22 February 2018

Hello Sweeties! No beauty review today :p Just because I'm too funny and annoying, I decided to download all these stories and blog about it. So yesterday was a nice and productive day. I woke up early in the morning, spent some time with Smelly family and during the lunch time, I have to say ByeBye with them because I'm going back to work and shoot for my next instagram video clip. Although it was sad to say so but I really don't feel like working alone yesterday lol.

In normal day, I do enjoy my time alone , doing it and being really productive but just not yesterday lol. I guess because Smelly's bro whole family back from Australia and that's why I have been disappear on stories for days because I just enjoy being together with them and talking things aren't related to my work. 

So after I back to my space, I start shooting and recording video while Smelly working really hard on his own because he start working since this Monday lol. Totally no CNY holiday for him. He is quite pity as well lol. Then I start creating some content for my blog but at the end I just being too lazy to do so but thank god I done the video shoot yesterday lol. Totally no mood to work lol. 

Then I just replying my email, watching Ikea furniture so that I could get some additional furniture to put at my house and basically just working with my post-holiday mood. Time flies, that time was 6pm and it's Smelly 'Fong-gong' time!! (Smelly end of work) 

He called me and asking me if I could help him to push. I was like wtf? Are you giving birth to baby? Push?!! Then he told me he actually planned to go to gym after work with his friend but ended up his friend wasn't free so he asking me whether if I could accompany him to the gym and act like someone who can motivate him to train his chest lol.

That's his 2018 resolutions. Go to gym and get bigger body this year. So glad that he really works hard on it. I can see how motivated he is!! But how to help him push? πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ I really don't even know what to do because I guess it's my second time going gym with Smelly. He always come to my place just to gym, not to see me wtf. The first time was last year when we just went to gym room to play with the running machine and exercising lol.

But this year, Smelly meet some of his gym friends who was really good and nice one *I guess la* Because Smelly always remind me that he need to gym 3 times a week with his friends and I can slowly see his chest almost bigger than mine now.

Like two apples on his chest. I guess he will not read my blog so no worries. I just afraid the stories gone after 24 hours! Should keep this as memories so when he get a bigger body, he will thanks me for accompany him yesterday lol. But I really don't even know what should I do and at the same time I feel super duper HUNGRY + ANGRY.

Hungry + Angry = HANGRY!

I'm really really hungry and Smelly just doing his own thing. Just keep gym gym gym then ignored me. I really feel soooooo hungry until I get mad in the gym room luckily no one there if not they might hear of me shouting like a mad lol. Just joking*  I thought I should help him push, so I went behind him and push him but I get scolded I'm doing the wrong thing. 

Wahlao 難伺候咯!Since I get mad already, I decided just go to a side and doing my own thing. Post something on stories because I got nothing to do. I'm wearing my pyjamas actually lol. I think I should put on mask while watching him doing his gym.  Next time I know then I will bring something with me lol. I really never see Smelly working so hard in the gym room. I quite motivated by looking at him.

lol I hope no one drag me out because of my ootd yesterday πŸ˜‚

So I continue doing my thing. Like trying hard to selfie with my curly hair because I purposely doing my hair for the video shoot earlier, then I thought it's quite nice lol. Don't waste it! So I selfie and waiting Smelly to ask for my help. Still wonder what he mean by helping him to push lol.

 Selfie #1

 Selfie #2

Selfie #3

Selfie #3 with a nice background! Look at Smelly expression. Look like a baby chick > 🐀. Then next second after I took this photo, he just laughed at me and ask me just stop it. I guess that's my way to avoid myself shouting like a mad. It's 8pm that time and I'm sooo HANGRY!!! Normally I take my dinner at 7pm latest. Plus, I took my brunch quite early yesterday so until 8pm I'm really so patience already. I really feel like kicking his dumbbell and slap his ass for being late.

But he got work ma, I can't be so selfish thinking of myself. Then I continue sitting at a corner looking at him and waiting him to assign some task for me lol. Then I saw this from my angle lol.

Fatty Smelly πŸ˜‚

I just continue being as annoying as possible. Hoping him can assign something for me to do rather than doing nothing. I feel so bored when I can't do anything together with him. Then I start google and looking for some motivating quotes for gym lol. Then I just walk behind him and see whether is there anyone at the gym room lol.

Next, just read out loud with my motivating accent. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA Then I took this photo. HAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG THIS IS DAMN ANNOYING but he still didn't look at me or asking me to push him. Now I understand why all the kids can be so annoying just to get the attention from all the parents.

So I continue my second quotes and third until he start laughing like mad lol. Now, that's my show time!! He ask me to sit at the back and while he was pushing and pulling the dumbbells, I should help to push it slowly so he could continue. I thought it was quite fun but it wasn't fun at all lol. I saw his hand shaking but he still die die go take the 17.5 kg x2 dumbbell wtf. Almost equal to my weight. Then I told him ε«δ½ ζŠ±ζˆ‘εˆδΈθ¦ 拿這些就要 lol

Next, he still shaking and I feel bad while watching all these lol. I dunno I can feel my hand so pain also and I can't even pull that with my body lying down on the gym chair and just ...so heavy for me lol. So I'm just helping him to push at the back and being like a mom, worry him that he could hurt his own hand lol.

Then suddenly, he told me: ' I wanna be stronger and bigger so I could protect you' 


errr... okay... You can maybe! I don't know what should I say after that and hopefully he don't know what's I'm thinking in my mind lol. Then he continue counting and doing the last few sets. At the same time, I'm still so 院醉 until he finally done with all his gym and he start squeezing his pimples at the mirror wtf -.-

Don't spoil that romantic mode ok ma? So here's the last photo of him. The ηˆ†ι’ζ Ή forehead. I normally go to gym with my yoga mat because I wanna train my abs and I never doing anything with the dumbbells lol. Now I know muscular man really suffer just to grow and maintain their body. It's quite scary and I really wish that Smelly never hurt himself by doing this. I saw my cousins last time his bone break and hurt himself because of doing gym lol.

I better not to say anything to Smelly, later spoiled his mood and I don't wanna be like a mother! HAHAAHHA I should behave like a gf who can motivate him. Okay, if he ask me help him to push again, for the next time I will make sure I can read more quotes for him and don't be as annoying as now. 

But first, remember to feed me well before asking me to do anything. I really soooooooo hangry until I can't tahan yesterday! lol So if you gf get really mad like me, maybe it's because she's hungry lol. So that's the end of the story. My very first expression on being a good and helpful gf lol. 

Not sure how to end this post. hmmm.... Have a nice day then! πŸ˜…

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