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05 December 2013

HEY HEY HEY My Little Sweeties :3 I know you miss me so I purposely put my 'big head' photo with my super big & bright eye looking at you. HAHAAHAH ((just joking)) Since the previous post about Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection some of you had inbox me asking what contact lens I'm wearing in that blog post. FYI, I have no much chance to wear color contact lens like this. Until now I'm still wearing my ADORE IMAGENE brown & grey color ((review> click here)) I think I'm their super loyal buyer. Almost half year because as I mentioned it's super natural even it's brown color it's not those light brown or obvious brown color lens~ I just love the natural beauty of that lens! Surprisingly, recently I got another collaboration with them. They came out with another new series of contact lens which is totally diff from the one I'm wearing.


This is the contact lens I'm going to blog about it. It's Adore Macttalic color contact lens. Since some of you might not prefer those natural color (not obvious color contact lens) FINALLY Adore came out with a new series which targeting those who prefer color contact lens which is much more obvious than the previous one. I'm not that kind of prefer obvious color because I'm afraid I look weird or look like alien with that kind of color lens but normally color contact lens will make our eyes look much more attractiveand MATURE LEVEL UP UPif you match with a super gorgeous dress with your full make up on it. I'm quite shocked then I actually can accept this color range and the obvious level of this series.

But Still I dislike blue weird alien eyes! Lol so I picked two super 'safe' color which is grey & hazel (brown). I think you better pick this kind of basic color if you can't accept others because most brown and grey look still nice even on our Asian eyes. I can't accept myself wearing green color lens because it's just so weird maybe I don't have a super tall nose and also super big eyes & that's why end up I picked this two color. Besides, it's designed to breathe new excitement into your style and make you stand out. In this series of ADORE Macttalic there are 5 color available for you to choose. 

What you need to do is just

Are you excited to see how it look like ?!! If yes~ Continue read this because I will review it one by one with their own pros & cons. Just hope this help for those who wanted to try new color lens which is more obvious than your previous one. Never try never know but with this kind of color contact lens you must make sure that you have some make up on your eye if not you might look weird in term of the color ya :)

Okie first I will have some close up photo which shows my eye before wearing any contact lens & after wearing it. I put it in a diagram form so that you can see the diff easily. The one on the left is their Grey Color & another one on the right side will be their Hazel Color.
From the photo above you can slightly have some idea on it. I feel like the grey color is much more obvious than the brown color. The grey color diameter color is more obvious than the hazel one. Am I Right? Then here's some detail of ADORE Macttalic Contact Lens.


·  14.5mm diameter / 8.6mm base curve
·  55% water content for all day comfort
·  Protects against harmful ultraviolet rays
·  Clear, unobstructed vision
·  Comes with a style & elegance protective case


This is not just a review post because we have another [GIVEAWAY] as my 2nd X'mas Present for all of my sweeties. For those who didn't win from the previous giveaway don't worry there are always a giveaway on my blog. I still have another 3 giveaway for all of you!! Don't worry just keep your luck for me k? :3 So let's get started !!! I will start with one by one separately show you each color and how it look like - with/ without flash. Then after all I will conclude my pros & cons on this lens and my own ideas & opinions too.




Wooohooo!! Let's see how their packaging? They remain the same packaging idea like their Imagene series! I just love that :) But this series their box is black color not grey one. Other than that it added on a color label to hold and lock the box nicely.

Indoor / Outdoor sunlight / Flash 

 Vibrant colors that effortlessly give you bigger & attractive eyes
 So pretty right this color? I think Hazel look nice on me :3 A little bit diff & sexy than my usual look. Lalalalalala *syiok sendiri* but i love to try diff look hehe~




Next is my favorite grey color too! I wanna make it slightly diff so add a fake lavender behind as my background to make it look nicer. HAHAHAHAH Purple color seems nice match with grey color yooo~

 Even their design is grey the inner diameter still added on a light brown layer color so your eye will look natural with the grey combination.

Indoor / Outdoor sunlight / Flash 

 Be confident and create your own look with diff kind of color lens


My Opinions (Pros & Cons)


I personally think that this comfortable level can't fight with the ADORE Imagene because I'm not sure why when I'm wearing this I feel not really comfortable. It's still a little bit dry when I'm inside air-con room too. I rated Imagene 4/5 stars but this 

Comfortable Level : 3/5 stars

Besides, in term of their enlargement I'm pretty sure that if you really prefer obvious color contact lens like this design you will always found that other's brand diameter wont really enlarge our eyes. For instance like Freshcon contact lens their color lens is quite nice but just the enlargement can't really attract us. We prefer to have 14.5mm diameter than 13.8-14.0 mm. So I rated this at

Enlargement : 4/5 stars

In terms of their lens color and design I'm freaking satisfied with it because I think I'm only look good in their lens design especially the hazel color. As I told you I purchased and tried quite a lot many type of brown obvious color lens but usually their outer diameter design not really suit our Asian eyes or not suit my super small eye. So when I need to wear that I must apply a super heavy eye makeup + false eyelashes only can match with it nicely BUT THIS I don't need to do so. I just make up with a thicker eyeliner with a little bottom eyeliner. That is! I guess it should be the design and color combination of this lens. It did a good job on my eyes. On the other hand compare to the grey color I still prefer hazel color la! The grey color too obvious then my eye pupil look like drop drop drop have a blank gap on it. Lol So I prefer brown because black + brown still look very fine but grey on it I feel a little bit weird (Maybe I not used to it)

Lens Color & Design 4/5 stars

I think no need to say so much because I mentioned just now the color is very obvious!It's the purpose of wearing colored contact lens. Grey color not as natural as Hazel on my eyes but Grey color look much more obvious than Hazel in term of its color.

Obvious: 4/5 stars

Packaging Design nothing change if compare with other series but I guess the purpose is still need to protect the contact lens so it's nothing to do with the box color or design. AHAHAHAH Well protected my contact lens.On the other hand, I think this series have can easily differentiate the color in term of the paper label on the packaging box. Because previously I faced a problem when purchase their previous Imagene series which is when the seller put all my lens box together inside a plastic bag I can't differentiate which is brown and black. So I need to take out the box look on the side label sticker. I'm happy that they improved this with the color label I can easily differentiate it :)

Packaging Design 3.5/5 stars


Where to Purchase & Promotion


This products are exclusively available in Focus Point ONLY same go to Hello Kitty promotion.YES?!!! HELLO KITTY PROMOTION?! What's that about? ARE YOU A HELLO KITTY FANS?!! If yes then I'm sure you love it!! MUAHAHAHAHHA

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Weekly Collection Premium
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I know I know you can't wait to scroll til this part! OH YEA IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!! They now sponsoring a giveaway for all of my readers. OMG! Special thanks for this awesome giveaway. I get 2 boxes of contact lenses prepared for this giveaway in your choice power 0.00~10.00 . For you to participate, what you need to do is just ~

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That's all for tonight. Love, xx

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