Non pierced earrings / Clip on Earrings Collection

12 March 2018

Hello SweetieπŸ’• Is me again and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm going to blog about something that is really special and it's regarding my non pierced earrings collection. I googled out the correct term for this kind of earrings. I normally called this as 'no hole earrings' because I saw all these labels when I'm in Japan and I was like OMG, it's so easy to understand lol. But when I'm back and trying to google and look for info whether where can I purchase it or etc, I realised google never show me the correct 'no hole earrings' that I'm looking for.

So I continue search for clip-on earrings and that's the very specific term I guess but not every no pierced girl know this. So ended up I decided to give them a good name and easy understand one. It's the non pierced earrings! Congrats to myself and now I can correct it myself.

I'm not sure whether you realise it or not but ever since I knew about these non pierced earrings, I just can't live without it. It's the best accessories ever to match with my outfits. I always so envy about people who pierced their ears and I have gone through the super painful braces but still, I just can't decide whether should I go pierce or just like this lol. It's a real struggle but I guess for now, I'm can live without any ear hole. lol

When I told my friend I don't have any pierced, they don't believe on me. It's like the first thing girl did when we are young but I have no idea why my mom never bring me to get my ear piercing done lol. So I have live with my lovely no hole ears for the past 26 years. Still counting and maybe I will get it done when I'm shooting for my wedding album lol. I don't know so just don't ask me lol.

A non pierced earrings is expensive and way pricy than a normal earrings. Because it's hard to get nicer one and quite struggle to get the most comfortable one. I have seen these everywhere IN JAPAN. I wonder why it's Japan but not everywhere lol. So whenever I'm in Japan, I will make sure to visit their accessories shop (those selling hair accessories, rings, necklaces and earrings one). 

If you really visit and slowly shop at their shop, you will realise there will be a corner FULL OF NON-PIERCED EARRINGS. They known it as 'no hole earrings' written in English. Imagine the first time I spot that! lol I went completely crazy like 😱😱😱😱😱

I shout and look at Smelly be like ' OMG YOU SEE! Finally I can wear this and I can have those sexy sexy earrings already' Then Smelly said ' nothing diff, you thought after you wear it you will become more pretty ζ˜―ε—Ž' Completely spoiled my mood but I don't care! I still bought it!

So here's the photo I took two years ago. Wanted to share this so so so so long and finally I'm here to share this with all of you. Actually there are few types of non pierced earrings I normally see in the Japan.

  1. Transparent Type
  2. Clip-on Adjustable Type
  3. Clip-on Non-adjustable Type

Next question will be, where to get? Actually ALL accessories shop in Japan selling that. The first time I saw I bought like 7 pairs and it's not cheap at all but the one selling in Japan mostly handmade, very feminine, very η²Ύη·» kind. Once I see I know it's actually from Japan. Japan designed is more precious and mainly handmade one actually.

So the first time I bought like 7 pairs and I tried three types of this kind of non pierced earrings. The one I love the most is the transparent one! It look exactly like you are wearing a real earrings and not clip-on one. Not very obvious and very nice! 

All of these price range will be 1200 yen to 2200 yen depend on the designs and the handmade quality. If you happen to saw this kind of earrings, please try the transparent one. It's the MOST COMFORTABLE one compare with others. The only drawback is, it can't hang too heavy kind of earrings. If you got what I mean lol



| #1 Transparent Non Pierced Earrings
Never try never know. Sekali try, tiap tiap hari pakai! You must be really lucky if you already have your ear piercing done because I realised that earrings is one of the best accessories to wear for everyday and it can make your whole face look slimmer, more attractive and I just sibeh like it 😭 Finally my dream come true I found all of these earrings.

So this is the transparent type of no pierced earrings. See how good it is. Nobody knows you are wearing non pierced earrings at all. This kind of transparent one is the most comfy and not obvious one. I really like this and really recommend for people who don't have any ear holes. Please get this when you spot it in Japan or anywhere lol

In term of the price transparent one is slightly expensive than the rest of the clip-on earrings. Even people look at your ears, you still look fabulous [flip hair+ing] πŸ˜†

 See how nice it is!! This one look like baby's breath flower! My top1 favourite even until now I also love this so so much. It's a gift from Smelly <3

Very feminine kind of earrings 😍

Detail side view photo of this kind of transparent non pierced earrings

Front view photo of the earrings



| #2 Clip-on Adjustable 
So next, this is the clip-on adjustable type. It's the medium level of comfy. Can wear about 5-6 hours. I even record down the time for you all lol. ηœ‹δ½ ζ€•ε—Ž! It means that this can wear for a few hours outing or dating with your friends lol.

Compare to the transparent one, this is obviously can see it's actually a clip on non pierced earrings since the clip-on part is quite big and obvious. In the photo below, I'm wearing the clip-on adjustable type.

So this is the side and back view of the clip on earrings. I got this from Number76 online store. It's made in Japan and of course, it's handmade! Very unique and you won't normally see this in Malaysia.

What I mean by the adjustable is the part (look like a screw) is actually for you to adjust according the thickness of your ears. You can adjust it wider and then just like how you clip on something. Just clip it on your ear.


 Clip on 

Look how pretty it is!! Now you know how I cheat on my instagram xD



| #3 Non-Adjustable Type
Lastly, it's the most painful one. PLEASE don't waste your money buying this kind of earrings. I seriously don't even know how to wear this. It's like 1300-1500 yen per pairs, I bought like 3 pairs and ended up pain like hell. I throw the other 2 pairs and left this cherry one I keep it for myself. Just to see how pretty it is lol BUT seriously, it's so painful.

So this kind of the non adjustable type. Which don't have the mini screw at the back, you basically can't do anything or adjust anything with it other than just clip it on your ear. It's sooooo pain. Can't even wear last for 5 mins. I wanna take picture wearing this also can't because it's too pain. Very tight and not good for our ears too.

See there is no space in between the clip. I seriously don't know who created this. I wish to tell them just stop producing this thing. It pain like hell and my wallet pain too lol.



| #4 My non pierced earrings / clip on collections 
I hope this help and the reason why I decided to share this is because a lot of people curious what's the diff between the transparent one and the adjustable clip on. I received like 87 dm on my instagram when I shared that on my instagram. So I guess it's good for me to share on blog so it won't disappear after 24 hours and easier for me to send the link as reference for you guys.

And before that I actually keep all my collections on a very pretty white accessories box that I got in Japan but ended up it can't fit everything and very hard to look for and take my earrings out. So I actually went to Muji, wanted to get the pull version of accessories box (photo below)

I spot this everywhere in Muji and I thought of getting this myself and then guess what!! I spot a better and bigger one! It's so useful and instead of the pull type of accessories storage box, it's the open + close type. Like how you open and close a book. Very pretty and unique. Easy to keep everything in, fit many accessories and can see through!

I bought this in Malaysia Muji for RM129. Just get in Malaysia since it's quite wasting your luggage space if you get it in Japan lol. Keep those space for cosmetic and others stuff ok? lol Can you see it? It's so pretty and please!! Get this to keep all your earrings. I'm very proud of my hauls lol.

OMG see my collection and I feel so great by just looking at this lol

Nice right? So if you are looking for a good accessories storage box. Please hug me now! HUG ME NOW. Your life will completely change after you get this. No more messy earrings inside your drawer and with this, you can see and easily look for your favourite pair of earrings without searching like hell and cry at a corner of your closet.

So please grab this whenever you spot it in Muji ok? only get if you have a lot of earrings lol I guess that's all about my sharing regarding my non pierced earrings collection and I hope you love this kind of random sharing too. That's all for today. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


  1. Hi Chanwon, thank you for sharing!! I also don't have any piercings on my ears, did once but it got infected so the holes sorta healed back themselves T_T (suffered the pain for nothing). I bought many of those adjustable clip earrings from taobao, mostly are quite comfortable and the price is really cheap! It's a shop called Show Mind (η››ηΎŽ), you can haunt some from there too! less pain to wallet cause they r like less than RM10 per pair. hehe!

    1. Hi Chiew Nee,

      I am one of those who have no ear piercing too! And as you may expect, I always get the round-eyed looks from my friends who "discovered" my non-piercing secret. Well, so often that it makes me think, with or without earrings, I am indifferent because when I told them I don't have piercing, they are like, "What? Really? I have never noticed that!" LOL!

      However, girls are still girls, I am always in search of the clip-ons. Do you by any chance sell them too? Or do you know any shop in KL that sell clip-ons?

      Thi :)

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