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10 May 2018

Today is a very special day for us. As a Malaysian I never felt this way before, a strong feeling of love and united. I'm not really into these before but ever since the last election in 2013, which I totally make myself to stay awake and go register myself as a voter for this year election 2018. People around me was telling me it's useless because anyhow we can't change it. WE MADE IT TOGETHER.

Not me, myself or just you, is us who made this happened. All of us including my friends were so nervous for the result. I woke up at 8am with my mom and we waited 3 hours for it. Finally a moment of drawing a 'X' and seeing everyone together to be a part of is with the common goals of getting a better country is just AWESOME.

After 60 years, it's not a mess anymore. It's we together, as a Malaysian who made this 😭😭😭 I'm so happy and I waited for a whole day for the result. From 5pm election closed until the next morning 4am. I can't believe I did this as I'm really really sleepy yesterday but after knowing there is a hope, every news update and official news which got me so nervous. OMG I so so so so so so so tired but also trying to let everyone know that no matter how tiny I am, when we all stand together, we could make a diff.

509 2018! A historical moment for all of us. It's my first time ever voting for my country's future and I believe everyone who voted feel the same as me too. It's not about which party you vote for, it's about giving our country a brighter future, good leader and as a role model for all the Rakyat in our country. So starting from now on I hope everyone who passed 21 years old can register yourself and contribute for the vote.

Also, I hope we all could work together and achieve a better country which everyone love each other and no matter what race we are, we always hold each other's hand to a peaceful country and life. It's 2018 and we are well educated and smart enough to do the right choice. 

Is Us, who able to make a difference. Now I can't believe all of these will be recorded in the next generation's history textbook! I must sit down and tell my next generation about this! Thank you Malaysia, Thank you YOU and YAY!!!!!

I still can't believe that all of us made it. The moment we cried when we heard of our Negaraku, the moment seeing the result from the TV, keep scrolling our instagram and feed on facebook. The next morning, able to dance with my sleepwear and hug Smelly that we have finally make this happen. We aren't here for short term compensation, cut tol or holiday isn't what we fight for, we just wish our economy get better, people trust our own country again, as a growing country like us, we should have the opportunity too! YESSSSS!!

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