10 mins Party Make Up Tutorial ♥ Easy! step-by-step

17 December 2011

Herloo Babies  :3 Finally I'm back! Left another 3 mid term papers to go :) December now..Guess most of you started your school holiday !Is Party Time ~ I know some of you might go club or party during your holiday or after class with your bestie but at the same time..it's kinda rush for preparing everything and make up for your own :'( We need dress nicely , wash your hair , style it ..This and that :'( 

*This tutorial is helpful especially for single eyelid babies like ME :) * So ya..Enjoy~

So I have my own way to fight with my time  :) Few easy steps to make  you look nicer and prettier! I don't like thick make up because that's too tired for everyone to clean it nicely after some event and party! Feel so tired!* I know it :] *  but most of my make up is only focus on my eye...by using eyeliner to enlarge and attract people :D ♥ 眼睛是灵魂之窗嘛~ 
What you need ♥ : lipstick , eyeliner (pen or liquid ) , brown colour eye shadow , Mascara (volume & long ) , double eyelid tape..and remember a pair of contact  lens :)
As you know I'm a single eyelid girl :) Clap your hand if you're single eyelid..HAHAHA :) I'm already used to it...Lolx...Back to topic! stop crapping here :P Firstly , clean your face and apply some foundation or BB cream :) you prefer ..as you like!
Simply follow your mood draw your eyeliner..Make it longer cause this will help make your eyes look longer and brighter your eyes :) Many people might be asking the same question here .. How long we need to draw ? and need to draw more higher or lower or maybe same line with your eye ? Here's the tipsfor you :D
 Match with your eye's length :) The length of your eyeliner must be draw until 1/3 of your eye's length ! Too long will become fake but too short is useless for you to draw the eyeliner :) 1/3 is the best one!
Next, must draw like a vertical line or you can draw it slightly up up up .. from the vertical line :) 
 After eyeliner, apply eyeshadow (brown) on your eyelid...
 From the back to the front (eyelid)
Yes yes! outcome will be something like this :D like it? 
 After that, put your double eyelid tape on!!! VERY IMPORTANT STEP FOR ALL SINGLE EYELID BABE !!
lalalaalla :) So easy! ! If you're interested , kinda contact me :D I'm selling ~
Weeee :) I'm happy~ (after applied double eyelid tape)
 is time to put some mascara on your eyelashes :)
 I'm using Canmake brand :) one if for volume up and another 1 is make your eyelashes look longer !
slowly :) 
left (applied) ♥ ! long right? :P
See the diff now! AAAAAAA! ignore my right eye :'( Look so funny cause I wanna show you guys the outcome~and compare it !
last but not least , apply some eyeliner on the bottom of your eye :D
Taaaadaaaaa...simple right? as easy as a piece of cake...Keep practice and draw a nice/long eyeliner :) 

Have a nice day people ! Hope you like my post and 'like' if you like..You can share it to your friends as well! Sharing is caring! appreciate  * Nuffnang please let me earn more pocket money please :( 

Good luck ! Another paper on Monday! I'm sick! Please god!! Recover faster :'( god bless me..

Love♥ xoxo