15 April 2012

Morning mua sweetheart  :3 I'm suppose to be there on my bed but I just suddenly wake up by myself without any alarm @.@ I'm still abit blur but something make me mad yesterday :'(  I just realize having a business is not that easy when come with many order and buyers! Suppose I'm just selling some girl's beauty product then come out with baseball jacket OAO''  but if you're my friends you know I'm crazy for the baseball jacket and I KNOW..some of you might be the same too!
Everything run smoothly :) I'm lucky cause I take my own risk for you my lovely customer and I'm glad all ready stock sold ! At first I thought if i can't manage to sell it all because CLOTHES is really hard to sell but REALLY feel happy when all of my babies jacket sold :)  It's really have some hard moment for me after i sold out all the ready stock..People asking is there any Pre-Order available.. it take some time for me to think of it and FINALLY i'm decided to have pre order for that batch!
Earning money is not that easy :) I'm a responsible seller for sure! I wont sell anything which is BAD and LIE you! I'm honest because i don't wanna break my own reputation! I'm not kidding ! There're something you might don't know about us..When I started my first batch pre order everyone is just so kind :) Customer nice to me ofcourse i will be twice nicer than them! That's me as a seller..But still not satisfied with some irresponsible buyers! When i said that the pre order will closed this Saturday then each of those irresponsible buyers answer me 'CAN! SURE! NO PROBLEM' 

okie ! Then when it come to due date..I'm the one who wasting my time ,money, energy to sms / inbox / call them OAO This is why I'm mad! But still okie ..Besides this kind of customer got some more terrible! They don't even give you a damn on it..Not even reply on your msg or fb OAO [Mad x2] .. As a seller I'm suppose to be MORE CRUEL to my customer but I wont..I control myself and ask for twice after 1 week ! Still not yet reply -.- They can throw their phone and their fb away! The third thing which happen for me is THEY CANCEL their ORDER[Mad x3] ! 

At first they ask me..Oh chanwon..please please i want that..this..and that..seriously i want it badly..Can you just let me order even it's closed ! They even make me feel so bad if i'm not helping them..So I'M SO STUPID and BULLSHIT !!! I accepted their order but UNTIL NOW I don't even get their reply :'( At least you wanna cancel then give me a msg on it..DON'T DON'T REPLY ME please!

Another one more worst ! The buyers turns back and put a blame on me .____. said i'm not suppose to order her stuff cause she haven make any payment for me..YES! SHE'S RIGHT! I wont do this again..So i'm gonna be a irresponsible seller like them and I don't even let you guys know I got order your stuff or not..I just simply cancel the order if you no yet done your payment..OH GOD..I'm not that STUPID -.- I ask for it ..ask whether you're confirm anot only order and those BUYERS promise me to bank in within this 2 day! That's why I'm order[Mad x4] !

Besides this, I'm glad I still got a lot nice buyers..Really appreciate to you guys :) they bank in for me on time..Any reason or something happened they will sms inform me..I afraid I forgot to make your order even you didn't pay a single sen for me to order your stuff! ARE YOU kidding me!!! I'm really angry and start to getting mad when someone break promise to me..

You got your phone ..You got my phone no.! You got fb and MY fb why don't you just use your hand to call or msg me..Is that really hard for you to use your hand?! I'm really not understand..

If i'm a buyer..If I can't bank in on time i will always give a msg to my sellers! This is what we call RESPECT..THIS IS ETHICS AND MORALE! This is what I learned to be a responsible person in the world! I'm always try to calm down myself ! CHILL CHILL -.- but always useless when I not yet get their response OAO'''  

What i want to say is just...
Don't ever place any order if you're not free to make the payment
Don't ever break your promise to a seller when she trusted on you!
If any emergency happened [can't bank in..wallet lost...etc] PLEASE REMEMBER TO contact the seller..
Don't even blame on seller if that's your fault!

I'm really try my best to serve them as a customer ~ I had really try my best but still i'm disappointed with some buyers..You know..actually many others sweeties still can order the jacket but because of your irresponsible they can't even gain my trust..I'm really afraid same thing happen on me again..So I'm so afraid ask them to confirm to me...Like so weird i keep on asking''are you sure you want?can you bank in on time? etc etc etc"  I really hope if you're not able to make the payment then at least inform us! is that okie? :'(

Really learned so many experience this few week when i started my mini business..Even some of the friends on fb which got their own shop actually but they purposely ask for my price then for their own advantages..Some is more worst I don't wanna mention too much cause I think it's their freedom I can't control them just take it easy :)

Get a lot feedback again..many people asked me is there any pre order again? Hmmm..I'm thinking :( I really doesn't like to rush for the payment for you guys..So, give me some time to think of it okie? 

PS: sorry for the long long post -.- As a blogger I'm not suppose to post something like this..But just want to get some way for myself to release ..I'm mad -.- TOTALLY !! I'm done with this emo post and i guess I'm happy now?! LOL