First Meet & Greet in 2018

03 March 2018

Hello Sweeties! Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to do a little throwback to this amazing meet and greet party few weeks back. I was the best best best time ever in 2018. I mean like how can someone fall in love and knowing me without actually knowing me in real life. It's like falling in love with someone without meeting them in real. I use to meet my net friends back to the year of friendster.

It was probably when I was still a 16 years old young girl. Surprisingly, most of the best thing happened in my life started through the internet. I don't think I deserve all your love and support but your appearance just made my day. Is like, how can you love me without meeting me and the best feeling ever was, even we never met before but I feel like you guys are just like my real family and friends.

Thank you everyone who showed up during the meet & greet session. I was quite nervous and excited at the same time because it was really a surprise to meet someone which I never meet before and I feel like it's excited than dating with Smelly. Please keep this secret between us lol. Smelly won't read my blog now! AHAHAHAHAAHAHA 

I was waking up in a really happy mood in the morning and trying to calm down myself because this is the very very first 'officially' meet & greet session with my sweeties family. Imagine I have been talking with my lap top , typing my blog for years and now finally someone turn out and say HI to me. It was totally the best thing happen in 2018. Even it's just the beginning of 2018. I'm here to record and note down everything to remind myself to stay as happy as now, knowing someone like you guys who love me for who am I and for myself to read few years later ahhahahaa

I guess that time I must be a very boring housewife scrolling through my old blog post lol. Then laughing at my sofa and showing Smelly how proud I am to have a meet and greet session with all of you. A big big big thank you to The Face Shop for sponsoring all the prizes and little gifts for everyone who showed up that day. Without you, the team behind all these event, I wouldn't have an opportunity to meet you.

It might be a very small thing for others but it means a lot for me! Also, knowing that I have more female followers and readers than male AHAAHAHAHA! All girls and I feel like I'm the king having all princess standing by my side lol. I came to the meet and greet with zero makeup, doing live showing some of the new products from The Face Shop and you guys were so patience waiting me behind. 

I was so so so so so excited and seeing someone wave and smile at me. Then Smelly, my manager of the day 😂😂 keep reminds me that don't be nervous and just be like a queen. lol. I was like OMG OMG what should I do, they are waiting for me! Then he be like omg, are you serious are you be like a celebrities now HAHAHAHHAHAHA!! Then it was like my childhood's dream like my old blog title ' Be A Star' that I wrote when I was age 16 lol.

Next, my best friend Limzy sent her brother Yeezen to the event for helping me to capture the group photo and some candid photography. I received cards, photos and a lot of drinks from all of you. Seeing Smelly standing beside me and you guys like the best thing that I could be proud of. Then Smelly show me that :O OMG face and I was like, YOU SEEE!! I'm not just talking with my laptop but talking with so many real humans here lol.

At night, Smelly gave me a hug telling me that 'Well Done' and I was like, will they get bored or if they wait too long? But you guys like so so so kind and nice to me, waiting in a queue and even some of you already became friends with all the new faces I met that day. OMG, I can't believe most of you were smaller and younger than me. I saw someone which is just 19 years old and I was like, OMG YOU SHOULD ENJOY LIFE TO THE MAX NOW!

Then 1 second later, I turned to be like an elder sister talking with you guys, asking what course or job you currently work with, also at the same time being so excited and shy when you gave me the biscuit and drinks! HAHAHAHHAH The reason why I love my blog because it's not just one photo with a short caption but a more behind the scene story that I wish to write it down for future reference lol and of course, to motivate myself 💕

Although some of you were late or going to leave earlier so missed the group photo session but I will always always remember your face! Just sometime I'm too old in memorising the name but I won't forget your face! AHHAHAAHAH Please continue smiling at me whenever you meet me lol. I will for sure to give you a big smile too. Also, actually I'm having a workshop with a mini meet & greet back to year 2017 and I remember that few faces I met during the workshop.

Then now, I saw your face again in this meet & greet. Omg you guys are just being too supportive and I have a little secret box to put all your letters , notes and cards. I don't know what to say other than Thank you and seeing all your beautiful smile just made my day! Seriously, I should say a big big Thank You for those who came during the meet & greet session. Love you xoxo and for the lucky winner who won the prizes, I'm happy for you all too. For those who didn't, no worries because MORE TO COME!!

So after my long grandmom story, is time to show you the photo we took during the meet & greet session! I hope I could meet all of you at least once in my life. So for those who can't make it this time, no need to be sad because I'm sure there is always an opportunity!!! Now, let's the game start!

Spot yourself in the photo?? ☺️


Here's the first candid shot with all of you! Being so patience and nice enough to wait for me after my live session on the instagram. HAHAHAAH You guys were so cute and so pretty with bright smile on your face. Sorry I get really excited and I just can't hold my happiness. AHAHAHAHA No image needed when it's time to meet you guys lol.

Before the meet & greet, hiding at a corner doing my live makeup session with sweeties that couldn't make it for the meet up that day. 

 So nice both of the sisters T.T Both of them were the earliest and first person who spot me with a bright big smile! HAAHAHAH Then I couldn't get the correct answer for who's the big sister and the younger one lol. 

 My Shy shy sweeties!

People already a mother of one cute daughter. What am I doing now! HAHAHAHAH I recognised her because she's one of my facebook friends, knowing her since few years back when I just started my blog but only met her now for the first time! Thank for coming with your super patience hubby. 

 More candid shot!

 Baby girl be like ' huh?' what are they doing xD

 So glad that you appear! Our third time meeting each other!!


Hot mama with pretty daughter and won a lot of prizes! HAHAHAHA Also, not our first time!! We met during many events and now! Thanks for coming!

My shy shy sweeties no longer shy! Thank you for making your time here with Sonia. Although Waymeen couldn't make it but I still miss the time eating ice cream with all of you last year. Please study hard and enjoy your study life as much as possible!
I remember she texted me through dm telling me she will be there and guess what! It's our first time meeting each other! Hope you enjoy your grand prize and stay <3

This is what happen, holding phone to selfie, then full body and unlimited selfies again before a group photo! AHHAAHHA

I love your expression sweetie! Thank you for your card and words. I hope you enjoy the meet & greet as much as I do. Look how sweet it is to receive hand written card from you all! 



「Lucky Draw」

Next, it's the lucky draw session specially for all of you. All the prizes were sponsored by The Face Shop and their team. It's so glad to collaborate with them and I hope you guys enjoy the gifts and of course, I'm in love of my lips color of the day! Using the rose pink shades of the new flat velvet lipstick.

Who's the winner??

See my toes, so nervous also xD Sasa, the girl standing beside me is the one who organised and helped me with this meet & greet session. Thank you Sasa for making the whole event successful! 

Wah, I always talk in front of the camera and phone but now I need to talk in front of all of you! OMG!! But luckily everything goes smoothly! 

 The grand prize winner! Enjoy the stay <3

I hope I'm one of the winner too xD



「Photo Booth」
Next, is the photo booth session! HAHAAH So everyone can take and bring back a printed photo to keep. I kept one copy for myself too! Thank you for all the girls who helped me on that day.

First meet up with you too sweetie! Everyone look so young T.T



「Photo from Sweetie」
Here's the photo taken from your instagram 😛 Thank you for all your photo!!!

The last person I met <3 Thank you for everything you did <3

Last but not least, thank you everyone who came, who supported me, remember my name, loving me and just everything! Okay I should stop my Grandmom story now!! Thank you and I hope to meet you guys again. SOOOOON!! See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


  1. This is so sweet😘😘😘I really enjoyed myself! Hope to see you again!