy New Year!

01 January 2012

Oh yea babe :3 Is 2012 now! Happy New Year ...I think most of you went to countdown yesterday right? So enjoy but too bad..I countdown with my assignment yesterday :'(  and now I'm worried that I can't grab any new year clothes for this coming CNY ! Cotton On is having a big sales ..everything is just like RM30 or RM15 from yesterday until today..Today is the last day :D
Just back from outside :) Shopping with my lovely mom today.. What a good day with  my mom..Grab everything..2 top , 2 pants , 1 leopard skirt , 2 long dress, one ribbon belt ,red hair accessories and one grey lace dress!! Grab everything and I just spent almost RM200.. I love the pink top and the grey lace dress :D the short pants in black colour is love! Quality damn nice :) Still left shoe and few clothes needed for CNY!!  So cheap right? :P 

This few days is the most suitable time to grab some clothes for new year..I went to Fblock today too..I don't know am I right ..hmm they had increase their price..Last time everything is around RM10-RM30 like that..Some RM30+ but less..Then today i went there..everything..Tops or dress RM33-RM49..Conclusion : New Year coming, there know we will grab it. Therefore, they increased their price :'( Member card just can enjoy 10% discount... Many people wearing the same one with you if you bought your clothes at there.. Not unique enough :'(

Okie..Back to the topic..2012 now :D Say Hii to 2012 and forget about those bad things happened last year..I hope everything will be smooth for me and you :) Love you guys..I really learned something last year..Thanks god..

Love you guys :) You all are so amazing..You all are the one who accompany me to pass my 2011 year :) I really glad to be blogger and had someone like you to read out everything i wrote :) Is really so amazing..I like to share everything in my life but unfortunately sometime i wishes to update with those tutorial..But is hard for me to snap photo myself :( 

Things that changed my life on 2011 :
1. Having a great time with my photographer friends :) There're so friendly and nice.. I'm actually so afraid of shooting because I dunno how to pose nicely and smile without mirror..You know I'm a little bit camera shy..I don't really know how to pose like model when shooting but they let me have a chance to try it.. Hinika , James , Junior and Mandy...Really glad to know you guys..My first shooting until the last one..Photographers still you guys :) Even my marry photo x) AHAHAH Thanks for giving me a chance to try ! and meet leng lui Mandy ..
2. Remember this photo? :) Our first time together attend prom night..Thanks god I meet you my baby boy..You accompany me when I'm study alone..Cook for me during our 1st year anniversary..Kiss me and hug me tight when I cry..Bring your mother's special soup for me every week..Every special day..You be with me.. I know sometime I'm really complicated but you still can understand me..Concern me :) Flashback..Is so touching.. Still have a long way and future to be with you..I know that #forever is never happen to me BUT i will make it happen! I love you Bee 
3. Joined #Viva La Bazaar with Xta and meet Bell , Jacklyn and you guys :) Thanks Khristina..She's such a sweet girl dropped by the Bazaar come and visit me! Thanks all my supporter for support me all the time :)
4. Having a good time with my dear Lyvia..She is still the one..my only super bestieeeeee!! BFF..I love her so much..Like my sister..I'm older than her of course! :P Hhahahha..and I love her family..her mom and her brother! I love to overnight at her house..having dinner with her family ..Soup and food :P Sibeh delicious wehhh! XD
5. I did a wrong decision.. go and perm my hair with those 'japanese perm'! the hairstylist simply do my hair..the outcome and result is super %@%%#$!@!$# I remember when I write the post I'm super duper angry..I waste so much money and she promised me to have that kind of outcome / result but NO! NO MORE NEXT TIME :) then i waste my money again go and straighten it back! Lucky my hair still that nice x)
6. I bought a bracelet to my mom..which cost me like a BOMB! haha cause I'm still a student..no  job T^T vacancy please :( But i know my mom love it..HAHAHAH i never buy anything for my mom before..and this is the first time..When i give this to my mom ..I cried..HAHAAH so funny .____. I dunno how to express 'love' to my mom..I love you mom..I'm really naughty last time! but I hope to make you happy..No matter how old you are..how fat :P  I still love you as my mom..I will save money and buy a diamond ring for you (my mom lost her ring) .. Soon! Love you mom!
7. Rilakkuma is so damn cute! argh..i feel like punch it! I start to collect those bear bear ..LOL..I don't like doll actually..or those huge bear..because of my sensitive nose..but now..I start to fall in love with those bear! argh..19 years old..still like a kid -.-
8. Bought myself a Iphone 4! I'm Apple's family..So happy to have it..because i know it's so expensive and really need to save money until i drop only can get it..I bought it but no sign any plan ! Save money ! LOL
9. Few tutorial's posts for make up ..Will be more on this year :P 
 10. Have my small business..selling some clothes and double eyelid tape :) I know that's just a small business but extra pocket money for myself to buy something that i want..Everything I used is actually purchase with my own money except my RM400 pocket money from my parent each month..That's all..Thanks nuffnang :) I can earn more with blogging! Thanks you all for the visit
11. Learned and make cupcakes this year :) With my babe Casey.. I make for my Kitty♥ (his birthday)..
 Thanks everyone :) Nice to meet you guys and glad to know you all..
2011年里因为有每一个你们,我才有这么精彩的生活! 我爱你们

Good night people :) Last word before I sleep..I love you all :3
 My new lovely bed sheet :) From #Ikea