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02 March 2015

Hello My Little Sweeties I'm here again with lots of love for you guys! HAHAHAA Just joking and I think it's time to share something useful for all of us :p Hmmm...This post is specially for girls one lah but if you are a male you might as well can read it so you might know and find out the reason why girls (normally) need so many bra to wear with diff kind of outfit. I don't think male know this because they always thought we like to spend and forever not satisfied with the amount of clothes we have.

You are wrong!!! So so wrong... I mean if you don't wear bra then you can save lots of money $$. I'm serious!! Bra and period pad cost us a lot! HAHAHAAH Really la and since we are in the trend now, you realise things getting lesser but price still remain the same or maybe higher?! Besides, my mom and smelly always wonder why girl love to wear until so little and short. They don't understand why our dress behind must got a 'hole' or backless. My dad always ask me that ' is that you so poor until wear like this? No money buy dress a?" lol

This is fashion mah!! Normally we can't show but when we need to attend some special event or dinner we really need to dress up like our last chance to meet our friends! Am I right? xD I always just ignore my mom and covered the backless top with cardigan and run away from my house. lol It's nice and sexy to wear lesser but we also need to think about the safety part and way to wear with it.

Since ever I start to take OOTD photo I realise wearing a shoulder off top with my normal bra is way TOO UGLY especially the thick bra straps on both of my shoulder and the behind when I'm wearing the backless or low back top. Last time I always wear normal bra with my sleeveless top or low back , I thought I can use my hair to cover it but hor...FAILED!! Behind so ugly especially all my friend keep ask me to wear nu bra but I always worry it drop -.- Because I always sweating...

But sometime 愛美不要命, die die also want to wear backless dress out! So I got some tips and bra essential to share with you guys especially those who always love to wear backless , strapless , low back and racerback outfit. Hope this help you and it's a must for you to have it. Next time you become bride you need it!!!

I tried clear strap and transparent bra , nu bra, backless bra & diff kind of way to wear with diff kind of outfit! So here's some of my personal tips that might be useful for you! Let's get started!

#1 Peach John Tube Bra 

I love to wear off shoulder top because it's the most sexy part I can show. Lol I'm flat so no boobs to show but it's okay to should my shoulder bone! AHAHAHAHAHA Don't slap me pls! I love off shoulder top or dress because I thought it can show the feminine side of me and also I'm shy to show all my back. So shoulder off or sleeveless should be a good choice for shy girl. 

For this , some people recommended to wear with nu bra or just take off both strap from the normal bra but this might not really safe for me. I can feel a 'weird shape' of my boob if I just take off the strap from my bra and I feel uncomfortable to wear a nu bra whole day. If just few hour dinner then okay la..but now it's outing! Whole day I worry it might drop on the floor xD

So I bought lots of tube bra from diff shop. I tried minoshe and the youngheart one and I tried take off the strap. Then all fail for me until I read a taiwan blogger HuaHou's blog. She recommended the Peach John tube bra that she got from Japan. So...I just ordered from @walkinjapan_com (Instagram) which is one of my friend's shop since they don't have international delivery. 

 It took me some time to google translate it because no english on their website! I click one by one finally i GOT IT RIGHT!! Linked for you guys you can check it yourself. Basically it's totally diff from what I normally bought. This one WONT DROP even you jump or sweat as much as me! I tell you guarantee but don't buy the wrong size lah! The whole bra is like a normal bra but the front design was really good for me.

Fits with all my off shoulder and sleeveless top. I wear this today too! No need to attached any strap and you can go out like this! There are 5 colour available and I bought the black and white. Still got another design is the lace one I think.

Really so fit the shape of our cup and Japan size is slightly smaller if you normally wear B you need to pick one size bigger than your normal size.  

 Enough strength to hold on your body and no need worry it drop on the floor xD

Tube bra = Best for Off Shoulder / Sleeveless Top or dress

#2 Low back Bra Convert Strap
This should be another alternative for people who don't like to wear nu bra when you are wearing backless or bareback / low back outfit. It's like an extension bra strap that pull your normal bra strap until your waist line and hold it lower than the normal strap.

It did a good job by converting all your bras to low back bra. I forgot where I got this -,- 

This came in 3 diff colour , white black and nude colour. The white one I gave to my friend because she need it last time. HAHAHAHAH 

So simple!!!

Low back bra strap = Best for low back , bareback or backless top / dress

#3 Clear Strap Wing / Backless Strapless Invisible Bra
I got this from Supermodels Secret (click here) last year October and thought I might need this to wear on my birthday month but end up I choose to wear nubra since it's just few hour dinner with my friends! This is slightly similar to normal bra but the behind strap is interchangeable. You can put the transparent strap or change to nude colour strap.

I wear this last month when I'm wearing a half bareback dress. Those not really backless but half bareback below your body. You can choose to wear this and the design of this bra suppose to make your bodycon dress with half bareback look nicer one since no prints on the bra. It's similar with the tube bra I mentioned just now. You can wear this with shoulder off or sleeveless outfit too. Fyi, this seems to be better for some people because it gives you complete freedom without worries of falling bras that comes with sticky nu bra. 

Clear Strap Wing / Backless Strapless Invisible Bra = Best for half bareback , off shoulder , sleeveless too

#4 Super Sticky and Push Up Nu Bra

Not joking! This is super push up + sticky!! I'm not a person who really like nu bra because i think I hate the feeling of sticky but I never try this before. So since I'm getting the other bra from their website , might as well get this for a try!! AHAHAHAH Wanna see how much effort I need to use to push up my boobs! LOLLLLLL But I'm still flat! lol

I recommended this for the friend that borrowed my low back bra strap and she bought this too. She told me she damn happy because it works super good on her but not me. I don't like the feeling of push up like very hard to breath and I don't think my boobs wanna to appear on my photo! HAHAHAAH My parents will kill me if anyone notice that! Lol I'm a good girl I wait until the time I wear my bride dress, Okie? xD

This two little bra look like nude meat really so kawaii and cute. I love the feeling of touching it! HAHAHAAH Seems so awkward but I just like it! AHAHAHAHAH Sorry I'm weird but it really sticky for real! So so so sticky and the bottom push up part was thicker than other nu bra. Seems really thicker than those normal one!!

 Look like a cake! lol I got this in nude colour but there are white/ transparent one! Their hot selling item ever!! The packaging make me feel so high-end and most important it's just RM59 and I got discount 10% when key in my discount code :p DIE DIE also want discount! HAHAHAHAHAHA It's a silicon thing and stick on your boobs! So cute but this one I tried longest I wear 4 hours still sticky then I back home already. Tried twice also quite long lasting. Wont drop at all but not sure how was it after 5 hours or a day? Maybe you should try this out?

If those who don't like push up one then you better get the normal one because this is really good in push up your boob! ahahahahah I got it from here www.supermodel2u.com Seriously the packaging box so nice not like those china RM20 nu bra. Wear few hour it slowly feel like dropping T.T So scary!!!

Nu Bra= Best method for any outfit if you are okay with the sticky 'feel' and not much sweat. 

Nu Bra suit almost every outfit but the problem is it's quite hard to take care and hygiene problem. Normally after 8 time of wearing it you must go and change a new one. Most people will get this but some people like me which sweat a lot + afraid of the sticky and falling of nu bra I will go for other method. 

So now it's best you know which method you want to go for and get some of the bra essential for yourself so you won't accidentally 'expose' or show out your private part. Safety first when it come to those sexy outfit! If not later you shy people also shy shy ~ AHAHHAAHAH That's all my tips for you guys :) Hope this help and if you going to Japan remember to get the peach john bra ok?! Oh yea and for more bra essentials you can look at Supermodel's Secret website!!!

or click here http://www.supermodel2u.com/Lingerie-Nubra-Bra-essentials/q?doit=showclass&cid=61 

They got tons of secret weapon for all of us :p Don't say I never tell you ya!! AHAHAHAH That's all for today. Love, xx. Oh yea!! Remember to quote my name & enjoy special 10% off


Special thanks to supermodels secrets for the special discount to all my readers!! (and me :p) xx 

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