GameFest4 @ MMU- Maid Cafe [Photo blogging]

12 April 2012

Herloo everyone :D  Hahaha ! I'm feel so funny when everyone think that I'm cosplayer! Lol :) It's hard to cosplay a character i think but i love those anime :) The character is so cute and Kawaii! But i heard that all of the outfits for cosplayer is a BOOOM! it's expensive and costly to cosplay a character you like! But it's really glad to know all of my new friends :) I saw something new for myself :P
So this post will be a photo blogging :D I will collect every photo from all the photographer and post here :D Hiak hiak! Really thanks a lot for the hard work photographer :D You guys are amazing ! Hhaahaha and of course this will be the only time i can act like YUI but not Chanwon :D It's really damn fun on both day! Started my mid term exam today :'( really miss the day had a blast with all the maids and customers :D 
Wah the photographer edit til so dreamy :P But i love it! Thanks Mak :D Okie! are you ready for this photo blogging post? :P
here we go!WEEEEE~
 Resting time so can take photo xD LOL
 see how our Maid Cafe :) *wink~
 HAHAHA LOL -.- He's now popular in my blog x)
 colour tone of the picture so nice but my pose cacat -.-
真的很久没感觉到那么充实的自己 很开心很自在 没什么烦恼
说说工作的心情~ 就是好像在扮演不是自己的自己
因为我在当天工作的两天是没有认识的人~ 所有的朋友都是当天认识~ 
原本有些害怕的说! 但是难得我可以不理会功课不理会所有的人当自己
去到陌生的地方当然有所不同 而且我觉得这世界真的很大~ 

虽然工作真的很累! 脚完全没知觉 而且学校资源不够很多事情都超乎寻常 超乎想象!
虽然有怪怪的摄影师也有怪怪的客人! 但怪得好可爱! 我不知道我在讲什么 :P

但真的! 谢谢你们让我有美好的这几天~ 然后又过着正常的生活! 继续忙>.<

Opps! End of the post with this :D Xoxo! Have a nice day sweeties!