♥20120409♥ MMU GamFest 4 -Maid Cafe

09 April 2012

Herloo sweeties :) Sorry for the late update again..but I'm still so tired now! Muscle damn pain and my leg too :( Last Saturday & Sunday [7/4-8/4] someone invited few of us join a event which is a Maid Cafe O.O At first my mom not really willing to see me with that kind of outfit & some more have soooooo many assignment and presentation need to complete..But someone just told me GO AHEAD ! Lol
I'm seriously damn luck to meet and know all new friends on this few day ! Especially the maid..4 of us need to settle customer , be nice to them! but still because lack of people, we still need to settle all the kitchen stuff but not cooking! We work from the kitchen to the cafe! non stop walking and taking new order.. But it's still ok ! Thanks god i meet SimYing and Mindy too :) Thanks for the transport..Thanks to Simying'sbf Sam :).. we have no experience and without any training ._____. I'm really so afraid and nervous on the first day! but we have some nice and kind customer! Thankssss for you guys :) Without you this event wont be so nice :P
It's fun on the last day :) Although it's just 2 days but i have finally learned and gained some experience :) The clothing is so heavy -.- especially the cute cute dresss and damn hot too! Lucky I'm not sweating like hell on both of the day..But we had met some weird customer! I will always remember their expression..It's fun too when the kids and their parents come into the cafe and feel sooooo surprise! HAHAHAHA I'm always lack of motivation to join any event..but i wont regret to join this event but still i'm so busy :( Short semester always make me feel so rush..Exam then assignment then exam again -.-
Hahaha this is really my first time to see all the cosplayer ! First time to work with all new pretty friends! First time to bully all the cosplayer! There're so friendly..I saw many male cosplay Female character but i dunno all the characters name..I do read comic but not anime!) Really appreciate this chance to let me know more about this new world :)This world is really big..not everyone have the chance to know new things and experience it.. 
The middle one really cacat .____. But his real person is really nice xD friendly and let us bully ! We keep on take photo with him ..How good if i can bring him home to my brother:) This is my small memories when my brother and I sitting together when watching this character's movie..It's really unbelievable :P I hope my brother still small and I think he will be happy if can play with this cacat man :P HAHAHAHAHA lol
Don't be surprise with this -.- His breast is actually a water balloon -.- OMG..his dress shorter than us 72932732 times -.- REALLY OMG how dare he is to wear this xD
aaaahhh this girl so pretty! hahaha inside the toilet i can see many many many people changing from the real human to anime ! Lolllll they're brave..
See i'm sweating -.- my hair all wet -.- hate my fringe..hate my oily face! Lol..Still got many photo to upload :P Stay tuned on fb or here :) and thanks so much for everything! Time to go to my classsssssss :D xoxo Bye! 
Love by,