20180305 | Thank You

05 March 2018

There is no beautiful header for this post. I just want to write it down since I really can't hold my excitement for the past few hours. OMG what I am doing now is trying to stay calm at a corner and telling me to be calm. OMG, am I dreaming now? I should try to slap myself harder so I know whether it's real or not.

I never thought that it will happen and I'm not sure whether I'm the one they are looking for but I'm so happy that even just by looking at the emails I just..... 



It's real and the feeling is like incredibly good. I dunno how but it's feel like happier than getting married HAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You. I hope there is an opportunity to work with them and Thank You.


Best feeling ever to receive an email from my favourite brands that I have been growing up with. So overwhelming. 

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