When is my first trip in 2018?

28 February 2018

Trust me, I guess everyone is so sad right now because it's end of our holiday. Yes, actually it's consider your holiday. I don't really have a holiday because anyhow I'm still planning and thinking for my work lol. But I know, at least I have two to three days break during the first few days of the Chinese New Year. Next, what's my plan after this? 

I actually planned to visit Switzerland on the coming March with my girl friends ☹️☹️☹️ I was so happy when I knew my friends were planning for their trip and I just become really shameless go and ask them whether can I join lol. I wanted to visit some new country other than Japan too. But ended up I can't make it because I have workshop and events that promised to attend few days ago before I know the exactly date for the Europe trip. Although I never get bored to visit Japan but I just want to experience something different in 2018. But last time visit to Italy just make me feel really sad because the smelly road and toilet. ewwwww!!  Quite greedy but after a long travel journey in 2016 & 2017, I decided to give myself a break this few months so I could save more on my wallet and give myself a break lol.

A long and hate relationship on this decision. I get really bored in Malaysia because my brain just stuck there. I always wish to recharge myself once every 1-2 months. At least also plan for some short escape lol. But my wallet will be so pain after all lol. I can't imagine how I'm able to travel every month back in 2017 lol. I wish to keep more $$ for my new house renovation and staying back in Malaysia doing something that I always plan for.

Until yesterday, I get super excited when I scroll back my Sakura trip in Japan. I visited Japan during the sakura season twice and I thought I could go back again this time but after looking back with the crowd and everything is fully booked just make me angry. I don't really like crowded place and that's the reason why I prefer other prefecture other than Tokyo. Then I fell in love with Osaka and last year, when I scroll through all the photo I slowly realise, it has became another super crowded place again. 

So I was checking with the flight ticket, of course Japan airline again and I realise the ticket was like RM2400 for one person. Then I check airasia, I was like wtf? The price is like double of my last year expenses. Then I still want to get the ticket badly, so I online search for some homestay and realized everything fully booked. So pissed off because I always 说走就走 and this time i planned to go there alone.

Not the first time being alone in Japan. I'm not afraid at all but I prefer with friends so that we can stay in a big big space and enjoy the cooking and chit chat time lol. Next, I get really really angry because my brain just stop me from clicking a 'YES / BUY' on the ticket. Then i called my friends saying that I'm  not going there in April because everyone just go see Sakura and since I was there every year since few years back. I get enough photo of sakura and the saddest thing is Smelly just changed to a new company.

He can't take any holiday for the first 3-4 months. My friends are working because most of them was taking a full time 9-6 job and they can't make it for my half month trip. Then I thought I could make it for Switzerland but still ☹️ I can't. So I just anyhow very angry and pick up my phone. Search on some photo I decided to go back to Japan after the sakura season. So no more crowded place and I plan to visit new place again this time. Hopefully I can make it this time with my Yolo Team. Yes, I'm  eye on something that is really really beautiful. 

I wanted to show you that Japan is no longer just for the sakura or autumn, but something which is more beautiful. Then I can create more content from there and my Japan post drag until now because I finally get my new usb type C cable to transfer all the photo to my new lap top. Oh my god, I can't believe this but everything going to be up on my blog SOON. I swear! 

So I guess I should be a good girl and work hard within this few months and after sakura in April, I will get back my travel mood and at least, I can finish all my work in Malaysia before my trip so I pray my photography and team is free at that time too. And now, I'm really busy with editing. I thought it's really easy to come out with a video every week lol. It's not! Especially a 10 mins video took me like 6 hours to film and shoot.

Learning new editing skill every time and asking Mr.Google on how to solve my editing problem. My eyes are pretty tired these few days because I just doing nothing but watching and researching something. Although I'm always lack of sleep but I feel really satisfied because I finally did whatever that makes me happy. I enjoy producing new content, doing something silly and the most fun part was, playing with fake hair lol.

Then I was like looking at myself, learn how to pose in front of the video cam and self-recording sometime when no one there to help me. Then, after the final video I'm so happy to share things with all of you. Looking forward to each day and your respond just make my day. I think this is something that motivate me and doing what matters most. 

Seeing everything up on my blog , youtube and slowly laugh at myself because I really look super silly with all my crazy ideas and things I posted on my instagram. Also, reading all your emails, direct msg on instagram just cheer me up. I never thought all of my hard work could be seen by you guys. Thank you for all your nice comment on youtube. Teaching me how to add on the detail on the descriptions and everything.

A tutorial video isn't just about a tutorial, it need a story board, an opening with a lot of content including what to do on your hair, which outfit match the makeup most, lighting and shooting & etc.... I just enjoy doing what I love and I always thought I'm so free until no one dare to date me but looking at my work schedule just make me 😵😵 It's like forever never finish one lol..

But better than don't have any work right? Also, I guess it's time to go for a full body check. I still got the phobia. Not the phobia of hole but phobia of blood, injection and hospital lol. I no longer have phobia with dentist HAHAHAHA! I very afraid someone inject or suck my blood out from my body lol. I wish doc could just put me on sleep and do the blood test for me wtf.

Okay, I will make this before end of April. PLEASE REMIND ME! I guess that's all for today. Time flies it's March now! OMG First quarter of 2018 wtf?! WHAT HAPPEN NOW WHY SO FAST?! Are you guys have the same feeling as me? Maybe because I'm also work like a 9-6 full time now lol. Repeating doing the same thing with my lap top, that's why lol.

I'm 26 years old now. I'm not afraid of getting old but seeing myself getting older and almost there to step into a marriage just....too scary! HAHAHAHAHA Everyone around me is getting married and some even give birth to 2-3 babies already. I'm still so freedom can fly here fly there and thinking about where to go. I can't believe I will give birth and having a baby inside my stomach.

If that happens, that's my biggest challenge ever. CHALLENGE! Yes I mean that lol. So I guess it's enough of these crap, I should continue editing my video now lol. I hope you can be as productive as me, no matter how hard your day was remember to give yourself a smile every morning and tell yourself, you can do it! If you think you can, YOU CAN!

See you on my next post xoxo.


  1. You are slowly becoming a Japan Trip expert !! Love your life planning that can have small escape every few months . Hopefully I can escape from my repeating life cycle and find a purpose in my life . �� Thank you for your positivity ����

  2. Chanced upon ur blog just recently only and I'm hooked! Big thanks to all ur super useful details and information on Japan! (I'm like sharing ur link with my friends, to ask them to read up for our Japan trip). Haha

    Looking forward to another blog post on Japan. And yes, I want to visit local non-tourist places as well. And not just during Sakura, autumn or winter season.