Short Hair Makeover 2018

06 April 2018

Hello Sweeties! Miss the short hair me? I just chopped away my hair. It's actually not something new but seems like people were shocked by my new hair. It's quite short, I can say the shortest compare to my previous short hair. Because most of the time I cut until my upper chin length and a bit of layering but this time it's completely a flat short hair and of course, first short hair with long fridge look.

I use to have a really short bangs 3 years back. It's like 2 years I'm having that short bangs with braces and it's why people were so shocked with my new hair. I removed my braces for months and now this is really a completely new look of me. Yes! I had my haircut before my Singapore trip. Wanted to start with something new and a more 'fresh' look of me lol.

I did my haircut @number76 and it's done by Suky. Been stick to her for years I guess it's more than 2 years now. So happy that she always knows me the best! I still loving the ultrasonic signature treatment and it makes my hair look super smooth and silky all the time. Actually I wish to keep my hair longer since I have been keeping it for 5 months. I wish to perm it but unfortunately I bleach my hair before, it's why I can't perm my hair to the wavy curl. So in order to make my life easier, I just decided to chop everything off.

Other than chopping my hair, I did a little touch up on my black hair roots. My current hair color is caramel chocolate color, which is the lightest brown shades that doesn't need to bleach our hair. Personally I love it because it last really long and what I need to do on the rest of the month is just touching up the hair roots instead of keep bleaching and trying new color. I tried blonde, pink, silver, purple, ash and I think there is no new color for me already lol. So I might as well just stick back to the color without bleaching my hair!! Maybe just for now, I'm not very sure! I'm always quite random 😂

I have more than 5 hair irons and curlers. I always love styling my own hair especially when I'm travelling and attending some events. So in order to able to style my own hair, I need diff hair irons to style my diff hair length. 

Before I had the haircut, my hair length is quite long. I mean the longest within these 2 years. I was in that forever long hair mode until I chopped my hair off for the first time when I was 22 years old. Then the rest of the time I just wish to keep it short because it makes me look really energetic and just save money from paying extra shampoo and conditioner 😂 Just joking, then this time I keep until I can tie a nice hair bun but still decided to cut everything off because I'm bored with my hair bun!!!

Then before I chopped my hair, I decided to take more photo with my hair bun! Also went for a shoot with my favourite Marmite brand! 

During the shoot!

Also, no more pony tail! It's actually a fake pony tail but it looks kind of real since the hair matched my current hair colour 100%. lol Then everyone be like ' WOW I LOVE YOUR LONG HAIR LOOK' As usual, I always love trying something new and I see how fun it is to dress up myself in diff ways and trying new style every day. 

Then few days later......

This is the brand new me with a perfect looking smile! After years of having braces, finally I can smile brightly without the wire and everything! Thank you Damon braces for giving me my perfect and lovely smile back! Can't believe I have been living and sleeping with my braces for almost 3 years. 😭 Thanks for accompany me throughout the whole journey. 

Now I'm trying something more mature. AHAHAHAH Yes, loving something more to denim style this few weeks. Maybe next month I prefer something like dress? But I can't wait for my Japan trip. Will be going there with my own photography team so that I can create more content / new content on my blog + with my new short hair of course!

So how about you? Did you start something new or still prefer the old version of you. I have never been so happy lately, everything good came to me after years of hard work. Doing what I love the most, meeting new people and every morning, I wake up with a bright and happy mood. It's April now,  the first quarter of the year 2018 have been so wonderful for me.

I appreciate all the little things happy on me lately. Seriously, I have never be so tired before but I enjoy all these little things and of course, able to meet most of you during the workshop that I organised few weeks ago, the meet & greet and soon I will be back to my favourite country again! I'm done with my rest mood, is time to go back to my travel life.

Thanks for all your love and support. Let's do the best for the rest of the day in 2018! Fighting!!

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