Charlie Brown Cafe ♥ SO CUTE :3

28 December 2011

Herloo All  :3 Guess you guys are so exiting and can't wait to see my post! Teehee So damn cute..We planned to go last week but because of assignment , we delay it ! Awesome day with all my friends! Hweesiin , Andrew , Alex , Steven with his gf , Jasmine and MEEEEEEEEE ♥ x) All of us meet after our class end :) Thanks for fetching me along ya..

Guess Most of you still don't know where's Charlie Brown Cafe..It's located at Suria, KLCC [ 2nd Floor]  x) walk around then you will see it! Okie..Stop crapping I will let you guys see the environment and how it look like ! Open your eye ! AHAHAHAH 

*A lot photo in this post* make sure don't miss it! Teehee :P hope you like my post..
 More photo will upload to my fb account and page :)

 Arghh so cute :3 
 Tables :) got a lot diff design and theme!
Ignore my dark circle :'( no make up ! Pose Pose
Snap few page from the menu and let you know what exactly the food that available :)
Is a MUST!♥ 

 So cute right?
* attention * the chicken chop we ordered damn diff with the menu..Look so nice / Huge / Delicious but came out...Speechless..The looking is really a bit weird and damn diff from the picture! But the taste still yummy & delicious :D So, don't worry! RM16.90 for the chicken chop*
Place your order to the counter :)
  I keep spam my instagram  with all Charlie Brown Cafe's photos! AHAHAHAH
Theme 1
 Aw! so cute ♥ x)
 Theme 2
 Theme 3
 Damn nice right? x)
On top of your head ♥ :D
yum yum ..♥ cake cake
 AHHAAHA...chocolate :P spot my dirty mouth! LOL
 They free 6 cakes for us :3 yummy!
 I'm in love with this photo
hide :P 
 Shy shy Boys gangs! Lmaoz
 We're so lucky! why?!!!!
Because we meet the real one................

What do you think? 
the snoopy is too short T^T when take picture with snoopy need act shorter if not blocking snoopy :'(
Charlie is so DAMN CUTE and chubby! feel like pitch him! actually is because his 'HEAD' too big and heavythat's why Charlie's head keep look down! LOL
 my turn..but too tall -.- Charlie cap keep knock my head -.-
 Arghh Puffy Snoopy!!! I'm crazy!! 
 hhaahah :) my new Gf


some instagram's photos
 That's All for today :)
I try my best to update this post on time ! I did it..but is time to sleep now! Good night darlings

Like my post :) Hope you like itnight