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15 April 2018

Advertorial Post 
Hello Sweeties💕~ Welcome back to my blog and finally I have a little break just to update this post for you guys. I'm not sure whether are you having the same problem like mine, but just a little sharing about it. Everyone loves food. I love to eat basically everything except spicy and maybe sometimes vege lol. I love travelling and trying the local food but one thing I realised, especially these 2 years, my stomach feel so 'heavy' and uncomfortable each time I finished my food. It's like a burden for my body and I only 'shit' once every 2 days and sometimes 3 days during my travelling period.

Everyone told me that it's not healthy and I might have constipation problems. I asked my mom, she's having the same problem too and she told me to take care of my body especially if it's long term then I need to warm myself and only take in healthy food. So, when I'm back to Malaysia it normally get back to normal after 1 week I'm back from oversea and I guess it's something regarding my digest system or as we aged, our body's production capacity decrease.

So one day, I came across to some drugstore in Japan and saw a lot of place selling Japanese Enzyme product. It's something that really on trend lately and I spot it everywhere in Japan. So when I'm back, I google about the enzyme and do a little research about it and a lot of celebrities or TV show also recommended the enzyme products. Studies claimed that it's good for our health and it's a must for our body. I start to google and look for further information about the enzyme product and at the same time I found that's something that can helps me to solve my problem. 

Seriously thanks god that I have tried this Nakakirei Enzymes. Feel more confident with this product because it has sold over 6.4 million packs in more than 37 countries and I'm going to share more about enzyme products and what's so special about this Nakakirei Enzymes. Are you guys ready for this? Let's get started!

So we all love good food and it's something that we can't live without. But as I mentioned earlier, as we aged, our body's production capacity start to decrease and slowly, taking too much of food might give a burden to our body. Or in short, slow digestion is one of the problem we had as we aged. One of the main cause of constipation 便秘 is also enzymes deficiency. 

Enzyme can be produce from our body but as we aged, our body produce less enzyme compare to the past or as we grow up we need more enzyme to digest more food and due to our unhealthy lifestyle too. If you are having constipation problem like mine, it actually means the accumulation of food waste in the intestine and it's so hard to even 'output the shit' everyday lol. So it's why, we need to take enzyme supplement to help & solve the problem.

 Why Enzyme? 

Enzymes are definitely important and it's our daily essential. It can't be obtained from modern food product. It only exist in fermented and raw food. Although you can get them from fruits and vegetables, since enzymes are weak to heat, if you cook the food, the enzymes will not survive. Enzymes is a must for digestion especially the food that are eaten and without it, no nutrients can be absorbed and it's wasted.  

Lack of enzymes?
If you lack enzymes, you will not be able to digest foods and most people will gain weight for it will remain in our stomach. Next it cause tiredness, non-absorption of nutrients and accumulation of waste, resulting constipation, rough skin and more. Our health can get affected by having insufficient enzymes in our body.

How if enzymes are available??
Our digestion system will start working immediately right after eating. It reduce digestion burden and therefore, all nutrients will be absorbed and waste will be excreted smoothly. For me it means that I can have a smoother digestion after all.

Therefore, many people take enzymes product to help them to achieve a healthier life. It's not medicine but a add on daily supplement that everyone can consume everyday. Except for increasing our digestion system or make our digestion smoother, for people who gain weight on the accumulation of food in our body, this can help you to achieve a healthier and slimmer body. A lot of Japanese celebrities consume enzymes as a supplement to help them in order to maintain their body weight or even use it to keep fit. Therefore, obesity can be reduce by consuming the right amount of enzymes.

 Nakakirei Enzymes 

Nakakirei - means internally clean in Japanese. It can effectively digest lipids, sugars, and proteins all at once. It's made from Koji Enzymes and there are a lot in traditional Japanese foods such as miso contains koji enzymes which is 100% natural and non-use of preservatives. It produced in a very low low temperature + three-stages manufacturing process and comes in capsule form! 

For the most effective way to intake enzymes, it has to be in a capsule form because if it's made into liquid or tablet form, heat has be added during the manufacturing process and thus, the original elements should be delivered to users would be lost. It's why to make it even easier to bring around , carry and consume, the owner decided to make it into the capsules form. Don't worry about the capsules itself because it's made of materials derived from plants.

 Benefits of Nakakirei Enzymes 

Nakakirei promotes and help us to achieve a smoother digestion right after our food is consumed, it WILL NOT accumulate in our body. It reduce the digestion burden and in shorts, our body feels lighter and it helps to detox, clean digestive system, achieve good body condition, feel healthier , reduce constipation, tiredness and contributes to healthy diet.

Since there is no preservatives added, once you open it please consume as soon as possible.

   How to Consume? 

It's actually very depend on person. I take 2 before meal during my day especially when I'm travelling. Sometime when I feel guilty for eating too much of meat or food , which might add burden to my digestive system, then I might consume the product before or after the meal. 

*But the most recommended way to consume is 30 mins BEFORE MEAL with a glass of warm water.

If you think taking Nakakirei before meal is not enough, you may take it after meal too and that would be good for body. If you want to feel healthier, this is recommended or else you can take two capsules first before the meal and if you really had too much of food or meat, can add on another capsule right after your meal.

In additions, if you don't see the different with this way, try to gradually increase your intake to 3 tablets or 4 tablets per consumption. Remember to find the amount the suits you the best.

 There you go! My Nakakirei Enzymes~ 

 I'm going to eat you!


Recommended to take it 30 mins BEFORE MEAL with a glass of warm water

Another tips is when you take too much of food that can be burdensome to digestion or after drinking alcohol, you can take Nakakirei as well. You will be surprised when you wakeup on the next day.


Sorry I don't have a new pack with me to pose with because I actually tried and consumed for more than 2 weeks now. Left few more capsules need to get it again before my trip. Probably gonna grab few more packs. For those who can't get it in Japan, it's now available online and ship directly from Japan.

  Where to get? 
Now you can get it from CLICK HERE and enjoy the shipment directly from Japan. This website stated the price and everything you need to know for the product. You are welcome!! I know every time when I intro new Japanese product you must be sad because sadly it's not available in our country but THIS IS AVAILABLE!! So no worries for that!

  My Thoughts 
Since I'm quite slim, I focus more on achieving the better and smoother digestion system (especially when I need it during the day which I ate a lot of heavy foods or travelling) and maintain my body healthier with good enzymes in my digestive system. This Nakakirei Enzymes really help me to solve my problem and so sorry I can't review anything as a slimming supplement as I'm quite skinny but for people who are looking healthy supplement to achieve slimmer stomach or body, I think you will feel safer and love this than other unhealthy and uncertified slimming products.

Feeling uncomfy and heavy right after I finished my food is quite a bad thing for me. Not just a burden to my digestive system, it's also a problem of me trying to enjoy more food especially during my travel period or lifestyle. Personally I take it as a supplement for digestion that contributes to healthy diet.

My stomach feels so refreshing and lighter after consuming this and a lot of consumer who has constipation problem (bowel movements happens only once in 3-4 days or once a week), their problem is solved and able to defecate every morning. But it's basically works differently from each individual's body. Some people found that it's effective within 2 packs , some took about up to one month.

It's so much lighter compare to before. I took this to my recent trip. I met a lot of friends, having like 5 meals a day with a lot of food, feel so much better and lighter after consuming this for more than 2 weeks. Many people feel the effect after two weeks but it's depends on each individual. Some took about 3 weeks or up to a month.

Also there will be a 20 days money back guarantee if you found this product isn't suitable for you or if you have any complain about it.  Please take a little time to look and read all the info available in the official website : CLICK HERE 

Hope my sharing can help you to solve your problem too. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


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