YSL Beauté Mon Paris Couture Launch & Lunch Date | YSL Instant Moisture Glow & Radiant Touch

25 March 2018

Hello Sweeties💕 Welcome back to my blog and I almost forget about this post lol. So it's a throwback blog post of the exclusive lunch date with the YSL Beauté team during the official launch of Mon Paris Couture perfume. I took damn a lot of photo during the event and I just can't keep it for myself because the event venue, food , table settings and deco are way too pretty. It's so dreamy and I have a matching dress to match with the theme of the event. 

It was a pleasure to be there for the event. I saw a lot of positive comments on the new release Mon Paris Couture fragrance and I just can't wait to smell it during the official launch. This MON PARIS COUTURE EAU DE PARFUM is the new and latest perfume of its own Mon Paris Series. It's a completely new fragrance for me and I guess what makes this so unique is the dazzling citrus-floral scent.


| YSL Mon Paris Couture
Look how pretty it is. A pastel purple colour perfume with a cute ribbon on it. So glad to add this to my fragrance collection. For me this fragrance smells like a crush. A real crush for girl lol. Normally I prefer not too sexy / too strong scent and this new Mon Paris Couture won't be too sexy for me. It's more like a fruity sweet scentI try to close my eyes and give it a little story. lol 😝

The story will be like:-

A lovely girl (wearing a very sparkly dress) is walking & going to meet with someone she really love. It makes me feel a real crush on someone and I'm sure that someone will love how fruity and sweet the girl is.  

That’s how I feel about this fragrance! 

And what surprised me the most is the event venue & all decorations around us. It's completely an insta-worthy venue. Each corner look amazing and I can spot the new Mon Paris Couture everywhere on the table, our seat and the photo corner lol. Well done YSL~

 Here's a photo of me with the Mon Paris Fragrances

 Look at these 😭 So pretty!!

 Photo taken by one of my favourite person from YSL Team 💕

 My dress blend really well with this insta-worthy corner lol

Look how cute the fragrance is. I prefer this size because I can bring it everywhere with me. Whether it's travelling or daily use I guess I could just put it into my bag! Compare with the previous fragrance I own, this is something completely different!

 Trying this Mon Paris Couture for the first time

I love small gathering kind of event. I feel so comfortable during the event and loving the ambience of this venue. Everyone is enjoying their food and look how nice the table setting is. Look like some sort of wedding dinner💕

Also, there is some surprise on each of our seat. The top 2 selling product of YSL Beauté. An Instant Moisture Glow secret moisturiser and the small one (in gold colour) like a stick one is the YSL Radiant Touch. I know the Radiant Touch because a lot of Taiwan Beauty Guru and Beauty TV Show recommended it since the past few years. So many celebrities using it but what really caught my attention is the YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow!!!

I posted this on my insta stories and most of you already knew this product but it's actually my first time using it lol. I'm so outdated (but better than never right?!!) lol. This product is so AMAZING. It can be use as a moisturiser or as a SOS secret beauty hacks for busy traveller like me.


| #Instant Moisture Glow
This instant moisture glow helps to provide our skin a long-lasting hydration and after you apply it, your skin look glowing and that glow is way natural than applying any highlight on our skin. It's something in between of a skincare and makeup and the best thing is, you can use it anywhere and everywhere as you like.

Before or After makeup also can! If you are look from a real glow like the right amount of glowing /radiant skin (not too much or too shimmer like applying any highlight product) then this is the right one for you. Suitable for all skin type and the best thing is, it provides 72 hours hydration to our skin. If you are on flight and you can feel your skin become super duper dry, just apply a little of this instant moisture glow on the area you want your skin glow & then you will see the magic happens.

For me, before landing I will apply this on my cheeks and chin area so my skin still look so beautiful even after the long hours flight lol. Then your skin will look super chio & stay plump and dewy all day long. 

The texture is super duper light, it's like a super light weight gel / water based product. Super easy to apply and spread evenly on our skin. Here's a photo of me (after applied my skincare) and I just apply this instant moisture glow on my upper cheeks area:-

Look at that natural-looking glow! Just like my own skin and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything on my own skin. Very very beautiful and not just glowy, it also provides us a total of 72 hours hydration! OMG Best best best thing ever. Why don't people tell me this early, I only get to know this now lol. 

#ChanwonTips: If you want your foundation or BB/CC cream not too cakey, you can apply this first before applying any base makeup and it will makes your makeup last the whole day and won't dry out your skin too. I really really really recommend you this product! I'm sure you will love it (like how I love this product too). If you don't wanna wear under any base makeup, you can use this alone or as a touch-up secret weapon for a perfect and satin-glow skin finish. Suitable to all skin type even my combination - sensitive skin also can use!

Some people use it as daily moisturiser but for me it will cost me a bomb if I use it everyday as a moisturiser. HAHAAHAH I love to use it as my secret glowy skin weapon and just touch up on the area that I wish to have this kind of natural glow. You can see the instant result right after you use and you can feel that your skin become smoother!!


| #Radiant Touch
This is another secret weapon. I saw a lot of magazine, celebrities or beauty gurus recommended this. They called this as a touch light! HAHAHAAH Born in 1992! Same age as me 😂😂😂

This is actually a highlighter or a concealer stick (light coverage) to cover your imperfections. Look like a highlight pen lol. Can be use on your under eyes area, side area of your nose, outer corner of your lips, upper crease or upper eyelid area where you wish to give it a little highlight effect and so on.

It actually brighten up the area when you apply this product and same as the instant moisture glow, can wear it under or before your makeup. Just apply and use your fingertips to blend it! Also if you realise this radiant touch has my name engraved on it. OMG So sweet of you YSL Team! Thank you for all the surprise and thanks for spoiling me like a princess. 😭


 The lovely food they serve! Forgot to take photo for it because it's too yummy! I only found this from my camera lol. 

Lastly, it's the dessert and please put your eyes closer to your screen😭 Spot my name on the Mon Paris Couture perfume????!!! OMG They placed the perfume right beside the dessert treat! Thank you for the surprise again 😭😭 中樂透那樣的開心!

This post is finally come to an end and I'm here to say a big thank you to the team behind all these special arrangement ❤️ Thank you YSL for having me in this exclusive launch and I’m so so in love with my new fragrance right now! I hope you enjoy reading this post too. Before I end with this post, please go try out the instant moisture glow from YSL ok? You gonna love it for sure!!!

That's all for today and I hope to see you guys on my blog again. See ya! Love, xoxo.

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