06 March 2018

Hello Sweeties💕 Welcome back to my blog and I just want to do a quick sharing about the event that I attended this morning. I know everyone was really excited about this post because I receive a lot of dm on my instagram regarding the FREE RIDE for all the Digi user. Yes, I'm so happy this morning because it is my first time pay a visit to Digi HQ. I woke up super early this morning, dress up myself nicely with a bit of yellow color on my outfit just to match the logo of Digi lol.

So what brought us here? Of course it's the latest partnership between Digi x Grab. Yes, you are correct! Digi has just announced a partnership with Grab Malaysia for a year-long collaboration to bring a new ride experience to both Grab customers and driver-partners. We were the first few person who able to experience this and guess what, Digi user can redeem a FREE RIDE via MyDigi app starting from today onwards. 

We can also now enjoy mobile streaming entertainment to accompany our rides and I just can't stop laughing because I just being really happy when I saw there is popcorn & mobile streaming entertainments inside the Grab car. Imagine you are going to the airport and it will be an hour grab ride. So what if there is a tablet that able to accompany you and playing a lot of fun and entertainment movies?

I just love the idea of having this. It's like enjoying a free ride with a free movie. Welcome to bring your own popcorn lol. If you followed my insta stories, you knew that I hate traffic jam in the city and I guess this can be one of the best solution for me after all. 

AHAHHA Enjoying our free ride and free entertainment lol. Popcorn is a prop for this photo lol

So from now onward, Grab customers will be able to enjoy entertainment on the go with 1,000 in-car infotainment tablets powered by Digi’s consistent 4G Plus network to be deployed across Grab vehicles within the Klang Valley and I'm sure we are the one who should be happy with their partnership

 Two of us, pretending I'm a driver and she's the customer lol. 

 Ultimate selfie inside our grab car! 

Next FAQs will be: How to redeem the free ride? No worry because Chanwon is here to tell you! What you need to do is just download the MyDigi app. Remember the MyDigi rewards? I shared about this app for you last year. Smelly was the super fan for the app. He just redeem the free taxes nugget chicken few weeks ago AHHAAHHAA. So funny and he was super proud of himself lol.

So what you need to do is just download the MyDigi app on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Then click on your rewards and you can see the super attractive GRAB: FREE RIDE at there. I guess I could redeem it to the event tomorrow as the venue has no parking! Thank you Digi for the special partnership to benefit all of the Digi user like me. I'm happy girl now!

Remember to download the MyDigi app to redeem all your rewards because they will soon be
launching a new programme exclusively for tertiary students. So stay tuned and for more information remember to click on HERE.


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