W Show γ-PGA Plant Thorough Skincare | Tried & Tested Review

14 March 2018

Hello Sweeties♥︎ Welcome back to my blog and here's a photo of me expressing like 'I don't want my skin to age! I wanna my skin to be forever 25 .' 😭 Seriously how many of you already at my age or elder than me? I'm 26 years old this year and last time my skin is full of collagen and now it slightly changed. I can see my body and skin no longer as young as when I'm 18. I rarely review skincare product, if I do it must be something that I'm really interested and I have only one skin. When I review it, it normally takes time and I wanna make sure it's good & only share it to you guys.

So I started to use this product 3 weeks ago. At first I was like what's the brand all about and I start to google it and look for something that make me feel confident and willing to try it and share for you guys. At the end, I say a Yes. The reason being is because, the company of this skincare brand actually showed every ingredients they use on their skincare to the public and allows public to do some experiment with it. I was like OMG! Then, one of their product is an early anti-aging product that won't dry your skin & suitable for medium age group. It's like hydrating series + anti-aging effect too!

I personally used this for 3 weeks and I can really see the different in terms of the unique point of its product and as usual, I never share any hydrating + anti-aging skincare product before and it's why I'm really interested about it and now, after 3 weeks of tried and tested, I'm ready to share my review for you guys. Remember the last time I shared about skincare product was probably half year ago and I actually receive readers and followers who older than me asking me whether if I have or using any anti-aging product with good hydrating effect?! So here it is!! Let our skin always be at age 25!! Challenge accepted~

The γ-PGA Plant Thorough


| What is γ-PGA? 
So you must be wondering, what is γ-PGA? What does this 'γ' stand for? We known this as 'Gamma'. 

A bio-polymer consisting of glutamic acid, which is extracted from natto (納豆).  Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented. Some people hate it and some people love it. When it comes to Japan related stuff I always be proud of it. Just because I know how precious and premium it is to use this γ-PGA as a main ingredient on the skincare products.

Why? Because it is the most powerful hydrating agent so far in history. Have better and more effectively provide and balance our skin's water level. It also helps to increase the skin's natural moisturising factor. You must be just wahhh! But when I saw the TV show experimenting this ingredients, I'm like WAHHHHHHHH!! 😱

So this is the thing that caught my attention! A lot of video showed this experiment and I decided to screenshot this because it's more fun to see a guy holding and doing the test. AHAHHAHAHA If it's pretty girl then I will be more happy lol. 

So this is an experiment for γ-PGA. They want to test whether is  γ-PGA powerful enough to hold and lock the water. What they did was they pour the γ-PGA powder on a cup and pour some water into it. He first pour 1/3 water into the cup and slowly follow up to half of the full size cup and 90% of the cup size.

 OMG Damn!

They increased the level of the water, mix well with the powder again and the whole thing become like jelly texture and able to lock and hold every drop of the water. OMG SOOO DAMN POWERFUL.

So the verdict is, this γ-PGA is just like a sponge, it absorb water so when you apply it into our skin, our skin will become like a sponge, absorb , keep, store and hold the water. It also somehow 'catch' the water from our surrounding environment to our skin. 

Also, everything is certified and it's real. 😏看你怕嗎! After watching this I was like, come babeh! I can't wait to try.

Except improve our skin's hydration level, W Show Plant Thorough can also use to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It's like specially make for 25-35 age group female. I'm into that group already , no longer 18 this year. lol All of the skincare product is MADE IN TAIWAN.

I bring the whole series & their mask to our new place and use it with Smelly. I'm combination skin while Smelly is having an oily skin. He must be really happy because I always pamper him with nice thing lol. So this one and only range is suitable for all skin types even oily skin also suitable to use. For oily skin people, it helps more on balancing the water level of your skin.

If you are looking for hydrating product with anti-aging effect then it's a good alternative for you because most of the anti-aging product is either too rich or too much but this one, the whole series I tried, it's NOT GREASY, very mild, diff texture from the normal product and the multiple-usage of the product itself too. If you ask me to list out the die-die must get items , please die die get the 2-in-1 cleansing gel because it might changed your life, the water-based sunblock and the Ceramide activating concentrate & the MASK!!

The drawback of the whole range is the price is not cheap, more on high-end and also some of the size of the product is quite small and very quick to finish the whole bottle lol. But understandable it's because the premium ingredients used to create this product. So if you are interested, please read through the whole thing because I wrote everything down for this review and I hope this is helpful for you too.

Let's get started!


| 2-In-1 Cleansing Gel 
Designed for all skin types and it's the first 2-In-1 cleansing gel that I ever tried. I guess for on the go people or busy traveller will love this. I have survived without makeup remover throughout the whole 3 weeks of trying this product. This is a cleansing gel but you can use it as a makeup remover. How?

With water, it create mild foam then it can be use like a cleanser.
When it's without water, you can straight away use it to remove all the makeup. 

This is a super mild formula and gentle cleansing gel. This is my main highlight and the fastest and easiest way to clean and remove our makeup but at the same time without drying and disturbing skin's natural moisture balance. Big thumbs up for this. They use a lot of time to come out with this cleansing gel and I'm so confident that you will fall in love with this cleansing gel for sure!

By using this cleansing gel, it wash away impurities and makeup without stripping and also without create extra friction to our skin. 

#ChanwonTips: First use this without water to remove your makeup (can rinse off with water or use cotton pad to help to remove your eye makeup too). After removed all your makeup, apply the cleansing gel again, mix it with water to clean your skin. 

If the day I'm only apply makeup on my eye, I just use a cotton pad and pump the cleansing gel onto the cotton pad. Then just placed on my eye and gently removed all my eye makeup. It's super duper easy! Even water-proof eyeliner, lips makeup and face makeup can be remove!

Pump the cleansing gel onto the cotton pad.

Then it remove all water-proof eyeliner, lips product and face makeup. 

For removing face makeup such as foundation or you lazy to use with cotton pad (wanna save money 😝), then you can just apply the gel all over your skin WITHOUT WATER. Then gentle do the circular motion to remove all the makeup. 

Now here's the surprise, you will see the gel texture start to become like a transparent 'protein' 蛋白 thingy. It actually helps to 'catch' your makeup product and make your removing process much easier and more gentle. I called this abit like 鼻涕 lol but quite funny to look at myself at the mirror with that protein alike thing lol.

So next, you can clean it away with water or use a cotton pad to wipe all the makeup protein thing from you skin. I normally just rinse everything off! 

How to clean and use it as a normal facial cleanser.

After that, pump few times again and this time you can add with water. Either using hand to create some small foam or just massage it straight on your skin. Lastly, rinse everything off with water.

After everything done, you can start to touch your face and see / compare the different with other cleansing product. You won't feel tight on your skin and won't feel hurt or feel irritation. Your skin feel baby smooth and just very gentle and mild. For me, this is a good accompany for traveler because you can just bring this with you and no need to bring extra make up remover with you.

So next, I will need to continue the skincare with toner > serum + activating concentrate > moisturizer > daily sun protection. At night, I will do a SOS mask for 15-20 mins so the next day my skin look brighter and more hydrated.


| Premium Rose Water Toner 
Next it will be the premium rose water toner. Why it known as premium rose instead? Because normally most of the rose toner isn't extract from the real rose, it's either a rose fragrance or just the rose scent with a little real rose. But this one is a very premium version of rose water toner that is made of real premium rose not rose fragrance or 香精. That's why it's slightly higher than the normal toner.

Also, another highlight is the spray of this bottle. Unlike normal toner spray, this is something in between of toner and mist spray. This can ejected nano molecules toner instead of the normal one. So it means that it can absorb 90% better than a normal toner and also can use it over your makeup too as a makeup fix spray.

Just use it as long as much as you need because the γ-PGA hydrating agent is good in helping our skin to maintain its PH balance and what I love the most is the wonderful natural rose scent. I feel more relaxed after using it and the scent of the rose isn't too strong but I can smells that it's diff from the rose fragrance. It's more natural and light compare with others rose toner that I used before.

 No need me to explain the application method. Just close your eyes, spray it over your skin and get ready to enter the real premium rose garden. 

It's really fast absorb and I don't feel any sticky feeling after this too. I just spray and close my eyes, take a deep breath. Once I open my eyes I can see the toner is well being absorb into my skin. You can gentle pat or use your hand temperature to slowly press (give a little pressure) on your skin if you want to. 


| γ-PGA Plant Thorough Serum 
Star product that works really good with the Ceramide Activating Concentrate. I just add 1 drop of the Ceramide activating concentrate with 2 pump of this serum and it can immediately see the serum absorb really quick into our skin and provide a day long hydrating effect on my skin. 

This serum is mainly provide hydrating effect and 9.8 times better than normal hyaluronic acid 玻尿酸. Then added with the Ceramide Activating Concentrate which is mainly the anti-aging life saver! 

9.8 times better than normal hyaluronic acid 玻尿酸

 Two pump.

 1 drop of Ceramide Activating Concentrate 

 The texture of the serum is not very thick. It's like a concentrated toner.

Few second later with circular motion massage then it fully absorb into our skin.

You can actually do a small test on both of your hand. By added the Ceramide Activating Concentrate  with the serum and one without Ceramide Activating Concentrate. The massage it with circular motion, few second later you can see that obviously the one with Ceramide Activating Concentrate + serum absorb quickly than the one without Ceramide Activating Concentrate.

So here's some tips to increate the absorption for any product you use. Just apply it on your palm then put both hand together, give it a little 'heat up' and gently apply it all over your skin. Take a deep breath and pamper yourself more during your everyday skincare routine.

So yea you are done!


| Ceramide activating concentrate *recommended product 
So what's this thing all about? Is this a essence or? Actually I called this as an activator. You can basically apply one drop mix with any product such as, serum , eye cream, your foundation or even apply it before applying your mask at night. 😱 Strongly recommended by me because when you reach my age then you will need to start using some anti-aging product. If you currently have your own skincare product, you can actually just get this but of course, this works better with the whole series and product range.

This little bottle with 15ml cost RM210. Now you know why it's so luxury. But no worries, you gonna use only one drop to mix with other product. It's an anti-aging product that can slow down the process of ageing ,maintain elasticity of our skin, helps the product to absorb faster if you mix it up with serum / moisturiser  or even eye cream. Or sometime if you feel your serum is too dry you can add 1 drop like how I apply the serum, it will make your skin feel moisture and last for a whole day.

Here's the summary and ways to use the Ceramide Activating Concentrate :-

  1. With Serum- 1 drop added and mix with your serum. You can compare with or without the  Ceramide activating concentrate, your serum absorb faster with the Ceramide activating concentrate provided a good anti-aging effect too.
  2. With Mask- Apply all over your skin then next, follow up with your favourite mask.It helps to open up your pores before applying the mask and fully absorb every benefits from the ingredients of the mask. 
  3. With Foundation- 1 drop to your foundation, last whole day and hydrating. Also, less oily.
  4. With Eye cream or Moisturiser- Help to increate the product absorption.

One drop is more than enough

Can be use before the mask 😍


| γ-PGA Plant Thorough Facial Moiturizer
It mainly lock all the water into our skin , anti-aging, help to renovate skin cells, increase generation of collagen & elasticity of our skin and what surprise me the most is this moisturiser is actually not heavy at all. 

It's really very light and once you spread it even on your skin, it's like a water-based gel type moisturiser. But the drawback of this is the size. This is the smallest moisturiser that I ever had. In addition, it's also an intensive skincare for all skin types. I can feel my skin look firmer and smoother right away using this. If you have any massage beauty device such as a facial roller, you can use that to massage it at night. 

The right after use feeling is like , OMG my skin super smooth and the moisturiser unlike other cream will give a greasy or sticky feeling. This one is really my cup of tea. If I finish using it, I think I will cut out the packaging and use every single product of this. Just afraid the product get wasted lol. 

 1-2 pumps

Then next, when you apply it into your skin. It absorb damn fast!! 

So for this product, I use dot-dot method so I won't waste any product since it's really small size and not cheap at all lol.

 Skin feel so supple after using this. Like the super tender chicken breast I ate this morning lol.

Excess product can apply it all over your neck.


| AQUA Sun Protection Lotion 
Last skincare routine is always ended up with a sunblock product. This is another DIE DIE MUST BUY product. The ultimate water-based sunscreen. What better than it can re-apply even after your makeup. It means that it can apply over your makeup!! 

Very safe to use and it has the minimum sunscreen concentration ever. Some sunblock after you use and apply your foundation, your foundation and base makeup will look cakey but this WONT!! It's all because of its silky smooth texture just like water, non greasy & hydrating feeling after use.

Let me show you how nice it is.

See this?

Few seconds later!

You basically won't feel like you are wearing any sunscreen at all. It helps to against harmful UVA UVB rays from inner to outer and when you apply it, you need to shake it well. Since the molecular is really small, it can penetrate well and go through in your pores for a better protection. It also helps to block the harmful pollution from entering your skin. 

For example you apply it in the morning and after 5-6 hours, if you want to apply it over your face again. Even with your makeup on, YOU STILL CAN! Because its texture is really light and the molecular is so small! Other sunblock product might ruin your makeup but I tried this!! It won't~ Just need to add a few dot again on your skin, and gently apply from inner to outer corner of your face.

Today, I don't feel like having anything 🤫
Don't feel like you are wearing any sunblock at all lol

| γ-PGA Mask 
There are only two mask from W Show γ-PGA Plant Thorough! A brightening TIF γ-PGA mask (white packaging) and also the famous γ-PGA mask that comes with a light rose gold packaging.

Please get both. It's selling in bulk pieces. RM180 for 10 pieces of mask, it means that it's RM18 per pieces. To be honest, cheaper mask is no longer works well on my skin because our skin start ageing and it needs more than the past. So we need to earn more now lol.

Last time I always like to get those RM5 mask because it's very nice. Now I passed everything to my bro because he still young, he use and told me that it's nice but for my skin, it no longer works. So it's the reason why I start invest more in good mask and able to try this for you guys. I always get my mask in from oversea and this is one of my recent favourite again!

Can really compare with the hydrating mask I previously use. This can use 2-3 day once, no need to use it everyday and the best thing happens when you apply the activator first before the mask then you can see a huge diff.

 Silk Mask

This γ-PGA mask actually act as a SOS mask for me because the whole pack of mask contained 30ml , exactly like the serum. If your skin is really dehydrated, super duper lack of water. OMG THEN THIS IS YOUR LIFE SAVER I tell you. After you apply the mask, don't waste it. Pour all the serum out and apply it on your neck, shoulder, arm or even your leg.

 Tear off the plastic layer and there you go, the silk mask that fit your face perfectly.

Smelly love this mask a lot lol. To be honest, his face is damn long and normally guys face shape is bigger than mine. He normally can't fit it well but this one is totally made for him. But for my face, it's a little bigger because my face is normally too short and small lol. Size of my palm but if you look at the side of the silk material, you can actually pull it up and it also can fit nicely on our skin.

Just it takes more time than just applying it on Smelly face lol.

I normally pull both sides up and it gives a little lifting effect on the mask and remember I apply the activator before this? The whole thing absorb so quick into my skin and after just 15 mins, my skin feel supper supple and the silk mask start dried out.

So at this time, I pour more the serum out from the packaging and re apply the silk mask on my neck area and other area that I rarely care about lol.

Next, the white packaging TIF  γ-PGA plant thorough whitening mask is really special for me. It's made by the TIF silk material. The whole whitening mask is to make the melanin (黑色素) to sleep. If it's no longer activate it will reduce black spots and provice a whole brightening effect from inner out with a healthy complexion too. As usual, for better result, use it with the activator.


| My Thoughts 
This is a bomb. I'm so sorry to increase your spending this month but honestly, this anti-aging product has the best hydrating effect ever. Most of the anti-aging I tried just makes me unhappy and it's why I never share any anti-aging one before but this, just so different from other. What I love the most is the brand understand what we love the most then they came out with special texture product that suits our need.

Some people not sure whether which suit the best for their skin but this works the best on every individual's skin. After the first week using it, my skin continuously feel so supple, even no need to do mask every day I can see my skin soft and I really like how the activator helps my product to absorb better into my skin.

Next, the cleansing gel is one of the must get because it can really replaced the makeup remover and very very gentle + mild on our skin. Some people like the protein alike thing when it comes to removing the makeup. Some dislike but for me, I'm really into it as long as it wont harm my skin! The water-based sunscreen is a anti-aging and luxurious version of sunblock if compare with the one I'm using now but I really can see how this sunblock make my skin feel really refreshing after use and feeling like NOT WEARING ANY SUNBLOCK at all. After trying it with foundation, the foundation won't feel cakey and can apply even after your makeup.

I really wish that their moisturiser can came out with a bigger size one so that I won't feel so precious when it applying it on my skin lol. But overall I'm really satisfied with the result and feel super confident with this early stage anti-aging γ-PGA skincare product. If you are looking for an anti-aging product and have budget, then please try this out. You won't be disappointed as it's one of the star products used by lots of celebrities from oversea too. Oh yea, you can order it via https://www.wshow.com.my official website or google for more details of the product.

*Key in coupon code : WSHOWCHANWON10
To get RM10 discount on any W.SHOW products in www.wshow.com.my
Valid till 31.03.2018

Ohyea, they are having a big group purchase where you get almost 30-40% off this few day. You can click on WShow 團購 this link to look for the product. It's so worth and if you wanted to try the whole set, normal price for all product will be RM1400 but now it's become RM690.00! Don't say I never tell and luckily my post just in time to update about this detail for you guys.

For now, I'm gonna use until it finish and will re-purchase everything especially the activator! The moisturiser can be repurchase it again if I earn more next few month! HAHAAHAHAHA Just a joke, I will do anything for my skin. Just want to be 25 forever and let everyone envy about my skin lol.

That's all about my review and I hope this review can help you those who are looking for an full range of hydrating x anti-aging product. If you love this please try this out and you gonna love it too! That's all for today. See you on my next post! Love, xoxo.


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