Merry X'mas People ♥ 20111225

25 December 2011

Merry X'mas to all my darlings  :3 Faster update my blog as soon as possible before end of today! Hahahah I know you guys miss me alot! Finally end up with all my mid term papers :D Is time for assignments and presentation babeh..

I think most of you guys enjoy this Christmas Day! Me too but we're so simple :) Having our wonderful dinner @ Street House ,Kuchai Lama  ..We wait for almost 10 mins :) Many people there! There're having Christmas special's menu! I brought my Cheki there and snap snap snap with them! 
After that , we went to Mid Valley :) We countdown at Starbucks .. but actually no one countdown there.. Just sitting around and having a cup of coffee! My brother follow us as well :3 Then, exchange our gift  !
Then I wake up early in this morning! Time to clean my room  :3 But i hate my sensitive nose! running nose! Arghhh...Bye bye all my clothes ,magazines and comics... I really feel like giving out all my comics but I don't think people want it..TOO MANY..LOL**  If not I don't have enough place to keep all my new note and new degree book ! 

Everything for Charity..My mom put it inside the charity box :3  damn heavy! I just realize I used so much money on comics! really :'( Best if I go rent those comics from comic shop! Save a lot since I don't wanna keep those comics! Teehee ...

Ah! Next post will update to you guys all my cosmetic product ! Cause I'm so tired to repeat the product name again..I actually posted it last time..But I don't mind to make it again since I have some nice product which can recommend to you people ! Love you 

Really so tired now..Tml off and go shopping with bf and bf's mom :) Enjoy your day PEOPLE  
Good night..xoxo