Car Maintenance 101 Workshop @ TOC Malaysia

September 23, 2015

Hello my dear sweeties Just back from the morning workshop today @TOC Automotive College. Guess what!!! A Car workshop and it's why I keep spamming my snapchat at this early morning. Some of you thought that I'm actually studying there :p HAHAAHAH I hope too but today it's kinda funny because I finally gained some basic car maintenance and safe tips from that workshop. Like finally! You know why I'm interested on that? Because I experienced car breakdown + tyre punctured before. Twice tyre puncture when I'm going back my home with Smelly and once car breakdown at Summit, Subang.

What a terrible experience and luckily Smelly and his friend come and help us during the time but I remember once or the first time Smelly's car tyre punctured in the middle of road (MEX Highway) and no one could help us! A bad raining day + the screw totally can't open up the type! So scary and we only can seek for help :'( So...what if anything happen if you are alone?! So scary!! Tyre puncture still alright for me because I'm quite pro on that but I'm always afraid of jumpstart engine and accidentally spoil the car front light. OMG Without further ado, let me share my experience and what I learned from the class!

So basically it's a class where you get to learn  and gain basic knowledge on general car care through proper maintenance, repair techniques & safe driving tips. After the end of the workshop you will be able to learn about:- 
  1. How to check your engine fluids
  2. How to change your car tyres
  3. How to jumpstart your engine
  4. How to deal with less ideal driving situation

Class started at 9am and I gather with my blogger friends at 8.45am. Drinks and Nasi Lemak served at their little canteen. While waiting for the workshop to start, I just look around and almost 20 people inside the room. Most of them were taxi driver and some students too. What get my attention was the friendly learning environment with all of them and surprisingly, the founder was actually a female.

After some basic introduction and ice breaking, they divided us into 5 group and each group consist of 4-5 person. Love how they separate us into a small group so we can easily focus and concentrate + hand on experience during the whole workshop.

 There are so many cars! A big range car for us to try and experience! Almost faint with the amount of engine and I'm so surprise because it's so clean and air-con + indoor ~ you see the floor right?! OMG!!!

The whole workshop divided into 4 diff part. Each person in charge of one group and our 'teacher' of the day was super friendly and patient. First we learn how about How to change our car tyres and some extra tricks on that. 

^ Tools you need

Glove for us!

The correct position to put the car jack

^ Another tips for you! Make life easier OMG

 ^ Your tyre should be on the ground when you loose the wheel stud

Next, put on the car jack and after then remove your tyre. 

Learn how to determine the correct time to change a new tyre and how to measure it

After whole detail tutorial it's time to let us try. So I'm really excited and I was like OMG!! MEEEEE!! MEEEE I WANT TO REMOVE THE TYRE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH

So concentrate! lol

On this session I learn about the correct step to change my tyre when it's punctures. First I need to get an urgent triangle logo label and put it 10-15m away at the back of my car. Next loose the wheel stud before I put on the car jack & remember the tyre must on the ground. After that removed the tyre again and exchange for a new one. Plus, the correct position and tricks that make the whole process faster and easier. In addition, they told us that a tyre must be in 30-35 psi / 200 kpa! The extra tyre must be 34-36 psi too. If you want to fully utilise your tyre each every 5,000 you have to exchange both your front and back tyres.

After the first lesson (around 35-40mins) , we move to the second car and learn how to jumpstart the engine and check for your battery. Okay..this was really new for me but I'm always afraid of jumpstart! I have no idea why but actually the whole process really just like a piece of cake. No need extra energy for that. You just need to grab the tool and jumpstart your car!  

How to change & check your battery

^No joke, I'm thinking the best way to remove the battery lol 

Diff car model really confusing me at first but I'm glad that they explain it nicely to me and now i know HOW!! So next time whatever happen to me I can settle it myself before I call and ask anyone for help. You know if really urgent and especially in the middle of the night ...touched wood if no ppl pick up my phone call...HOW?!!! Or anything happen if I know nothing and not even basic I might be conned by people! So it's quite dangerous so better get some knowledge and it's for our own good actually!

How to deal with less ideal driving situation!! This was very new for me. How to change the light bulb and type of car light bulb in the market. A little bit tricky for this part and i used 10 mins just to figure out how to open up the cover and take out the light bulb -.- lol

^Pull it out > open out the cover > slowly pulling it out

^Spot something?! Yes, I used all my 10 mins just to find and touch this -.- I can't see and feel it at all but luckily NOW I KNOW HOW!!

^What expression is that -.-

^Why I can't feel you light bulb!! pls come out!! lol

The back light bulb was slightly diff from the front and diff car model might be vary too. So ...the hardest isn't changing the tyre and's THIS!!! 

^Hardest part! I think I will accidentally break and spoil it lol


On this session I learn about the correct and easiest way (again*) to remove and change the light bulb. If it's at night your light bulb spoiled please make sure the right side light bulb is always there for safety purpose. If it's spoiled then exchange with the left side light bulb. REMEMBER the right side must always ON & others safety tips too!

Lastly, how to check your engine fluids (gear oil , engine oil, break oil)

Now I know how to do basic servicing and inspection of my own car and will save my money in the long run from visiting those mechanics too often. 

Too much information and can't write it down?! no worried because they get us a booklet so that I can keep it on my car. Anything happen I can refer to or just read and memorise it! HAHAAHA

Finally after the 3 hours + workshop!! We got our own certificate with our name on it!
I'm so proud to be their student for a day! HAHAHAHAHA

Most importantly, I know exactly what is the source of my car problem and can avoid being conned by untrustworthy mechanics and workshops in the future. Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop and a group photo with all my group members! Teehee* That's all for today.

-Car Maintenance 101 Workshop Details-
You can check out more details on this on and this class is open to public upon registration and the cost of the class is RM250.

No, 10, Jalan 19/1, 
Seksyen 19, 
46300 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia more rely on others and be our own hero!! So happy that this workshop actually benefits me!Enjoy reading! See you on my next post. Love,xx


  1. It must be fun attending that workshop =) When they will have another session?

    1. Yes so much fun and learned something really new! You can check on their website or contact the page for more ya.

  2. Tempat nak cantikkan kereta di mana? Kereta lama jadi baru.
    Where changes in the car? The exchange of old cars into new car.


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